The City Below The Dungeon 24 Chapter 24

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When Raven was relaxing and enjoying her time, some others just stopped for the first time to relax.

Will stopped his little scouting group as they have been traveling non-stop, since they left the town so now was the perfect time to stop, sleep and eat something else than dried meat.

When Will gave the signal to stop and that they will place a camp here, no one said anything they just silently started to prepare for the coming night.

"So anyone who has bow could raise the hands up," Will said and couple hands raised up.

"Good do you think you could hunt us any food now? As I think you all don't want to eat dried meat all the way to our mission point." Will said and the members with the bow just nodded and started to move towards the forest surrounding them.

"So we only have four people left now including me so that makes it five, so when we are waiting for those three to come back from the hunt, we could do something useful," Will said and then continued. " I don't care how you decide it, but two of you will start to gather firewood and prepare the fireplace for the night, the other two will start putting the tents up, as for me I will help in both of the tasks." Will ended his talk and started to put his tent down while waiting for the rest of the members to decide how they will share the works.

It seems like they had come to the decision as two of them started to also walk towards the forest, while the other two started also to put the tents up, without complaining or saying anything.

When Will was done setting the tents, he started to dig for small hope to the fireplace for the night, he might as well do his own part of the prepares and just not throw around words and commands.

The two members who had gone to gather firewood came back with their hands full wood and Will actually was quite a surprised how efficient these guys were.

In a heartbeat there was a campfire in its full glory, giving them a light and warm for the night. Will gathered the four members he had here around the campfire and opened the map up.

"So if you need to get water, a  bath or something the river is here." Will pointed the river on the map then turned towards the place where the river should be and pointed towards it.

"You should be able to find it easily, as it isn't that far away,but these forests aren't that friendly, some low-level monsters and now the unknown threat, which we have to find out, so I suggest to go in pairs everywhere for safety reasons," Will said while looking towards the members of his team, that was awfully silent.

Just this moment the hunters came back with some rabbits, one of them even caught a deer, so Will ordered everyone to clean up the corpses and preserve the fur for now, as who knew when extra fur came to handy.

When it was done and the meat was slowly grilling in the campfire will gather them all around it and gave the same speech and warning to the hunters, who just nodded.

"So I a.s.sume you all know our mission?" Will asked and everyone nodded or now even said yes to him. So Will continued. "Good then I don't have to repeat much,our main mission is to scout around Holger,find the unknown threat,but not to eliminate it,we are just scouting party,so because this we move in one tram towards there and place a camp in Holger or near it and then split up in pairs to search the area and clues," Will said and then continued to speak. "So I want to you all get into talk with each other tell about yourself and what is your preferred weapon and where you are good at,you know the basics,before we split up to the pairs, as I want to maximize every pair potential to survive, so this isn't any suicide mission, we only go there to find clues and the location to the source," Will said and looked towards the members who have started to open somewhat, but Will still had a long way to get their respects, as they all acknowledged him as their leader, but that didn't mean that they would automatically respect him at all.

But this day had left them somewhat positive image about Will, as it seemed he wasn't the kind that was only good for using his mouth,he also did his share of the work  and wanted them to survive,cared about them to the point giving warnings, so his reputation was slowly going up in this scouting party.

"Today we will only eat and sleep we can introduce ourselves in near the Holger,so you have time to think what to say, for now, let's get to know each other slowly and let's enjoy this evening," Will said breaking the awkward silence around them, so they all ate and reserved the rest of the meat for tomorrow before going to their tents.

The City Below The Dungeon 24 Chapter 24

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