My First Diary 18 Chapter 18 - Run And Don't Look Back

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Emma began to regain her consciousness as she could feel her jumping and hopping, her father was carrying her, they were outside, on the battlefield, explosion after explosion can be heard as the sound of low pa.s.sing turbo propeller planes can be seen as the vibrations from the engines can be felt inside bodies of the people fighting. Suddenly, the jumping stopped as a shadow covered Emma's face, her dad placed Emma down on the ground beside the tree, Emma opened her eyes and she can see her father standing by the tree breathing heavily, suddenly, Emma could see multiple planes crossing the sky, like a flock of birds, "if only we were birds, we would be able to fly home, to be free, to see the world from a different perspective" Emma's dad said to Emma as he sees her awake, "how are you Emma?" her dad asks, "I'm... I'm feeling better.... thank you dad" Emma said to her dad, "f... for what Emma?" her father said, feeling flummoxed, "for saving me, for caring about me" Emma said, giving her dad a thankful look in her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous Emma, I am your father, it's my duty to keep you safe!" her dad said as he moved closed toward Emma, "that just reminded me dad" Emma began speaking, "I know it's now probably not the time and place, but where is mom? She is safe, right? Right?" Emma asked her dad with a worrying look in her face, but her dads face said it all. Emma looked down at her feet, as her frown grew bigger and bigger, her eyes getting more and more watery. "So.... she is dead..." Emma said, she could not believe what she said, her heart began to ache, "I... I tried to save her... I did Emma... but I... I was too late..." Emma's dad told Emma, trying to keep his tears in, "what happened to her.... why did she die dad?" Emma said, as she had a helpless look on her face. "She got kidnapped, taken away from me.... I... I began to go after her, not stopping, my task was only to find my wife, your mom.... I then finally found the facility that they were at.... and just as I was about to come in through that big double door from where I heard those painful screams.... I heard a shot.... and.... and, everything became quiet" Emma's dad explained to Emma, breaking down into tears, "all I could hear was.... was my heartbeat, I rushed in and I saw her there.... in a huge f.u.c.king pool of blood, her white clothes damped in blood and dirt, I have never felt more f.u.c.king angry I'm my entire life.... and that was the first time that I have ever killed a man with my bare hands...." Emma's dad said as he calmed down. "H... how did you kill him dad?..." Emma asked as she had the look of horror in her eyes, "I'll just say that I suffocated him" Emma's father said as he came closer to Emma for a hug, and Emma slowly began to drift away from her father, "are you now a killer.... dad?" Emma asked her dad as more tears began to roll down her dirty cheeks, "I... I don't know Emma, but I... I could not control myself, I felt so angered and annoyed that someone could be that heartless to do that to a woman, she did not do anything wrong, if anything, she was the sweetest person I have ever known in my life, she helped me out with a ton of things, she did not deserve to be murdered like that, she does not deserve to be murdered in any way, I am sorry Emma" Emma's father explained to Emma as he began to tear up again. "Thank you dad... "Emma said as she hugged her dad, "you... you at least tried to save her, and I thank you for that" Emma said to her dad as she hugged him tightly, "I then told myself that I will not stop until I find you, I did it for me and your mother" Emma's dad told her as they both hugged tightly.

Emma was about to say something when suddenly a *BOOM* a loud explosion shook the ground, "oh c.r.a.p, come on, we have to get a move in, are you okay to walk Emma?" Emma's father asked, "yes dad, I... I think" Emma said attempting to stand up. Suddenly another loud explosion came from behind Emma and her dad as Emma collapses down to the ground, "come on Emma!!" Her father said worryingly. Suddenly, Emma clenched her fists and stood up, she began attempting to run, when her father took hold of her hand, they both began running. Explosion after explosion can be heard behind Emma and her father as they ran through the forest, evading the trees, Emma can feel small dirt particles. .h.i.tting off her skin and the smell of smoke. They also heard the cracking of the trees as they began falling down, suddenly, a bomb was dropped in Emma and her father's way, the blast wave caused Emma and her father to fly back a few meters as their faces got covered in dirt and leaves. Her father seemed hurt, but he still acted like a hero, "come in Emma, baby, we are almost there, okay?" Emma's father said as he took hold of Emma's hand and walked on, they turned left instead of going straight. Emma can feel something damp on her leg, but she did not care, all she cared about was to get to safety with her dad, and that was when she remembered.. "where is grandpa, dad?" Emma asked as she began to worry, "don't worry about him Emma, we need to focus in getting Tonto safety, okay?" Emma's father said to Emma as they rushed through the forest, Emma wanted to ask her dad more about where her grandpa is, but her tiredness did not allow her to do so. They suddenly stop as they reach a steep slope, "we can't go here, it will be way too risky if we tried to go down here" Emma's dad said, feeling slightly disappointed, "there has to be another way" her dad adds as he whispers under his breath. They turn around and begin to go back to find a alternative way, when suddenly, they can hear a plane flying low, right above them, and then, "RUN!!!" Emma's dad shouted out, but it was too late, the bomb exploded, thrusting Emma and her father off the edge of the steep slope making them airborne for a few seconds, when they came into contact with the earth, their bodies began to tumble down the slope, landing on leaves, twigs, dirt and sticks. By the time the two bodies came to a complete stop, both Emma and her father lost their consciousness.

*To be continued*

My First Diary 18 Chapter 18 - Run And Don't Look Back

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