My First Diary 3 Chapter 3 - First Nigh

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Emma arrived home, feeling odd, and not herself, she felt weaker than usual, but her only thought was to get her diary and write down in the diary her crazy day.

Dear Diary,

Today was.... unexplainable, it was odd, it all began with that horrible nightmare where Tom wanted to kill me, he wanted me to feel pain for us, and we are not even in a relations.h.i.+p, anyways, moving away from that, there is a new teacher in my school, and I think by some luck or coincidence, that teacher is my new English teacher! He looks so handsome, dressed so elegantly, with his dark brown hair that looks so good on him, and his eyes, those dark brown eyes, you just get lost in them when he looks at you. But don't worry, I don't love him, and then... I b.u.mped into my killer from my nightmare on the corridor... it was weird... but yeah, I should go now, talk to you soon. Bye for now

Emma ❤

As Emma finished writing her diary entry, she closed her diary and placed it in the same place as yesterday, she felt relieved that she wrote down her thoughts in the diary but hopes that n.o.body would ever ready them."Emma, don't you want to eat? come on, everything is ready" said Emma's mother,"o...okay I will be there in a minute..." answers Emma. "Is everything okay sweetie?" asks Emma's mother,"ye... yes, everything is fine... I guess" answers Emma,"you are lying, I know you are, just tell me what is bothering you, we can work it out together like a mother and a daughter" says Emma's mother. "I guess I am just upset because of father, and that he is not here with us anymore..." answers Emma as her eyes begin to tear up,"don't be upset Emma, it was an accident, at least he is in as safer place now, I know its hard, it's hard for me too, but he is still with us, even if we can't see him, he is still with you" explains Emma's mother. "He would have still been here if he didn't go to that stupid exhibition in Berlin... oh father I miss you so much..." Emma replies as she begins to break down into tears. "Awe honey! Give me a hug, don't cry, think positive, at least he is still somewhere with you... now let's go downstairs to eat, okay?" tells Emma's mother to Emma,"okay mom, thank you... I love you" said Emma as she hugs her mother,"I love you too Emma" answers Emma's mom.

They head downstairs to have dinner. "How was school Emma?" asks the mother,"it... it was something, there is a new teacher that came into the school and he will be teaching me English" answers Emma,"ooo! Is it a he or a she" asks Emma's mother again as she begins to eat the warm spaghetti. "It's a he" Emma tells her mother,"does he look hot" asks Emma's mother "mom! He is my teacher! I cannot look at him that way" tells Emma to her mother. "I know I am only joking. Anything else happening around the school?" asks the mother curiously,"not really much, although I heard that there is a night out for my year next month" tells Emma to her mother,"really! Do you want to go to the night out sweetie?" asks the mother,"I am not sure, probably yes, if my friends are going" adds Emma. "I mean if you look at it from the other side, you can get to meet new people, and maybe find, you know, a guy" says Emma's mother. "I... I don't know about the guys part, but I will definitely meet new people" explains Emma to her mother as she stuffs her mouth with spaghetti. "okay honey, just don't make the same mistake like me" Emma's mother warns Emma,"why mother, what happened?" asked Emma curiously. "I would always tell myself that I would have enough time and that I could wait a bit more, but in reality life is short, I know it sounds cliche, but it's so true, enjoy life while you can, just not too much... okay?" Emma's mother tells her. "Thanks for the advice mom" says Emma,"but you have to remember, there can also be some good things too, like if I was to date someone when I was single like 20 years ago, I wouldn't have net your wonderful father, so it's also all about choice" Emma's mother explains,"if only he didn't go on that plane... he would be here now" Emma adds,"what can we do about it Emma, I miss him too, but yeah, life is unfortunately not a fairly tale that always has a good ending, if life was like that it would be so boring" Emma's mother explains. "Then why does faith exist, we pray for things to happen in life, right? Then why isn't life... you know... why don't our prayers come true?" asks Emma. "Emma, prayers can't always come true, what would the point of life be then? What I am trying to say is that prayers can get us only so far, and life then completes the rest of the journey, do you understand?" Emma's mother tries to explain. "I... I guess mom... thanks" answers Emma. "Did you enjoy the spaghetti hun?" asks Emma's mother,"yes mom, it was great! I hope you don't mind me going upstairs, to listen to music" Emma tells her mom. "Okay hun, I love you" Emma's mother tells Emma, with a worried and sad tone. "I love you too mom" Emma answers.

Emma runs upstairs into her room, she puts on her head phones and begins to listen to music, Emma's eyes opened up wide and tears began to roll down her cheek as her father's favourite song comes on. "I am sorry dad.... I love you, and I want you to come back..... me and mom miss you too much..." says Emma under her breath and in her head, she closes her eyes and rewinds all the wonderful memories and moments with her father, and it breaks her heart to think that she will never see him again.

My First Diary 3 Chapter 3 - First Nigh

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