I Still Love You, Dear Brother-in-law 246 Chapter 246 : The Recording

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[mochi cake?]

mose saw the writing on the screen, what mochi cake is meant by lily? then understand, Lily is still questioning about the cake that confuses her.

mose answered casually, that it was not and lily did not need to think about this again.

but Lily replied to the message with another cake name.


[madaleines? It is not that ]


[No, real Lily you don't need to think about this anymore]



mose didn't answer the message anymore, because Lily sent a message every 5 seconds.

the message that was sent out made him smile and made a smile. because the name of the cake becomes the name of the dish.

almost close to the fiftyth message, mose decided to call Lily.

"Lily" call mose in a soft voice at night. the mose voice that was whispering in his ear warmed the lily's heart alone in his room.

"You don't need to think about this anymore, it's night you sleep and have a sweet dream tonight" said a mose like he said to Marie every night.

"I'm always with you" said mose unconsciously saying the same words to Lily.

Lily heard that, I will always be with you. I will always be with you, subconsciously nodding his head. "

okay" Lily said curtly with a blus.h.i.+ng face, luckily she was alone in her room.

calm down, calm down the mose lily say the same to marie. he doesn't consider you more than family. Lily said to her heart while staring at the telephone in her hand. Lily wanted to hear the sound of the mose feeling again, something heavy miss entered her.

Lily looks for the voicemail that he once sent her and plays it.

dear brother in law, i still love you


Lily was playing a Mose voice in her room. suddenly someone lunged in to break the window of his room, and pointed a firearm at Lily.

Lily was dumbstruck, what is this?

it was a blue haired woman wearing uniform dark gray or black, and a bright red lipstick on her lips. without speaking, the woman shot Lily cruelly. some about the chest, neck and much of it to Lily's head.

the woman smiled with bright pink lips, then came out of Lily's house like she was going through a window while leaving a small bomb.


Mose was awakened by Mario, Mario just got information that Lily's house was on fire. Mose immediately left with Mario both still in their pajamas moving quickly to Lily's house.


it was not only a fire, almost everything was destroyed, the situation was so chaotic, there were five fire trucks trying to turn off the still burning fire.

Mose felt his legs weak, and knelt on the warm asphalt. Lily, Lily ...

Mose's eyes felt wet, his heart ached. know this, he will take Lily home with him. no, if he know he won't let Lily go from his house. didn't he say just told Lily, that he would always be with her.

today Mose just had a fight, hugged, , sent a message and telephoned. after that he just fell asleep, is this just a nightmare?

"Calm down Mose, Lily not necessarily ..." Mario reminded Mose beside him and whispered to him. "Lily could rise again," said Mario, giving hope in Mose's red and wet eyes.

Mose just remembered Lily couldn't die, Mose's heart felt a little light considering that. right, Lily won't die that easily. she can live again!

the two of them immediately told to multiply the fire engine to extinguish the fire as soon as possible and look for Lily in the rubble of her house.

for hours mose and mario muster more people to find bodies of bodies lily in the ruins of the rest of the lily house on fire.

the sky was s.h.i.+ning brightly until almost all the debris Lily had taken had not been found.

mose hopes Lily isn't in there, maybe lily left before the fire happened, but shouldn't she get word or see the news, because there are already several TV stations and some reporters broadcast this news. luckily this fire didn't expand and only burned the lily house.

mose was sitting in an established tent, where he waited overnight with several other men. besides himself who first came to the location there were kai and randy. the two men came together, after seeing the news and just like a mose waiting for debris to be lifted found lily's body.

an ambulance is also waiting to immediately bring Lily to the hospital.

finally someone shouted to find Lily under the rubble, all running there. no need to check, Lily died but her body and clothes were not burned at all.

they immediately covered his entire body and took him to an ambulance.

everything there was closed by mose and kai both construction workers, police, reporters and ambulance officers. no one can divulge Lily's death, and give the news that it was because the flow of electricity and the occupants were away.

Kai immediately examined Lily at her hospital, there were 6 shots in Lily's body. the shot was aimed at the heart, on her neck, in eyes, and two on her forehead.

kei takes out the six bullets, and repairs almost the entire lily face. lily doesn't breathe, just like he took her heart first. Kai hopes Lily will quickly live again, all they have to do is wait.

besides Lily can't die, she can't burn either. when he found herself not burning like there was a wrapper protecting Lily.

after finis.h.i.+ng cleaning and treating lily wounds. leave the lily with some guards who watch 24 hours both outside and inside the room.

all the men gathered in the hospital meeting room. mose, mario, randy, and kai discuss who killed Lily.

kai told everyone's lily wounds, how cruel the killer shot a target at Lily's face, it seemed she/he really hated lily. whoever is the culprit, they will reward him/her more cruel than he/she did to Lily.

kai was checked the other part, and got the cellphone Lily protected by both hands by lily so it didn't burn.

Kai pulled out the cellphone, "Is Lily keeping this cellphone related to the muderer?" asked, while trying to unlock the lily handphone. but it didn't work.

"give me" said the mose holding out his hand, he knew the lily pa.s.sword pattern. quickly his fingers arranged the pattern and unlocked the lily handphone.

when it opened, the cellphone screen aimed at the voice recording being played, mose who didn't know the contents of the recording immediately turned on the recording.

everything in the room can hear the sound voice of mose.

[Lily, where are you?]


nb : voice mail from Mose, you can read on chapter 99

I Still Love You, Dear Brother-in-law 246 Chapter 246 : The Recording

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