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Jimmy's words like a fantasy story for the Six Pavilion Lords. This was the first time they heard about the existence of the Greater Dao. They didn't know how powerful the Greater Dao is. But from Jimmy's explanation, they understood one thing. That is...

Compared to the Grand Dao, the Greater Dao is complete bada.s.s!

Ben thought for a moment and said, "Then, back then you said that you are going to destroy your Dao foundation and rebuild it from the scratch. Is it something related to the Greater Dao?"

Before Arjun took his first cla.s.s, he told them that he was about to destroy his own Dao Foundation. He said that he is going to rebuild it. Back then they all were stunned when they heard this. After all, touching the world of Dao is itself a grand achievement for the likes of the Six Pavilion Lords. Needless to say, if one wanted to destroy and rebuild it again.

But since this is something that Jimmy decided for his own future, they don't have any qualifications to stop him. On top of that, none of them touched the threshold of the Dao world. They don't have any qualifications to lecture someone like Jimmy.

In the G.o.d Realm, no one give a d.a.m.n about a cultivator who has high attainment in the Divine Power compared to a weak cultivator who entered the world of Dao. This is one of the reason why the Six Pavilion Lords ended up in the War Realm.

There were many people in their headquarters in the G.o.d Realm who were weaker than them in the cultivation. But because they all comprehended the world of Dao, they were valued highly compared with the Six Pavilion Lords. And this is one of the reason why they were forced to work in the War Realm.

"That's right!" ,Jimmy said, "Actually I reached the Domain Stage in the Grand Dao of Fire. But not long ago, I learned about the existence of the Greater Dao and it's history. And it is at that moment, I decided to destroy my Dao foundation and rebuild it using the Greater Dao! And in my closed door seclusion, I mastered the Greater Dao of Fire and the Greater Dao of Wood. And the completion rate is very high as well!"

Jimmy continued, "Make your choice. I can teach you both types of Dao. I can teach you either Greater Dao or Grand Dao. The choice is all yours. But I have to warn you people. Even with my teaching methods, I am not confident enough to say that you will definitely learn the Greater Dao. It all depends on your hard work. I can only attract your concentration. But the one who needs to put efforts is still you people."

Jimmy continued, "If you people still want to learn the Grand Dao, I am sure that I can teach you. But I recommend you people to learn the Greater Dao. Greater Dao is not only powerful, but it is also make your future achievements a lot easier. So think about it and give me your answer tomorrow. Don't be hasty. Take your time. This is the matter that is related to your future."

Jimmy concluded and left the room leaving the Six Pavilion Lords alone. Even after Jimmy left, the room was in complete silence for around ten minutes. No one spoke anything. No one knows what exactly was going on in others minds.

After ten minutes, Bill said, "What should we do? The information about the Greater Dao is something we never heard about in the past. I doubt even the top cla.s.s pavilion in the G.o.d Realm knows about it as well. But after listening to Brother Jimmy's speech, I can say that the Greater Dao is completely a different power compared to the Grand Dao. Even brother Jimmy destroyed his previous Grand Dao foundation and rebuilt it through the Greater Dao."

"We are not Jimmy!" ,Daniel sighed and said, "Even though our confidence level is higher than the last time, the fact that our talents and Jimmy's talent is on completely different level."

"I think we should listen to his lectures first. We should not give up this chance. Even though our talent is lower than Brother Jimmy, without giving it a try I think we should not come to an hasty conclusion. I think we should listen to the Greater Dao cla.s.s first. Only then we will know whether we truly has the potential to learn the Greater Dao or not." ,Fidel said.

"That's True." ,Andrew said, "First of all, we will never get this chance. The chance to learn the Greater Dao is very rare. We will do our best to master the Greater Dao. If we fail, then it is as usually we will get depressed for some days and become normal again. But I think it's worth giving it a shot."

"I agree with Andrew." ,Creamer said, "Anyway we will br learning the Greater Dao for free. We will not lose anything. But if we succeeded and managed to learn the Greater Dao, then we will definitely become a big shots in the headquarters. Then even the Patriarch of our respective pavilions will have no choice but to wors.h.i.+p us. I just want that day to come."

"Then it is decided." ,Bill said, "We will go and tell brother Jimmy that we are prepared to learn the Greater Dao! We will take this risk and learn the Greater Dao."

"Then it is settled." ,Andrew said, "Let's go then."


Arjun was relaxing in his room. He was alone. To be honest, he was exhausted from his six years of continuous training. For some period he decided to stop cultivation. Even if he wants to cultivate, he couldn't anymore. He depended too much on the Divine Essence to upgrade all his possible skills to it's limit. But in the process he neglected his endurance.

So he decided to stop his training in Void cultivation temporarily. It's not like without upgrading physique he couldn't train in the Void anymore. All he needs to do is do some physical exercise to enhance his physical body. But that will take too much time.

So he needs to find a way to enhance his physique very quickly. But he still don't have any idea how to do it. So he stopped training in the Void cultivation temporarily.

He decided to train in the Origin Energy instead. Origin Energy is still at the beginning stages. And he wants to maintain some balance between both Void cultivation and the Origin Energy.

At that time the door to his room opened. The Six Pavilion Lords entered and looked at Arjun with nervous.


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