ONE PIECE Jazz One Piece Jazz 115 Mission Accomplished

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Tsunade :" He was using Wood wood fruit. " she has a flushed expressions

jazz :" What He was using Wood Wood Devil fruit. " He stood up in surprise and rapidly thinking what should he do now...

Jazz :" Tsunade this devil fruits will probably be able to unlock Your ability to Manipulate Wood just like your Grandpa..... "

Tsunade :" I know right, jazz we need to get this fruit before anyone else... " She has an excited look on her face....

Jazz :" We will so you were able to find the other s.h.i.+pwreck, what did you discover... "

Sona :" Yeah we were and found out from their journey log that the Devil Fruit they were after is Iron Iron Fruit... "

Jazz eyes widened,

Jazz :" How can that be possible, unless... "

Tsunade :" Yes i believe that is the situation..."

Iron Iron Devil fruit was eaten by A pirate know as Iron hand Hanso and he is also the only person who knows about his Omnitrix. Rita before having relations.h.i.+p with Jazz was being forced to work under Hanso. Through her vampire senses she heard about his omnitrix and later he came to know about his omnitrix through her.

But in Taline country he disappeared and they couldn't find him. Hanc.o.k has also tasked her informer to find about his whereabouts but it was uneventful and now they found out that he had died and his Devil Fruit appeared once again in the World.

Jazz :" This is a grave matter, we don't know how he died and if he disclosed the secret of Omnitrix to anyone before he died... " He has serious headache...

Jazz :" Sigh one thing after another, you also said that there is something underwater... "

Sona :" Yeah you should check it out yourself.... "


Early in the morning after confirming Ravel is alright, jazz riding Black Devil s.h.i.+p dived underwater....

Jazz :" How are you hanging Sona... "

Sona :" I don't like how you are using my abilities.... "

She has replaced Ravel who would always complain about being the one protecting the s.h.i.+p with barriers when underwater...

Jazz: Well keep it up, Rias and Akeno are also here, so we can dive for a long time this time ... "

Rias :" That doesn't make us feel any better... " she complained, but jazz made her sit on his lap and and looked at the scenery of underwater diving.

Rias :" Its very nice seeing this beautiful scene... " she relaxed in his arms and saw all kinds of fish swimming just outside of the barrier.

Jazz :" Yeah it gets better when we dive more deep... you feel really nice Rias and I love how your hair color. It is beautiful as blood... " he said while caressing her hands and hair .

Rias :" Is that a way to praise someone Hmph... you need to do better than this... "

Jazz :" You never said your three sizes... "

Rias :" Why don't you find out yourself,..." she said while giving him a seductive invitation....

Jazz slowly wrapped his arms around her bust, she felt first time this tingling sensation when someone touched her breast. Her body jolt as he cupped both of her soft breast....

Jazz:" 99 cm " he gave them a gentle rub... before moving downwards to her smooth and soft belly. He touched and pinched her making her breadth rapid...

Jazz :" 80 " Jazz hand future slowly moved towards her hip. She bite her lips as he caresses her hip and round soft a.s.s. His hand roamed around her virgin thigh they were sitting on the deck and she was sitting on his lap which gave easy access to her every part . Her skin somehow sparkle and his fingers just sink in her soft skin like it was some pudding....

Jazz :" 90 " when he finished her body check up. she slumped in his embrace both of their head is supporting each other .... She was breathing hard but she was enjoying his heat ... He can see her flushes face and her under wear due to her dishevelled clothes... She looked beautiful he thought...

Jazz :" Hey Rias... " he caressed her hair and softly said

Rias :" Hmm... "

Jazz :" I love you... "

Her eyes opened wide, this is first time he said to her. All tear started to form on her eyes... Jazz smiled and looked at straight into her eyes.

Jazz :" Be mine forever.... " saying he kissed her gently. And hugged her tightly... Rias felt on 9 heaven. His embrace this time felt like a eternal sea and she was drowning deeper and deeper but the more she sink the more happy she felt.

Rias :" I love you too, i am yours forever till end of world... " Blue sunlight s.h.i.+nned upon them as they move deeper into underwater.

They just sat there snuggled into each other embrace. No one disturb them, Akeno was little jealous but she knows all of them have their moment which will be etched in their hearts for eternal and it is her moment.


When they reached the sea floor, they soon found the s.h.i.+pwreck. He also found Chaos and Asterea strolling and playing with small fishes like it is their own backyard ...

Jazz :" So what is all this... " he saw large trunks placed together...

Chaos :" Its all their sunken treasures, are you happy... " she seems proud of her findings...

Asterea :" But there aren't any dead bodies, me And Chaos scan the whole island from every direction from top to the bottom till the sea floor...."

She showed a 3 D projection of the island.... it was shapped in a claw of some kind of beast....

Jazz :" It shapped like a Dragon claw.?" he saw the shape and can not help but remember the scene of the DRUM Kingdom. Where Luffy had to carry Sanji and Nami at a vertical mountain. Before reaching chopper...

Chaos :" We don't know but it shapped like a hand is coming out of from the sea floor and the palm or claw are above the sea surface forming an island...."

Jazz :" Yeah if I think it again I did felt that the island is of the shape of A palm or more accurate to say a Dragon claw Island. Lets give it this name.... "

this Dragon Claw island is like sitting on a top of a vertical cylindrical shape mountain just like in Drum Kingdom Forming a Hand shape structure if you see it from bottom of the sea floor.

Akeno :" You can Name it? "

Jazz :" Probably on calm belt those island where humans don't live. They don't have any name....So we are first to name it... "

Sona :" A hand coming out of sea floor... " she has unbelievable expressions

Jazz :" Don't think too much about it, there is no beast buried below the sea floor if it is than that will be some Gigantic beast maybe 100s of kilometres long. Its just a weird hand shapped island.... "

he dismissed the thought of a beast buried here and only his hand is protruding out of the sea floor

Akeno :" Uffu fu fu... I like it... This is a Mystery... " Artoria who was silent till now spoke...

Artoria :" But what about the Devil fruit you were seeking and the sleeping gas that this island is producing also the thing that made such gaping holes and sucked the body dried of those pirates and also we have now missing pirates who were chasing after the Woody Wood Pirates. "

Asterea :" About that we also found this... " she opened a particular trunk

Chaos :" Praise me... " she picked up a Strange fruit shapped of an watermelon but mini version and it colour is like that of a Green metallic....


Akeno :" Is that the fruit you were looking for... " Jazz grabbed the fruit and a smile appeared...

Jazz :" Alright we got it guys, it's a Devil fruit and it Matches the picture from the Book.... ha ha ha ha.... oh... yeah...."

He laughed in joy and Grabbed Asterea and started kissing her. Asterea eyes remained opened, his tongue were roaming and tasting her inside. She wants to separate as people were laughing and cheering of their finding Of Devil fruits while pointing at them... it was embarra.s.sing for her...

When he separate she fell on the deck lost of breadth...

Chaos :" Now its my turn.... " she licked her lips.

Jazz :" Come here..." she jumped and hugged him like a tree, she took the initiative and inserted her tongue in his mouth.

Both of them fought with their tongue for supremacy. Jazz seeing she is not willing to lose slapped her little a.s.s...

" SLAP "

Chaos :" Annn... ohh... " she screamed in ecstacy and jazz took this chance to roam inside her mouth...

Jazz :" He he it's my win... "

Chaos :" I want more later... " she demands

jazz :" Alright people we are leaving we achieved our goal. "

Their s.h.i.+p was about to sail up toward the surface.

Jazz :" Wait... "

ONE PIECE Jazz One Piece Jazz 115 Mission Accomplished

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