Get Back To You Chapter 279

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Published at 29th of March 2020 09:05:06 PM
Chapter 279: 279

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It took several minutes for Lillian to settle down from such a bold conversation . Jade kept staring at the ceiling and held her serene smile .

Jenna entered the room to discover a deadly silence thriving in it . She saw Lillian, facing the other way with her head down and hand occupied somewhere while her grandmother stared elsewhere . It appears that the two had some deep conversations about life, maybe! She tried to guess .

Nevertheless, Jenna approached the dormant Jade, greeting her arrival and inquired how is she doing after a good rest .

"I'm feeling better, dear," Jade replied .

"Well, your results aren't suggesting better, grandma," Jenna wearily sighed .

Lillian, startled from Jenna's entrance, hastily wiped her itching eyes and offered Jenna, her seat .

"Ms . Grey?"

Jenna positively noticed something different in Lillian Grey as though her face transitioned during her absence .

"Did something happen?" she asked .

Lillian agreed to have nothing significant occurred .

"I was accusing Lillian why she did not come to meet me often, Jenna," Jade came in to rescue the struggling author, and Lillian nodded to affirm her excuse .

"Anyways, what did the doctor say?" Lillian asked, prying to divert the topic as smart as she could .

Realizing after Lillian, Jenna did not care for any tension in the room any longer . Her focus fixed on Jade, and as she stood perplexed about how to address the subject .

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"What is it, dear?" Jade asked after studying Jenna's disconcerted face .

"It's about your test results . "


Jenna hesitated . A sadness restrained her from discoursing .

"Go on, Jenna . I already know that I'm pretty sick . So what did the doctor think of my health?" Jade exclaimed without any worry .

Jenna paused to steal a glance at Lillian, who was eagerly waiting to hear as well . Returning her gaze to Jade, she revealed .

"Your heart is weak, grandma . We are going to stay here until we cure you . That's what the doctor told me," Jenna paraphrased in simpler terms, but her voice still delivered it with a heavy heart and a depressed gaze . She refused to look at Jade, which can result in lots of crying . She did not wish to cry and prayed to stay resilient, not for her, not for anyone, but her beloved grandmother .

"Jenna?" Jade called .

She repeated the name with love until the person reacted to it .

"I am quite hungry, and it is the afternoon . I'm sure the hospital is providing me with lunch, but could you be a dear and get me something sweet for dessert . I am craving for some," Jade requested .

Jenna looked to confront if it is necessary when in the hospital and while trying to get cured . Jade implored with her emerald eyes and begged as there is no wrong in eating what you like and not regret it later .

These words worked the granddaughter to move, and Lillian informed to join her as well .

The two left after informing the nurse to attend to any need for Jade .

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Lillian and Jenna walked to the hospital cafeteria to get their lunch and buy something sweet for the old lady .

Lillian observed Jenna without letting her notice it . Meanwhile, Jenna's mind preoccupied with other things that she did not realize Lillian studying her from the sides .
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They entered the vast cafeteria on the fifth floor and saw people already scattered around to eat their meals .

Some doctors from late-night s.h.i.+ft eating their brunch to leave for home while a few groups of nurses ate together, some visitors and attendees alone or in pairs dined at the tables, and Lillian and Jenna walked to place their orders to wait and get their food .

They chose a table with breezy air conditioning and sat to catch their breaths . Jenna, still on her world, without a word, said prayers before eating . Lillian watcher her action with attention .

"Jenna?" she called .

Jenna looked up with a bite of food still hanging on her spoon as she put it in her mouth .

"How are you feeling?" Lillian asked genuinely .

Jenna took a few more bites to reply .

"I'm alright- I wanted to feel alright, but she is the only family for me, and I hate to lose her more than anything, Ms . Grey," Jenna replied with her head still facing the plate .

Lillian saw her act tough . She tapped her spoon to draw the attention of her company .

"I'm also- sort of a family to you," she said .

"Remember that!" Lillian added and continued eating .

