Leveling Up My Cultivation 5 Evil Eyes

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"Xing Lei!" shouted Xing Yun, running to his older brother and holding him up.

"Who did this to you?"

"Xing Yun…" wheezed Xing Lei holding himself up with Xing Yun's left shoulder.

"Act..tivate the ga..ate. They're coming.. Elder Sim had sent me here and is now defending the main hall area. Many of us have died already. The gate orb is on me.. Use it and take my storage ring and g-g...go… before they come. Hurry!"

With those last words, Xing Lei finally collapsed onto Xing Yun's shoulder, exhaling his last breath of life. Xing Yun wanted to mourn, but he knew what he had to do. Sending his brother's body into the storage ring, he ran to the gates, holding up a palm sized red translucent orb and began injecting qi into it. Soon, the orb gave off a subtle glow which he then p.r.i.c.ked his finger and a single drop of blood fell onto the translucent orb.

Barely a second had pa.s.sed, Xing Yun's drop of blood was absorbed by the red orb and begun s.h.i.+ning brightly, floating into a spherical socket at the center of the gate. Soon, the secret chamber was illuminated in a red glow as the gate doors slowly opened. Afterwards, the red orb floated back into Xing Yun's hand once again, losing its subtle glow.

"Hurry! The gate will stay open for 5 minutes, go now!" shouted Xing Yun to the other members.

Before they could enter, a loud bang was heard near the entrance of the secret chamber. They could see three demonic beings entering their vision. One of them was holding onto long clumps of hair as the head connected to the hair dangled about.

Most of the members were numbed with fear, stunned to their spot once they realized who it was. A few even puked and fell to their knees staring at the astonished expression that was left on Elder Sim's face.

"RUN!" screamed Xing Yun, waking the other members from their daze. Before he could run to pick up his son, his body froze, dropping the translucent red orb onto the ground. It rolled nearby Xing Chen, who was also unable to move from his sitting position.

It seems like all the clan member had been stunned in a momentary dazed, unable to move from where they stood. With their eyes free from the paralyzation, they could see a buff and large demon smiling eerily from afar. On it's right hand, they carried a great axe without difficulty and began slowly lifting it up above their head.

Its smile became increasingly sinister, as it swung down the great axe with ease. Mult.i.tude gusts of wind sped down the path of statues, slicing and dicing everything in its path. Many Xing Clan members were caught by the wind blades, becoming sliced hams in a large lake of blood. Just the sight of such a powerful attack wrung the 21 Xing Clan with fear, yet they were unable to flee.

It was as if someone was keeping them there intentionally, toying with their weakening hearts.

Xing Chen, stuck sitting on the floor, s.h.i.+fted his eyes to the one holding onto Elder Sims dangling head. Their eyes were ocean blue with snake-like vertical pupils with a subtle glow. Their gaze locked onto the 21 surviving members, including him and his parents.

There was nothing they could do, yet this fueled their desire to survive. In most of their minds, it seems their Xing Clan would cease to exist as of today.

'EVIL EYE?' thought Xing Chen.

'f.u.c.k, that's why I can't move. There's got to be something that can free us? Oh, Xing Clan ancestors please save us!!!!'


[Detecting Evil Eyes Skill: Illusive Paralyzing]

[Initializing Will Check]

[a.s.sessing Host's Will (MAXED)]

[Host Has Pa.s.sed The Will Check]

[Host Is Now Immune To Evil Eyes]

'Huh? I can move now? s.h.i.+t..what do I do?'

The demon with the Evil Eyes became startled. Someone had actually broke out of her Illusive Paralyzing, but when she turned her head, she noticed a child sitting on the ground staring back at them.

"This child must be killed," spoke the female demon.

"Send out another gale, Jiran."

"Hehehe, that child can't do much anyways! But, you're the boss," chuckled Jiran, lifting his great axe up once more.


** Ding

[Detected Ancient Xing Gate Key Nearby Host]

[Activate Ancient Xing Gate Key?]

[Yes] [No]

'Didn't it already activate? Is there another function..f.u.c.k.. YES, ACTIVATE' thought Xing Chen once he saw another gust of wind blades coming their way. A slight pain could be felt from his right index finger as a drop of blood floated towards the translucent red orb that rolled near him a while back.

[Extracting Drop of Blood (1)]

[Ancient Xing Gate Key Activated]

[Barrier of the Guardians Activated]

[Sending All Xing Clan Members (21) Through Gate]

Hundreds of wind blades cruised along the path, nearing the 21 clan members. Some had accepted their fate, some were still struggling free from the paralyzation but it was all for naught. However, the wind blades never came as a barrier erected from the s.h.i.+ning translucent red orb on the ground. Soon, every member covered in the barrier began floating and vacuumed into the open gate, including Xing Chen.

"Activate the Lord's Horn," commanded the female demon.

"I don't care about the others. We need to get rid of that child, they may cause future problems to our plan."

One of the demons nodded and brought out a small horn-shape artifact and activated the deep and immeasurable powers that dwelled within. Waves of black qi began to clump together, transforming into ma.s.sive smoke-like hand that shot out towards the gate. The hand was an open palm, ready to grab anything it could get it's hand onto.

It's target, Xing Chen.

Xing Chen felt alarmed once more when he saw the black hand coming straight towards him. It had already been 6 years since he was born, but his story was going to end already.

'Did I use up the 3 luck I have?? f.u.c.k this!' furiously thought Xing Chen.

Before the hand could grab onto Xing Chen, a mighty light stood between them, instantly blasting the hand apart. At the same time, when the mighty light crushed the black hand, it had pushed Xing Chen and everyone else through the gate. Once they went through, the gate closed itself and vanished into motes of light into the air. This also included the two statues that stood beside it.

"Finally, I no longer owe the Xing Clan anymore favors…" mumbled the bright light. Soon, it too, disappeared from the broken chamber.

"It seems someone saved them," said the female demon as she looked at the wall that once held the majestic gate. Although, she seemed calm but the depths of her eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fury. This important mission her lord had tasked her was half a failure.

"Let's go, we need to inform our lord."


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Leveling Up My Cultivation 5 Evil Eyes

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