Get Back To You 244 A Short Spark That Ends Too Soon

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The plan was to shock Lillian Grey with Giselle and make her return home while resolving whatever issues the mentioned two shared.

However, right now, the target is on the move to know Giselle's intentions straightaway.

Giselle carefully thought about whether to inform Lillian of Shane's a.s.sociation in this subject. No matter how much of considering she did, Giselle felt that telling the truth right away is the only best choice for this situation.

"Lillian Grey," Giselle called.

Years and it has been ages since Giselle whispered the name to its possessor.

Even now, when saying, Giselle felt it in her heart, the warmth the name brought. Unlike Lillian, she never raised her voice, but it naturally cracked while spelling the word to her alert. Giselle, for a second, froze from the shriek, and eventually picked up herself to resume where she dropped.

"I'm here on a mission from Mr. Ricardo to bring back Gill," Giselle said it in a polite and formal tone to express her business.

Lillian heard as she said.


'She knows my name!'

'What in the h.e.l.l?'

'Did Shane order her?'

"Why?" Lillian dropped what she means to be a reflection.

"I mean, why did Shane send you, wait- who are you? Why do you know Shane Ricardo?" Lillian jumbled her words with no reasoning. More like, she was much curious to know what was the relations.h.i.+p between Shane and Giselle. Her focus took a twist as Lillian got reminded of the incident where initially Giselle was at Shane's place and that she mistook her for Shane's secret girlfriend.

The more she thought, the worst her brain created fictions of their acquaintance.

Now, this is someone Lillian cherishes, and the other is her best friend, who happens to be her boss as well. Lillian Grey raged in fumes mutely to discover their relations.h.i.+p, so she had her eyes set curiously upon Giselle.

Meanwhile, Giselle took the time to organize her thoughts profoundly and answer to the interrogation.

"I've joined the editing team for KeyLine publication, just recently," Giselle said.

Edwin patiently watched the two converse while keeping an eye on the little one, who is still holding her pout face while going back on forth to watch the two ladies talk.

"What?" Lillian shouted much to everyone's startling. Lia was the one to get most affected by the yell as she practically threw herself closer to Giselle and hiding her face away from Lillian. She knew that those words were not to intend at her, yet it scared Lia out straight.

Giselle, seeing Lia frightened, comforted her while Edwin, who watched calmly, glared at Lillian to behave in front of a child. Lillian noticed Lia's reaction and sat down to the chair. She gave a few seconds for the mother to console or comfort the kid while she waited.


"It's alright, Lia," Giselle rea.s.sured as she petted Lia gently.

Soon, Lia removed her head from behind. Having still stuck closer to Giselle, she dared not to look at the direction where the strange lady was sitting. She kept her eyes entirely on the ground.

Learning that Lia is alright now, Giselle turned to face Lillian Grey.

"Yes, I joined KeyLine newly."

Her bold answer let Lillian cease any more follow-ups. She didn't want to entertain anything anymore, specifically if it affects the child.

"Ah, that's nice, you two. Now, look at the time, the afternoon started already, and we have to eat to shout more, right, Lilly?" Edwin said, to stop continuing anymore, for now.

"Giselle? If you shall, will you help me in the kitchen? Lia, dear, you can watch TV that I will help you to put on your favorite channel. Finally, Lillian Grey, I mean, Gill, you said that you are to spend time reading and never to get disturbed. I hope you know-" Edwin quickly instructed while turning on the television and signaling Lillian to move on promptly.

Upon Lia's word, Edwin played the channel which aired cartoons and Lia, being obedient, released from her mother, and focused on the program.

"That's nice, Giselle, dear, can we move now?" Edwin urged, and Giselle stood up to lean down again. She informed Lia to listen to her words and silently watch TV while in case of need, she can find her in the kitchen. Lia agreed.

Raising her head, Giselle glanced at Lillian before turning away to the kitchen. It was a short sight, but an intense one that meant to indicate the conversation can resume later.

Lillian lingered to see the figures disappear and a kid who kept darting her eyes from television to her side, back and forth.

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The only sound lived in the living room is the amusing cartoon characters that spilled funny gags as they entertained Lia a little. Not that it didn't impress Lia, but since Lillian stayed at her spot without moving and that everyone left, it was only those two alone. Lia kept her eyes, keeping a watch and ready to dash to the kitchen in case of any emergency.

Meanwhile, Lillian did not wish to scare the girl anymore, and so, she chose to leave. As she did, she paused from a noise: not exactly a sound, but a faint call.

Lia, watching Lillian leave, sprang stiffly on her spot to call Lillian Grey. However, the fright she experienced from before made her voice crack and tone much lower than average. She ended up making a faint call.

Lillian stopped. She did not know how to react or respond to the kid, not because it is a child, let alone it was Giselle's.

Lillian waited.

"Are you so attached to mother?" Lia asked as she stammered to keep her voice constant.

Lillian heard and turned. She saw the child's face shrink in her spirit. It then struck Lillian, that ever since their second meeting, the two displayed unspoken dominance of each other, and this caused the kid to feel like an outcast.

"Do you know who I am?" Lillian asked, instead of answering.

Lia shook her head negatively.

It received a sigh from Lillian as if she already antic.i.p.ated it.

"I guess so, well, to answer your question- I was, I believe, but right now, I don't know your mother, not much like I did back in the day. So, I don't know, Li"

"I don't know if I am still dear to your mother," Lillian answered thoughtfully and then left without giving Lia the s.p.a.ce to figure it out.

Nevertheless, her absence was plentiful for the child to reflect alone, and she did it intently.

Get Back To You 244 A Short Spark That Ends Too Soon

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