I Still Love You, Dear Brother-in-law 172 Chapter 172 : Daddy

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Lily stared at the demon killer sword in her hand, not the sword was on her waist all this time, but it seemed mose, Marie and all the residents of the house of mose no one could see the sword.

Lily felt relieved, because she could take her anywhere without fearing that a police officer would arrest her.

Lily remembered getting the sword, but she didn't remember anything else. Lily seemed to have just woken up from a very long dream. and immediately forget the dream, Lily does not remember her dream is beautiful or not, what is on her mind is to meet Sean and try the material in his hand. He he he your are die, Sean!


Lily left with her motorbike towards Sean's residence, far enough. But Lily planned that she would go home before the afternoon, and have dinner with Marie and Mose like celebrating the celebration of Sean's death to make Lily's heart happy.

lily in a daydream in her mind, making her unaware, a car sped up and crashed into a motorbike lily, making the lily fall and dragged a few meters. before the lily got up and realized what was happening, she was dragged and put into the car that had hit her just now. and his mouth was smothered by a handkerchief containing drugs like in films.

Lily had struggled but could not fight much because she had had time to breathe the drug. the car raced quickly to bring Lily to an airstrip, a helicopter there was waiting. two men, quickly carrying lily in from the car to the helicopter, and someone from inside the helicopter pulled lily's body into the helicopter, then flew into the sky to a military base on a heavily guarded border.

after the helicopter landed a well-built man with a height of 190 and a st.u.r.dy and strong body, his face was handsome with a high nose and charming black eyes. unfortunately he looked very cold, all those who were on the base were afraid of him.

he was only thirty years old, but the stars and lines in his nose indicated he was a high ranking officer in his new age of three heads. the man stood straight with his dark eyes blocking the helicopter that had just arrived. everyone from the helicopter descended and saluted while carrying the lily who was still asleep due to the influence of drugs. the man saw the lily at a glance with cold eyes looking indifferent, and told his men to take him into the room and they were sitting lily there.

the man then entered another room and gave someone a man of higher rank and older than him, only that man was respected by the cold man in this base. hearing that information, the old man went straight out to the lily room, when he entered the room after pa.s.sing the door and after the man saw Lily's body on the bench, and his head on the table.

his eyes seemed to light up. "What are you doing? Didn't I tell you to take it well?" the old man yelled angrily at the man in gin behind him. everyone there seemed scared. no one had ever seen the old man angry at that. especially to the cold man.

the cold-faced man just said "this girl is not injured, she just fell asleep because of the anesthetic effect"

heard that old man just sniffed, and approached lily. His angry eyes softened to see Lily's face. his hands were old and full of scars stroking Lily's hair gently. softly, he called "lily, my beloved daughter"

after the old man called him the lily's eyes immediately opened and turned to the old man. the old man was surprised he didn't expect Lily to wake up suddenly and look at him directly. Lily's eyes continued to look at the old man, looking distrustful.

everyone in the room including that cold-faced man said nothing or moved. they waited for the reaction of both the father and daughter. some thought it would be a moving or interesting event. but, lily just looked innocently at the old man for ten minutes. finally the old man approached Lily, and opened his arms to embrace Lily. seeing that lily got up from her seat and fell backward because the influence of the drug made her weak.

Lily looked away from the old man's request to him.

"Lily, this is daddy," said the old man in a trembling voice. Lily's eyes blinked repeatedly.

her brain searched for memories of her father all this time. she saw the old man in his fifties, well-built and his face looked familiar to the lily's heart. "Daddy?" the old man nodded at the barely audible lily calling out to him.

when the man walks to help lily get up from the floor. lily said something in a cold voice "my father died two five years ago!"

I Still Love You, Dear Brother-in-law 172 Chapter 172 : Daddy

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