Solitary Sword Sovereign 52 Goldback Warthog

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Letty remembered the Soul Regalia skill set Will had given her; she was still a bit bothered by it because she felt that she was unworthy of the skill. Even after her long lecture Will still intended for her to learn it. This tugged at her heartstrings.

'Master barely knows me; just how much faith does he have in me?'

With a flick of a wrist, the Black and gold book showed up in Letty's hands once more.

'Will I be able to live up to his expectation?'

Letty bit her lip as she gazed at the crouching figure of the man she had devoted herself to. She could tell after spending a few hours with him that Will was a decisive person; such was a common trait among the strong.

'If I want to be strong then I can't hesitate! Even if it means training till my bones wither I will live up to his expectations!'

Letty resolved herself and opened the skill book. The book transformed into a stream of black and gold light which then entered her forehead. Will smiled as he sensed the events occurring behind him. Letty was actually mistaken. Will didn't really have that much faith in her; after all, they had only known each other for a few hours.

No, what he had faith in was his ability to make her stronger. Even if you are the fastest swimmer in the world you will be nothing if you have no water to swim in, Will was going to be her water, and the first step was giving her that skill book.

He knew full well the value of that book before he had brought it up, Letty's lecture only filled in some gaps in his knowledge. In Will's mind, a King is only as strong as those he rules. Letty was going to represent him, thus only the best would do.

As the stream of light entered her mind, Letty's body hovered above the ground slightly; this was a sign of a high-level skill being learned. Due to her ability and level being so low, it would take her quite a bit of time to learn this. Will was aware of this as well because he knew that with such a disparity between her strength and the quality of the skill it will take a lot of time for her to learn all of the knowledge.

As was when he gained enlightenment and insights during his five year training period. Telling her to learn the skill now was also a test. The mini-boss for this sector was without a doubt on its way, yet she immediately chose to learn the skill. This showed that she was confident in Will's ability to protect her as she was indisposed.

'As expected of my guide. She has guts.'

Like a thunderbolt, killing intent hit Will with the intensity of a tidal wave.

'Looks like, it's here.'

For a low-level player, just the killing intent was enough to take them out, but the killing intent was not only doing nothing harmful to him, it was actually beneficial to him, as it told him just what he was up against.

'The system is so kind. How did it know that my favorite meat is pork?'

The earth started to shake like an earthquake was approaching. Many of the out of shape buildings around them started to collapse. Will did not even bother to turn around; he still kept his hand in the water, carrying on with his little experiment.

As the quake became more and more intense, more buildings started to fall apart and the sounds started becoming more intense. A few players who were hunting in the area started to scream in fright, some of the weaker ones even got hurt by the fallout.


An earth spike suddenly appeared from below Will's body, and it would have impaled him, but the young man was already standing on a sheet of ice in midair by the time the pike fully materialized.

A pike then shot up from underneath Letty's feet, but a whip made from water quickly retracted her body and put it on another sheet of ice that had materialized in midair.

Will stood with hands akimbo, amused at what his opponent would do next now that he was out of reach.


With a loud squeal, a large beast burrowed from the earth to the surface on the beach. Its appearance made Will quite joyful.

It was a large beast, the size of a large mansion, a warthog to be precise. It had golden brown skin and yellow fur. Its tusks seemed as if they were made out of pure gold as the glint from their s.h.i.+ne graced the surroundings. Its eyes were entirely red, no pupils or whites, the entire eye was blood red and its nose was releasing steam every second. It was incredibly muscular and with each step, its muscles would ripple. It was a truly magnificent beast, worthy of being a boss.

Killing intent bellowed out from it like lava coming out of a volcano from an eruption. With each second it took in deep breathes as if it was angry and it was holding itself back.

[Goldback Warthog: A rare beast that is known for its ferociousness, it may not be the strongest, but it is without a doubt one of the most bloodthirsty beasts. From the moment they are born these beasts seek battle, and unless they are restrained by a stronger beast they will wreak havoc wherever they pa.s.s. It will not stop fighting until either it or its opponent is dead. Its skin is incredibly hard and it has the ability to manipulate the earth around it. The tusks are indestructible for most and its senses are incredibly sensitive.

Rating D+

Cla.s.s: Sector Boss]

As Will gazed upon the magnificent beast, a prompt appeared in his vision, one he had never seen before.

A boss challenge has been issued, if you accept you will be taken to the arena. Do you accept?

Arena, what the…?

Will had fought countless sector bosses but he had never received such a prompt, but then again while he was in King Yama's gate Modus had sealed a lot of the system's abilities.

A worried expression appeared on Will's face as he gazed at the still floating Letty.

'I don't have a choice.'

Solitary Sword Sovereign 52 Goldback Warthog

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