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The voice suddenly went silent. The world suddenly stopped. All that was moving stilled, even the birds were frozen in their flight. The color drained from the world, becoming monochrome, black and white.


Will was again surprised and left bewildered at what was happening around him. What seemed to be a man in dark oriental style robes appeared in front of Will, he was taller than Will and wore a red dragon's face mask. It was Modus. There was something intriguing, yet daunting about his presence. Will immediately could tell that this man was not a normal person, he was powerful. His very being exuded an aura of supercilious authority.

"I am Modus," said the darkly clad man.

"Who are you?" Will was brought out of his paralysis of bewilderment.

"As I said, I am Modus. Understand this –I hate repeating myself." The man replied.

Will was nervous; he was not sure how he should deal with the situation. He rarely felt nervous, and he had never met a man such as this before. Will knew that he had to be careful and fully mindful in what he said to Modus.

"Then, what are you?" Will asked.

"I am an administrator of the system. I oversee the function of the system here on earth."

"Why then, Sir, have you come to me?"

"Young man –I have come to make a deal with you."

Modus was pleased that Will was polite.

"Now, I will talk to you. I will tell you this once –Do NOT interrupt me when I am speaking to you! Is that clear?" Modus was serious and stern.

Will nodded his head as fast as possible. He was afraid of what might happen should he disobey Modus.

"The Conquest System only comes to a world once that world has reached a certain level of development. When the system first becomes a part of a world, It will induct specific individuals into the system from day one. These individuals are given abilities and levels. They are given the choice of which kind of cla.s.s they want. Once the cla.s.s has been chosen, they are officially part of the system and permanently under my control. –You are different."

"Different? What did I do?" Will thought. He was frightened and was wondering what would happen.

"Usually, individuals are given a cla.s.s that is within the individual's chosen parameters. If not, they are given a random cla.s.s that is chosen by the system to suit the individual's body type and character. There are millions of that may be chosen or allocated. –You are an anomaly, because of three things.

Firstly, you possess a Duos Cla.s.s. This is a cla.s.s that uses both Qi and Mana energy types. This usually happens when an individual has upgraded their cla.s.s at a higher level. Very few individuals have a Duos Cla.s.s, even once they have reached higher levels.

Secondly, you have been allocated a t.i.tle that gives you two This too usually happens in the higher levels of an individual's conquest.

Thirdly, and most notably, both that you, young man, have chosen both have something pertaining to a Dao. These facilitate an individual's ability to gain knowledge and understanding of the laws of nature. These are called Cultivator and are the rarest and profound. Achieving one of these is not surprising; however, you are the first within the system within and all outside this world to have all three cases. Additionally, you are an individual who obtained two Duos at the beginning of the conquest in this world. The reason why you were awarded the t.i.tle, in the beginning, is because you realized the duality factor and included a search for a Dao within your specified parameters.

Together, these have made you unique and different from all other individuals currently in the system. I predict that you will affect the balance that is maintained within the system. Do you understand what I have said?"

Will nodded in acknowledgment and gulped at the overwhelming statements. This 'system' was too vast for him to imagine, but he understood what he had been told.

"Good," continued Modus, "It is impressive that you have remained attentive and seem to understand all that I have said. You were a good choice.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, an individual would not be given such power so easily. However, I am willing to allow you to receive all that you requested, including the second cla.s.s. I will add some restrictions to the sword cla.s.s, but they will nullify as you level up.

In exchange, I ask for something in return. You must agree to the exchange before I will tell you what it is that I ask. Think carefully. What I ask requires discipline, diligence, and endurance. You will have to forfeit your life to the cause, as it will be risked. -Do you accept?"

Will's eyes gleamed with excitement. He loved grinding in his games. Modus' words resonated within him. Will nodded again.

"Mortal humans are too easy," Modus thought to himself.

"Very well, I will explain how Daoism work within this world's system."

Modus signaled Will to follow him and the two of them walked through the paused world as Modus instructed Will in the ways of Daoism. It felt like an entire day to Will by the time that Modus had finished instructing him. It was as if Will had been stranded without water, and the knowledge that Modus imparted to him was a spring of water that quenched his long-lasting thirst for knowledge and understanding. For Modus it was only a drop of water, but to Will, the knowledge and understanding were like a waterfall flowing into an oasis in a desert. It would take Will sometime before he fully understood all that Modus explained, but he now had a starting point. When their long conversation drew to a close, Modus left a reluctant Will. Will did not want Modus to leave. He still had much to learn about the system, because Modus didn't explain anything regarding the system to Will. Moreover, Will still didn't know what Modus wanted him to do as his part of their exchange.

Will had already agreed to risk his life for Modus; nonetheless, he began to feel some regret not knowing what exactly it was that he had agreed to. Modus understood Will's thoughts but was not going to reveal his plans to Will at this time.

"When your body has been changed according to your; the information about the system will flow into your mind. Be grateful, individuals usually are left to their own devices regarding this. I have decided to help your world, which is why I have shared this with you." said Modus.

Will's stomach sank. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this absurd statement. What should he be grateful for, a dance of death in a game that ensured his end? Will was no fool. Though he was excited about the abilities and knowledge that he was going to receive, he knew that there was a great price to pay.

"Um..." Will was not sure if it would be alright to say something, especially what he wanted to ask. But he summed up the courage and spat it out.