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The two spoke no more and ate their lunch in absolute silence . Jenna, as promised, got some fruit pudding sold at the cafeteria for her grandmother and returned to the room .

Jade did not have any particular desire and so enjoyed the fruit pudding nonetheless to her grat.i.tude .

Lillian waited until Jenna informed her to leave . The author at first insisted on staying, but Jenna requested Lillian to go as she can take care of her grandmother well .

"I will promise to update you from now on, Ms . Grey," Jenna appealed, and it worked .

Lillian made sure Jenna to pledge thrice before leaving . She also said her farewell to Jade, who was feeling delightful from eating her dessert and expressed her pleasure in meeting the visitor .

Lillian Grey left to return home that afternoon . The rest of the day went dull, and the author couldn't concentrate on her work or entertainment . The conversation with Jade and the pledge she made to Jenna's only family kept her mind occupied .

Jenna's only family was her grandmother . The relatives never cared for her or the old lady, deserting them from the family circle . Lillian never knew the reason, and neither did Jenna . It appears that only the grandmother knows the history, and she refused to share it with the innocent Jenna . Not that it matters now, for Jenna is still happy living without the knowledge of her relations .

That night, Lillian tried at least to nap for a few hours, but unfortunately, sleep never befriended her, and the image of Jade kept reappearing in her dreams until dawn opened .

Now having a tight headache and a restless mind, Lillian lay awake on her bed, contemplating the time to visit Jenna and her grandmother .

The clock ticked away till it alarmed at sharp five in the early morning .

Lillian jumped out of her bed to get ready to visit the hospital . She could at least feel at ease by waiting for Jade's return while staying away and letting her mind wander to dark thoughts .

The early ride set the roads free to reach the place sooner . Lillian got down to set foot inside, and she arrived on the fifth floor a little late than it ordinarily takes her . All through the way, her heart subtly throbbed to her ill notice, giving her the obscure trepidation that kept her awake all night .

As she reached the room and found Jenna not available, she excused her self inside to see Jade resting still . Only after watching the withered face did Lillian felt relieved . Soon, Jenna entered the room to Lillian's notice .

"Ms . Grey?" she silently yelped from the surprise visit .

"I stopped by to check," Lillian replied, posing a faint smile and not a worried look .

Jenna did not care for more, but she went to join the visitor to watch the patient . The two stood next to each other and stared at the sleeping Jade . Lillian noticed the loss of color in the face and how pale it got since yesterday .

She watched more closely to suspect if Jade was still breathing or not . The random words that the grandmother addressed in regards to her survival replayed suddenly, and Lillian began to sweat in fright .

"Jenna, call the doctor!" she yelled all of a sudden while gently placing her hands near the nostrils to check if Jade was breathing or not .

Jenna appeared dazed but listened to the author's call and sprinted to bring a nurse who checked the dormant Jade on her bed .

The female attendant flinched and rushed out to bring a doctor within a few seconds . The doctor checked Jade as Jenna and Lillian received notice to stay outside . Jenna watched through the gla.s.s, and Lillian panicked to her anxiety .

When the doctor came out to meet Jenna, he shook his head with a downcast look on his face .

"I'm sorry for your loss, Ms . Jenna," he uttered and followed by revealing that Jade pa.s.sed away in her sleep, potentially due to a cardiac arrest and informed the time of death to be a few hours ago .

The doctor kept spewing the details of what happened to Jade, but Jenna did not seem to hear anything he said . His voice was audible, and she did not catch it . The news of her grandmother pa.s.sing away already slapped Jenna .

Lillian listened by Jenna's side, the same as shocked to her distress . The doctor explained and spoke words of comfort when Lillian witnessed Jenna collapse to the floor . She reacted swiftly to catch Jenna, and the doctor stepped in to help as well . They treated her immediately .

It is to expect that the sudden news is the cause of Jenna's breakdown .

Lillian watched Jenna unconscious and glanced away to see Jade through the gla.s.s .

Once again, her words echoed in her head, followed by their promise .

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Get Back To You Chapter 279

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