Solitary Sword Sovereign 79 Ghosts And Supremes

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Will shook Sicario's hand returning the gesture. "Trust me Lord Sicario, it is I who is happy. Becoming part of the world's greatest nation is an honor for any Lord."

Sicario shook his head while smiling beneath his mask, "Please, just call me Sicario, I am unworthy to be called Lord by one as skilled as you are."

Silverton's face became ugly the moment he heard Sicario compliment Will. As far as he knew, Sicario was a quiet and well-reserved man who valued etiquette above everything. Only those stronger or more talented than him would receive this kind of favor from him.

'Wait, so this kid is more talented than Sicario? That means its only a matter of time before he becomes stronger than me! s.h.i.+t!'

It was at this moment that sudden realization dawned on Silverton. The pyramid was a fully charged technique by a world-cla.s.s mage over level 100. Yet a level 50 boy had destroyed it in five steps!

'It took Sicario a full minute to charge the pyramid, but he destroyed it in five seconds! What the f.u.c.k is he?'

Silverton and Sicario knew full well that they were currently far stronger than Will, but the keyword was 'currently'. The stronger you were at lower levels, the far stronger you become at higher levels.

At the higher levels, the disparity in strength between those of the same levels would show easily. Take Sicario and Silverton, their gap was only one or two levels, but because of his skill, Sicario was far stronger than Silverton. Silverton would need to be at least ten levels higher to be Sicario's match.

There were many things that gave one an advantage over those at the same level. Talent, cla.s.s, t.i.tles, stats, and skill were the most prevalent. Especially cla.s.s and t.i.tles.

'Just what t.i.tles and cla.s.s does this boy posses?'

There were many methods for getting this sort of information, in fact, some non-combat specialize in this sort of job. Right now Sicario was in a rush to head back to the Empire and request a.s.sistance and getting as much information about Will as possible.

The next few hours were spent discussing Will's role within the Empire and the general structure of the organization from the inside.

The Dragonheart Empire was a behemoth with thousands upon thousands of guilds and Lords under them. Their greatest enemy was The Nine Rings Clan run by Musas.h.i.+. Publicly he was known as the only man on earth who could rival Arthur, but according to Sicario things were not that simple. Apparently, there was another superpower that both Arthur and Musas.h.i.+ were wary of, led by the first Emperor, Genesis.

Genesis was only interested in improving and creating martial arts. He was neutral and accepted any and all to his nation. Arthur and Musas.h.i.+ had once battled with Genesis while they were on the same level in a 2 on 1 battle, with no one gaining an advantage. According to Arthur, no one could touch Genesis while on the same level. This news was a revelation to Will.

'Facing both Musas.h.i.+ and Dragonheart and getting away unscathed? Unmatched at the same level? Ignius wasn't joking about this Genesis dude.'

Genesis was however many levels below Arthur and Musas.h.i.+, as he now concentrated mainly on his martial arts. Arthur and Musas.h.i.+ mutually agreed that they will only take him on once they had dealt with each other, thus Genesis was left alone for now.

The Dragonheart Empire has Arthur at the head, With Prime Minister Andreas handling most of the affairs. There were 6 Lords known as the 6 Supremes who ran the empire and its armies. They were the 6 strongest individuals under Arthur himself and were very powerful. Each comparable to a Ring from the Nine Rings. To become a Supreme one has to personally battle Arthur and gain his recognition. The number was not maintained at 6, it is just that only 6 were worthy of that t.i.tle.

Andreas had a non-combat cla.s.s but his position was even above that of the Supremes. Arthur was the figurehead but the day to day running was done by Andreas, who is said to have been with Arthur since the beginning.

The Dragonheart Empire was a martial organization, which put strength above everything, so the fact that it was run by a non-combative individual was impressive to Will.

Will had proven himself to be skilled, thus he was no longer Silverton's subordinate. However, Miami was still a region of importance to the Empire so Sicario would have someone stationed here to make sure things would go smoothly. Will was unhappy having someone 'babysit' him but he had no choice in the matter. So, for now, all he could do was nod his head.

His earlier performance had no doubt impressed Sicario, so Will was confident that he was already close to entering the upper echelons of the Empire.

"There are currently ten candidates for the position of a Supreme, including you. These candidates are people our organization puts effort into nurturing. Each Supreme Candidate has a mult.i.tude of people working under them. I will send you a list of extremely capable people to work under you from now on. They will be the ones to ensure that everything works out smoothly. All you have to do is make sure you increase your level and sharpen your skills."

Sicario pa.s.sed Will a file with a list of names. On each page was a name, with a picture and important details such as abilities, levels, etc.

"You may choose 10 people from that list to a.s.sist you. These ten are former Supreme Candidates who narrowly failed to meet the bar required by our Emperor. There is still a chance for each individual to become a Supreme, thus they are often arrogant and unruly. To ensure smooth cooperation between you and your subordinates, a Ghost such as myself will be present."

Ghosts were beings with a special presence in the Empire. They were powerful users who reported directly to Andreas. They had no desire for a formal post and only ensured the prosperity of the Empire. All Ghosts wore masks, not to hide their ident.i.ty but to show it instead. The masks were not imbued with any special abilities but were unique. Every member of the Empire who had taken the intent pill was taught a simple method to be able to distinguish the mask of a True Ghost.

"Due to Miami's importance as a strategic point and your talent, it is most likely that a Ghost with a higher ranking than mine will be sent. The Ghost will not follow all your orders but will act as your lieutenant to ensure order and help you in defending the territory. Of course if Lord Solitary was to wish to become a Ghost that option is open as well."

Will immediately rejected Sicario's proposal, "No thank you, I'm not cut out for that sort of thing." From what Will could discern, Ghosts were fanatics that wors.h.i.+pped Dragonheart, because every time Sicario mentioned the Empire or Dragonheart himself, a look of fanaticism would flash across his face. In front of Will's aqua sense, that mask might as well be invisible. Will was not sure if Sicario was naturally like that or if some method had been used to brainwash him. Either way, he did not want to take a chance by finding out.

Not to mention there were may secrets on Will's body. It would also affect Will's plan negatively if he became a Ghost. Who knew where he would be sent? Will needed to be in Miami. It was important to him.

"Ah yes before I forget, Sicario I have a request." Said Will after some thought.

"Please go ahead, so long as we can provide it we will, as long as it does not conflict with the Empire's goals." Replied Sicario.

"I a.s.sure you it does not," Will then looked to Silverton, "I wish to keep attending Silverton High If and when I desire, also if for some reason I am absent please make sure I am not expelled. I wish to graduate from that school."

Sicario didn't really understand why Will wanted to do this but he did not object. "Very well, so long as it does not prevent yo you from working on what the Empire requires you to. As you know we are preparing to invade soon. It's now the time to take things seriously, you might be required to take action for the next few months often, possibly longer."

Will smiled, "That's fine, as long as I don't get expelled I am fine." Will had always remembered the mission he had been given the moment he left King Yama's Gate.

A new quest is available. The quest is to attend Silverton High and successfully graduate from it. If the school is destroyed or if you fail to graduate from this school then the quest has been failed. Failure to complete the quest will result in being stripped of all your abilities and having your memories erased.

Quest Rank: Unknown

Reward: Perfect Foundation Dan

Solitary Sword Sovereign 79 Ghosts And Supremes

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