THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE 669 Unknown Genius 9

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After Holy Maiden from the Sleeping Forest Pavilion left, both Neel and Damien also completed their transaction and left with three Spatial Ring. Looking at the departing backs of both Neel and Damien the crowd remained dumbstruck.

At that time they suddenly realised something. Before the Holy Maiden from the Sleeping Forest Pavilion came, the number of Spatial Rings existed for sale were actually two hundred. But after the Holy Maiden left, the number of Spatial Rings which were on display succ.u.mbed to hundred.

At that time both Damien and Neel realised what the future would be if in the case they didn't act proactively. So they immediately took the advantage of the crowd's confusion and walked forward to buy the Spatial Rings. After completing the transaction, they immediately left without stopping. And now the number of Spatial Rings for sale remained only 97.

The crowd suddenly realised that if they stand there for a good show like between the Church of Knowledge and the Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception, then with every second pa.s.sed, the number of Spatial Rings for sale started to succ.u.mb.

"f.u.c.k! I don't care anymore. I want two Spatial Rings! Here are two hundred Green Ranked Spirit Stones!"

"I want just one Spatial Ring! Here are two hundred Green Ranked Spirit Stones!"

"Move aside. We are from Priceless Pavilion. Anyone who walks my path will has to face the wrath of the Priceless Pavilion!"

"Priceless Pavilion? Never heard about it. I came here first. It is you who needs to get the f.u.c.k out of my way!"

n.o.body knows who started it. But when they realised just how quickly the Spatial Rings are disappearing, the entire crowd went pandemonium. The d.a.m.n about the customer satisfaction and other means which Kinley tried to use and uncover the ident.i.ty of that Unknown Genius was quickly forgotten by the crowd. For them there exists only one thing in their minds. That is to buy the Spatial Rings. Who gives the d.a.m.n about the Church of Knowledge at the moment?

Looking at the situation, Kinley's face turned ugly. Today was definitely not his best day. He tried to humiliate the Church of Deception like always. But he failed. In fact, in the process of humiliating others, he humiliated himself.

He tried to force others to not buy the Spatial Rings from the Church of Deception until the ident.i.ty of the forger was revealed. He thought that with the status of being the In Charge from one of the top cla.s.s Churches like the Church of Knowledge, people would give him some face and not buy the Spatial Rings.

But reality was very harsh on his fancy thoughts. After the leave from the Holy Maiden, others also fighting to buy the Spatial Rings. If this continues, and if what the Stall In Charge of the Church of Deception said was right, then that Unknown Genius will definitely create new inspiring and unique things that will help the cultivation world.

If that's what exactly will happen, then the rise of the Church of Deception is imminent. No one can stop it's rise. Due to fulfilling the cultivators needs, the Church of Deception will start gaining the positive opinion from the world. The flow of devotees will increase. Their business values will rise. The flow of customers will increase. No one can stop their development.

The Church of Knowledge is one of the dominating Church in the entire Celestial Realm. It's true. But it also has some tough compet.i.tors. For example, The Church of Thunder and Sleeping Forest Pavilion are one of them. They compete with the Church of Knowledge in their own sense.

But if the Church of Deception joins the club, then the pressure on the Church of Knowledge will definitely be huge. It's not that they are afraid of the Church of Deception. But that Unknown Genius is much more terrifying! His experience is telling him that, that Genius has an huge potential to dominate the market of the entire Celestial Realm!

When Kinley was thinking how to stop this transaction, his communication crystal rang. He looked at the aura of the person who called him. Kinley was stunned for a moment. But he calmed himself down forcefully and quickly.

He immediately activated the communication crystal and said hurriedly, "Greetings! Supreme Pontiff!"

Supreme Pontiff spoke, "The faith power in the altar fell all of a sudden. And according to the coordinates the altar displayed, the fall of faith power came from the Celestial Central Market. What exactly happened in the Celestial Central Market? Tell me honestly."

After hearing the demand from the Supreme Pontiff, the face of Kinley became even more ugly. He sighed. Today was definitely not his day. Every step he took is leading him to his humiliation. He was depressed.

Kinley sighed and explained everything that happened in the Celestial Central Market without leaving even a single detail. He didn't hide anything. Even though he knew that the reason for the fall un faith power is him, he couldn't hide anything from the Supreme Pontiff. Because Supreme Pontiff would eventually know what exactly happened in the Celestial Central Market very soon. If he admits his mistakes, then he will be let go with small punishment. If he hid it from the Supreme Pontiff now, then that day would be his last day to live.

Supreme Pontiff remained silent for a moment and said, "Don't do anything silly. You have already made the situation worse. Even though you attempted to drag out the name of that Unknown Genius, the method you used is completely wrong. In this process you didn't care about yours or the Church's reputation. This led to the fall of the faith power. Because of your actions people started to have negative opinion on our Church. This is unforgivable sin! You will be given a suitable punishment. Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

"No." ,Kinley sighed and said, "I will take responsibility for my immature actions."

"Mmm." ,Supreme Pontiff said, "Well said. You made a good choice by accepting your sins. As for that Unknown Genius, well, it is unfortunate that we couldn't recognise such a fine talent when he approached us. But this incident is an eye opener for us. All this time we neglected the candidates with poor family background. We thought that it is unnecessary to test them since they never received any proper and high quality education before. We selected all the geniuses based on their background. We never selected any Genius based on their individual talent. We made a huge mistake."

Supreme Pontiff sighed and said, "I am conducting an emergency meeting. All the elders of the Church are attending the meeting. Since you were part of the incident in the Celestial Central Market, you need to attend it without fail."

"Yes, My Lord! I will attend the meeting." ,Kinley said with the respectful tone.

THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE 669 Unknown Genius 9

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