I Still Love You, Dear Brother-in-law 219 Chapter 219 : Ae Waa Loo Yuu

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in the room, Marie really looked after Lily like an older sister. Marie put Lily on the bed and covered her, singing lullabies for her.

Other with Lily, Marie has a singing talent. Her voice was clear and melodious, very pleasant to hear, Lily looked at Marie with her eyes close. usually she saw that child was still so tiny, but now for some reason Lily felt she had grown up without realizing it. Lily like experiencing the same thing, first Maria had lulled to her too.

This nostalgic made Lily almost crying in tears. and almost call marie with maria.

Lily was like being drugged by Marie's singing, her eyes didn't blink at Marie. her small hand grasped Marie's index finger, while hearing a soft song float in the room.

while Markus and Mario looked sad at the surprise show for Marie, they cleared the balloons and pictures of Lily. but the two men knew, Marie was happy to hear the girl singing in the next room. while Sean, mose, ijuin and Randy were gathering in Sean's room.

"what actually happened?" asked mose.

"Is this your act, Sean?" Randy asked.

"Not me, this is what Steven did. I also don't know how to turn Lily back." said sean.

"Who is Steven?" ijuin asked.

"her father" answered shortly, for some reason Sean felt dislike of this man named ijuin. ijuin also feels the same way.

the two men were still hostile.

mose surprised "father?" mose remember the long-haired man they met yesterday, the man appeared to be staring with mose.

"father in her previous life, he was a devil like me" said Sean, grinning at ijuin. hearing that, ijuin remembered Lily once said there was a number one demon that disturbed her life. is that him?

'I want to try to kill him once' thought ijuin looked at Sean.

while the two men looked at each other with a look of wanting to kill each other, a soft knock was heard.

"Daddy, why are you still there? Let's sleep," said Marie from outside, calling mose. mose immediately exits the room and follows marie into marie's room. leaving randy, and two men who were ready to kill in that room.

Randy said the two men in the room before leaving too. "It's better we sleep now, Lily has also slept with Marie and mose ini peacefully".

heard that the two men turned to the door, mose sleeping with Lily and Marie? how can He really lucky, i also want to.

in room marie, mose and Marie saw Lily who was fast asleep, really cute and sweet. mose remembered Marie also like that used to be, for some reason the bigger, the child was not as sweet as before.

"Very sweety" said Marie, lying on the left side of the lily, while the mose lay on the right side of the lily. mose agreed with that, sweet little Lily sleeping.

"Daddy, who's sweeter? Me or Irisyana?" Marie asked to mose. mose accustomed his eyebrows to hear that. "Of course, Irisyana is sweeter," said Mose, smiling while holding a small lily's hand.

"Yes, I also feel the same, she is so cute and very sweet. Similar to mama" said Marie, stroking her cheek. don't know how long both that father and daughter saw Lily who was sleeping, that night.

a few hours later, Lily woke up. she felt a warm breath near her head and an arm that held tightly. Lily saw Marie fall asleep while hugging her.

"Does it feel heavy?" a lily hear familiar voice sounded very close.

Lily saw a mose face very close to her, handsome face mose in front. his eyes very soft looking at Lily. make Lily nervous, feel the pounding in her heart beat faster.

Lily shook her small head, then turned to Marie who was sleeping soundly.

"aiih" said Lily to mose. "Dae la la ma liii a" said Lily, smiling to mose. mose smiled also saw a smile and hear the sound of a lily baby.

"Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about," said mose, gently stroking Lily's head. 'mose, your child is very similar to Maria' said Lily repeating her words to herself.

he can't understand baby's language? an idea in her small brain.

 "Ae waa loo yuu" said Lily again in a cheerful voice. mose just smiled at the voice.

"I really don't know what you said," said the mose, chuckling.

Lily is not angry hear that, she even happy. Lily smiled broadly at mose, and the lily's heart was satisfied, because she just said I love you to mose. i love you!

I love you, and I told you that. even if you don't know it, my heart feels satisfied. think Lily with eyes looking at the mose face next to her. the whole view in front of her was a mose face. I will remember this and the scene that is in front of me for the rest of my life.

it turns out I still love you, my dear brother-in-law. even though I tried to forget this love many times in my brain, but my heart still kept my love for you. Lily thought, mose didn't know what Lily was thinking right now but Lily's eyes were sad and a tear fell down without Lily noticing.

"what's wrong? why are you crying" asked mose worriedly. then got up in bed, took little Lily from Marie's arms. Marie like to know, mose who took the lily, released Lily easily. let him hold Lily on his shoulders, then pat gently patting the small back of the lily.

"Don't worry about anything, don't you sad too," said the mose softly, calming lily's heart. "I'm always with you, marie and I'm always there for you" said mose.

Lily's tears fell back on her shoulders. Lily hugged her neck so that he didn't see her crying.

'I know that..' said Lily in her heart.

I Still Love You, Dear Brother-in-law 219 Chapter 219 : Ae Waa Loo Yuu

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