"I am grateful for everything you have done, -but what exactly do you gain out of all of this? I feel hesitant and uncomfortable not knowing what exactly I will be doing everything for."

Modus looked at the young man before him for a moment.

"Well, I suppose I could tell him. After all, he does have much potential." Modus thought to himself.

Beneath his mask, Modus smirked as he snapped his fingers. A woman appeared kneeling between the two of them. He had summoned Adelda. "Sir, I am here, what is it that you command?"

"Will, this is Adelda, she is my –a.s.sistant of sorts. Adelda, stand and look at the young man behind you. He is the user known as Peerless Dao Master, Will."

She rose quickly and turned her head to the side to glance at Will, behind her. She was curious to see the one who was so different that he caught Lord Modus' attention. He was also the reason why Adelda was promoted, thus she felt somewhat indebted and grateful to the one responsible. However, when she turned to look at Will, those feelings dissipated as her mind raced with questions.

Adelda was disappointed with what she saw, an expression of raging l.u.s.t on his face. Her impression was more than unimpressed; she felt some disgust towards Will. Overall, to Adelda, the impression was very negative. She had researched into who he was, but he didn't appear to be anything special or significant at all. Yet, because of Modus' interest in the young man standing behind her, she a.s.sumed that she had missed something and that there had to be something that drew the attention of her master. Modus was known for not being interested in anything normal.

To Will, Adelda was the perfect woman. She appeared to be in her early twenties, short, tanned and had a cute, rounded face. She had an hourgla.s.s figure with a small waist and large b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Her voice was soft and sweet as if it were a lullaby. Girls like her did exist on Earth, but they were lacking what Will was most attracted to, wide hips and large b.u.t.tocks. The woman standing before him fit his checklist of what he wanted in a woman. He was captured by the way her b.u.t.tocks bounced back and forth as she kneeled before Modus. Usually, the women Will encountered on earth that had these traits portrayed themselves as prost.i.tutes. Adelda seemed to be different to Will, he couldn't quite understand why, but somehow he knew that she was different in a good way.

Adelda turned around to see Will with an expression of dazed l.u.s.t after her. She snorted in disgust at his bold and blatant vulgarity. Will knew that she was out of his reach, but he didn't care. She was still overwhelmingly attractive to him, so why can't he admire what he sees?

Modus, who was observing the interaction, was amused at the situation. He then communicated with Adelda using a form of telepathy.

"Adelda, I have a mission for you."

"Yes, Sir!"

"I want you to protect Will as he advances. But, you must do so from the shadows. He must not be aware of your presence. This means that you will dedicate your life to him for the time being. If he should die, so will you. Understood?"

"Yes, I understand. I will treat him more precious than my own life."

Adelda was dedicated to Modus and would follow anything he said, even if it were to commit suicide. Though she didn't like the a.s.signment, out of reverence and respect for Modus, she would give her life to the mission.

"Excellent and you did good appearing in your original form."

Modus clapped his hands in delight and moved closer to Will. He put his hands on Will's shoulders and whispered into his ears.

"If you accomplish my goals that I have set before you, I can give you that woman's body to do with as you please!"

Will was awestruck. What did he just hear? This could not be true, it must be a joke to toy with Will's mind and emotions.

"C –Can you really do that?" said Will in a nervous, but hopeful trembling voice.

"Of course, she belongs to me. She would do anything I asked; even kill herself willingly should I simply ask it."

Will raised his eyebrow in suspicion. Surely this is a joke. He looked at Adelda with questioning eyes.

"If you were to complete what has been asked of you, many women, including myself would give themselves to you."

Adelda said this with an expressionless face, but she was repulsed by the idea. She would never give herself to a simple mortal. As part of her duties to Modus, however, she was obligated by devotion to him to do whatever he should wish –even if it meant giving herself over to the idiotic and pathetic example of a human man.

Will, on the other hand, was ecstatic. He would get to marry the enticing specimen standing in front of him.

"So you will marry me if I do whatever Modus tells me to do?"

"No, if you complete the tasks Lord Modus has set before you, I and many other women –"

"I don't want other women! I want you and only you! I want to marry you, not just have a s.e.x slave. I want a wife."

Stunned, Adelda stood as all went silent. She didn't expect an answer such as this from someone with that l.u.s.tful look that she saw across his face. To add to this, he only wanted her, not any other women. Because Adelda was an immortal being and had lived a long time, she could tell from experience that Will was not lying to her. He was rather serious. Though, could not help but laugh. He was acting mature and serious, but his 'manhood' was still 'standing at attention' from the time he first set eyes on her.

"If you complete the tasks set before you, I will give you my body and my heart. But, I doubt you have a chance."

"Excuse me Sir Modus," said Adelda as she bowed and disappeared.

As soon as she left, Will fell to the ground trembling, "Perfection does exist!"

"Right, time for me to go," said Modus, "I will send you messages now and then explaining the tasks."

After he said this, he began to fade away, but Will tried to stop him by interjecting.

"Aren't you going to give me a rough idea about what I should do first?"

"Alright, start grinding. You need to improve yourself and your skills. The first task is simple. Ascend. I need you to become an immortal."

As he finished saying this, Modus had completely faded away, leaving Will standing on his own.

Solitary Sword Sovereign 3 Immortality Is All I Ask ...

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