Get Back To You 305 Lillian's Endless Demands

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"Ms. Lillian, I would like to know how you and my mother met!" Lia asked, following the end of their brief chat.

Lillian and Giselle were facing each other when Lia spoke. Both of their eyes gazed to recall their first meeting.

After a while of tension and dead silence, Lillian broke into laughter.

"Oh! I wish you were there at our first meeting, Lia!" she impulsively said.

Their first meeting is none other than Giselle confessing her love to Lillian Grey. Although, technically, Lillian did meet Giselle beforehand when a scent of lavender broke her favorite afternoon nap and woke up to see this strange girl, requesting to meet her after school.

The memory is still fresh for both. Lillian laughed aloud while Giselle's cheeks burned from the embarra.s.sment.

"Shut up, Lillian. Drink your coffee! And Lia! Go to your room now!" Giselle sternly said while struggling to control the humiliation.

Lia sulked from the response, yet obeyed to her mother. She collected her puzzle pieces in its box and carried the rest to walk to her room.

"Lia, dear! A moment-" Lillian stopped the child.

Giselle tried to hush the talkative guest, yet it was of no use.

"I haven't answered her question," she says to meet little Lia, her hands full of her toys.

"It was in high school, and during lunch, instead of eating, I was taking a nap when your mother woke me up," Lillian answered.

Giselle did not have the strength to face Lia or Lillian. She kept her gaze lowered, refusing to see anyone at the moment.

"For what did mother woke you up?" Lia followed to alarm her mother, who knows what follows next in the story. Her eyes went wide in a panic to stop the two from continuing.


Before Giselle's voice could reach, Lillian interrupted.

"No more question, sweetie," she said to see Lia sulk, "for now," Lillian added.

"We can talk about this later if you're willing to listen," she exclaimed.

"I am willing!" Lia actively said before panicking to mind for her mother's reaction. Giselle was already staring at Lia, bewildered at her enthusiasm.


One call and Lia resumed her walk towards her room while Lillian motioned, a quick farewell!

"And You!" Giselle called.

Lillian had fun for a while with Lia's attention. Now that the child is not there to let it happen, she turned, still controlling her breaking smile.

Giselle peeked into her mug and found it empty.

"You had your cup of coffee, now leave," she said, almost sounding heartless.

Startled at her harsh approach, Lillian appealed through her eyes, desperate in her efforts to extend the stay. However, it did not work.

Giselle's decision remained firm from looking at the time.



Lillian stood to get ready to leave. She took lazy steps to reach the door, reluctant to leave.

Sensing Giselle trailing behind, her attempts failed and forced to withdraw at once. However, before retiring from this golden opportunity, she had a goal in her mind to accomplish.

"It's already late," Lillian began in a depressed tone and continued.

"This neighborhood is all new to me!"

She eyes the surrounding, playing anxiously.

"I- I hope I can make it to my home- safe and- sound!" she ended with a dramatic twist, complaining like a child, fearing to go out at night.

Her whining was apparent, and Giselle stopped her from progressing.

"What do you want me to do? Take you home?" she cried.

Without a word to spit out, Lillian handed her mobile to Giselle.

Giselle wondered what it meant and only later could figure out that all of this was to get her contact. She silently glared at Lillian.

"I'm serious! I have never been to this neighborhood, and if I get lost, I can call you-" she pledged to give a reasonable explanation.

Left with no choice, honestly, Giselle did sneak a little smile in seeing Lillian's desperate attempts. She typed the number and returned it.

Lillian made sure to give a call on the spot and informed Giselle to save hers as well.

Giselle expired from her demands, but still, enjoyed them to herself.

Ultimately, getting the contact made Lillian feel glad for this visit, and she was ready to leave, for real.

Thanking her for the cup of delicious coffee, and her hospitality, Lillian turned to move.

Somehow watching her back made Giselle depressed. She didn't want to see Lillian leave, so as a reminder to make herself feel better, Giselle expressed one last time for the night.

"Let's meet at Thanksgiving dinner then!" she slipped in carelessly.

Lillian's departure paused for a moment.

"What?" she turned to address.

"Anna invited you to Thanksgiving dinner?" Lillian asked in a shock.

Apprehending her words, Giselle feared if her presence is not conscious, to the rest.

"Do- Should I not attend?" she asked, almost tearing up from digging her own grave.

Now considering, it all made sense about Anna and Jake's unexpected visit to invite for the dinner that is a month far away from happening. As if the long, unsolved puzzle finally found its solution, Lillian's mind cleared.

Instead of questioning Anna's intention, she was more willing to convince Giselle upon seeing her blue face.

"There's nothing that could make me feel thankful other than your appearance to the dinner. I would be glad if you two could join us," Lillian said, sincerely, expressing her wish to look forward to meeting Giselle again.

With that, the two said goodnights, and the guest finally left.


Returning inside, Giselle visited Lia's room. She heard sudden stirs and found Lia under the blanket, acting asleep.

"I see you became quite chatty with the guest!" she remarked to sit on the edge, soon to softly stroke those smooth locks.

"I just wanted to know about you two," Lia's voice vaguely heard from the thick blanket.

Giselle sighed.

"Lia, I don't know what details your father filled in with you concerning me, but right now, I want you to focus on school and nothing else. Do you understand?" Giselle said to see Lia agree gradually.

"Are you angry at me, mother?" Lia asked.

"As if I could get angry at you, you little mischievous," Giselle said to find a spot and tickled Lia until the blanket came off, and the child giggled uncontrollably.


Lillian took a taxi back home and enjoyed the ride, replaying her visit to her delight.

Lia appeared to have softened with her now, and it did surprise Lillian Grey. Something should have happened to see this change in the child's heart, yet it made Lillian happy.

Remembering about Lia's school, Lillian wished that she could visit Giselle's middle school as well, get to know a thing or two about her-

And her mind exploded.

Shane approached Lillian Grey, asking if she has any contact with any school committee members. His suspicious behavior from that time is making sense right now.

Shane Ricardo was asking for Lia's benefit!

'That idiot! He hid that it was for Lia!' - Lillian cursed at her friend.

Taking a resolution to confront him later in regards to this matter, Lillian returned to think about her stay at Giselle's place, not wis.h.i.+ng to spoil her good mood.

Get Back To You 305 Lillian's Endless Demands

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