The City Below The Dungeon 28 Chapter 28

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Published at 16th of July 2019 10:31:40 PM Chapter 28

The next day Will was like nothing happened yesterday at all .

He started to prepare a simple breakfast and wait for the others to wake up .

When the last member of his team was awake and eaten he gathered them up, to a simple wooden table that someone did bring out from one of the houses .

Will opened up the map and pointed to the location where they were right now .

"So we're are here, this is the northern gate where the horde came in . So, of course, we start to focus on this area more first . " Will draw a circle in the map with his finger, showing the area he was talking about .

"As if we think logically they should have come from here, this area is just forest simply, there are some caves where we mined the minerals, but otherwise the terrain shouldn't change much . So we will first focus this area then slowly expand our search radius and if we don't find anything at all from the northern side, then we have to plan again where to search from . " Will looked at his team members before continuing .

"So the pairs, I want you all to make a pair with one of the archers and what comes to me, I will search alone . So one of the pairs will be on guard duty always in our command center, so decide that between yourselves, otherwise, you all are free to search, you just have to remember that this is the command center, where you can fall back and refresh your supplies . Also, I have something that was just given to me to make this task easier . "

Will started to search his backpack and took out something that the team members couldn't identify at all .

"This is simple magic tools, when you break it,it will shoot colored light up to the sky,there are many lights,the green one is that you found the object, yellow that there is danger and you would need to be careful, but nothing major still, red one that means immediate danger and that everyone should head straight to the point where the light was seen, so you understand?" Will explained and asked from them, before making sure that everyone knew what stone gave out which light when they were broken .

"Remember that they are just one time tools, that were just given to me just to accomplish this mission, so don't use them if there really isn't need at all, as we don't have any more of them left, as those are the only ones . "

The team member's just nodded before getting on their own pairs and started to talk between them who would be left behind to defend the camp first .

In the end, it was the s.h.i.+eld guy and his pair that was first on the guard duty .

The rogue and his pair started to head northeast, spear and his pair to the northwest and Will just headed straight to the north, this way they would have more area to cover and search easily and because this the magic tools were given to Will .

The area wasn't small at all to search, actually it was very large but the terrain was very easy to travel even for a forest, of course, there would be some uneven terrain and areas that would be more dangerous than others but otherwise, it was a relatively safe forest .

The forest didn't have much of a hostile beast either,that is why it was deemed a safe zone for the new adventures to train themselves,actually no one ever made a list of the beast that lurked in the forest,as the mayor didn't see it that necessary to do it at all, as long as it was safe zone for their miners and woodworkers, who would need the list, the major once said to Will, who suggested that they would hire adventures to cover the whole forest to make the list .

Of course the adventures who dwelled in the forest came out with their information and sold it to the guild for a reward so there was some kind of list made, but it wasn't that accurate at all,but it was enough for the mayor who was more interested in economics and trade than military and defense .

So no one knew how much of the forest was actually searched or covered, they were just happy that it was safe to place with no major danger, just some beasts lurking now and then .

So Will and his party would be the first ones to actually search and cover the forest cleanly and systematically from every side that they could just search from .

Raven didn't know that there was a scouting party in the forest searching for her dungeon .

Raven was just bored out of his mind, trying to find activities while she was waiting for her dungeon points to go up that she could buy new stuff to her dungeon .

The City Below The Dungeon 28 Chapter 28

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