THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE 546 Blackwood Bandit Group

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Inside the City Lord Manor, while Arjun was taking the cla.s.s for two hundred Lifestyle Masters, Jimmy was inside the private room of the City Lord. All other Pavilion Lords were present as well. They were looking at the City Lord with faces full of emotions. Everyone had their own share of precious moments with the City Lord. The City Lord was the one who gave them their jobs when they met the City Lord.

The greatest thing about the City Lord is that he never showed any discrimination between common people and the officials. This is the reason why the entire city loved him. Even though the Lifestyle Masters were looked down upon, a City Lord can't control everything even if he had power. He could only ask not to look with disgust eyes at those poor people. But he can't force the citizens to change their minds. That's why he was helpless.

Even Jimmy had his own share of pleasant memories with the City Lord. Even though they had met only once, it was enough for him to have a favourable opinion on the City Lord Ferlin.

"I hope that you would recover very soon." ,Jimmy said with smile. He looked at the City Lord whose face was pale. His hair was messy. A big black rings formed around his eyes. His hair was messy. He was in a terrible shape.

At that time a person came in running hurriedly. This person was in a rush as his facial expression had a sense of urgency.

Jimmy looked at this person and asked in a stern voice, "What happened Uncle Brooks?"

Even other Pavilion Lords looked at the facial expression of Brooks and sensed something was wrong. Since Jimmy already asked him, they all were waiting for the response.

"Young Master!" ,Brooks said in hasty voice, "Your prediction was right. We have enemies around hundred kilometres away from the City Lord Manor. They are heading unitedly towards our City."

As Brooks could navigate the location which he had seen with his eyes, Jimmy sent both Brooks and Rick to prepare the map of the entire City. For safety purposes, he asked them to prepare a map hundred kilometres radius by keeping the city as the centre

Brooks' ability always s.h.i.+ne in this moment. With his ability, as long as the location is which is something he has already printed within his artificial memory, everything within this stored location would be under his control. Within this recorded memory, he sense anything. And it would be displayed on an invisible screen which only Brooks could see.

For example, if he had five people within this map, then at that particular location five dots would appear. If the person is someone he had seen before, then their name would appear on top of that dot if that person appears in any of his recorded location. This is the advantage he had.

And today, just like Jimmy predicted, there were people who are heading towards their City.

"Show me the map, Uncle Brooks!" ,Jimmy asked politely.

Brooks didn't hesitate as he showed the screen to Jimmy to see. There was a detailed map on this screen which appeared out of nowhere. There were around five thousand dots heading towards their city in union.

Seeing all this, the Six Pavilion Lords were in awe. They heard about Brooks' ability. But they didn't give it much thought back then. But seeing it now with their own eyes, they now understood just how important the Divine Art Brooks was practising.

"Five thousand people!" ,Jimmy looked at the screen and smiled. He then looked back and asked the Six Pavilion Lords, "Do you know any organisation that has around five thousand people?"

The Six Pavilion Lords suddenly came out from their awe and started to think. After a very short time, Edwards said, "Five Thousand People? I think it is that d.a.m.n bandit group."

"Bandit group?" ,Bill said in anger, "Blackwood Bandit Group!"

"Blackwood Bandit Group?" ,Jimmy asked, "Who are they?"

"A very wicked group." ,Creamer said, "Their leader's name is Jennings! He is a monster who always dreamed to rule a city for himself. If he could advance even further, then it was best in his sense. So his bandit group starred with around ten people. But as he started to capture small villages, his bandit group has expanded in numbers and reached around five thousand now."

Fidel then added, "All the villages he captured were turned into a living h.e.l.l. He would extort their wealth. He will make them do the labour work. He would torture people for fun. That's why, all the City Lords and influential people kept an eye on them. All the City Lords made sure that his army won't expand any further. Since then he kept a low profile. He patiently waited for a chance."

Andrew sighed and said, "Today he finally got his chance. If he managed to capture our city, then it will be a total disaster for not only us, but for other City Lords as well."

Jimmy nodded his head. He finally got a brief information on them. He smiled. He then looked at Rick and asked, "How confident are you?"

"I am fully confident!" ,Rick replied with confidence.

Jimmy nodded his head and said, "Then lead an army of two hundred and take them down!"

"Are you kidding me?" ,Bill shouted in astonishment, "They have a total of Five thousand people! What can a group of two hundred can fo against them?"

"These bandits are not worthy for me to lead!" ,Jimmy said, "And I don't want to waste our limited amount of troops on these small fries! Very soon a City Lord's army would come to take our city down. And I don't want to waste the stamina of our people on these mere bandits."

"Brother! Are you sure?" ,Bill asked in worry, "Don't you think that you are underestimating the Blackwood Bandit Group?"

"Trust me!" ,Jimmy said, "I am not underestimating my opponent. It is you people who are underestimating my people's capabilities!"

All six of them were dumbstruck. What kind of ridiculous confidence is that? How could he be this confident? They don't know. But in their eyes Arjun and his people are someone who could create miracles. So they hoped that they would create another miracle this time as well.

"On top of that" ,Jimmy said, "I want to give confidence to the citizens of our city. I want them to put faith in our newly created Union! And what could be better performance than destroying our opponents which numbered around five thousand with just two hundred people?"

THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE 546 Blackwood Bandit Group

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