Under The Bamboo Parasol 35 The Scheming Gao Zi Zheng

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Night fell upon the imperial capital, the air became even more bitter cold, it was so bone-chilling that no one dared to step out on the streets at night. It seemed that this year's snow would be especially severe. Who knows how many people would end up refugees once the heavy snow hit, it seems that the government would soon have their hands full once the weather became more severe.

Within the Prime minister's manor, Gao Zizheng was sitting in his study, practicing calligraphy with a brush in his hand, he was dressed in thick, lavish brocade robes, a man in his forties and still gave off a formidable aura. Sitting within the study was a rather nervous look middle aged in the robes of a third-ranking official. The silence in the room was suffocating, and the second-ranking official seemed to be waiting for everything to end.

Within the room, one could hear nothing more than the cold wind blowing beyond the opened windows.

The official s.h.i.+vered as he walked closer to put his hands over a braiser, the only source of warmth in the room. Gao Zi Zheng seemed unaffected by the cold winds, as he lifted his head up to observe the official's actions with a slight curve upon his lips.

Suddenly, a pigeon white as the snow flew into the opened window. The official quickly held on to the pigeon and removed a small piece of folded paper from the bamboo tube attached to the pigeon's claw.

General Li Xuan had miscalculated, the person who wanted to bring him down was the Prime Minister's second son, Gao Zi Zheng.

"He is an old friend of the imperial uncle, this means that he has some other support, should we think this thoroughly?" a supporting official of the Prime Minister's faction, official Ma said.

"You seem rather reluctant, official Ma." Gao Zizheng commented as he continued to bring his brush over the pristine white paper.

"Of course not Minister Gao, but the Prime Minister… He should know of this." There was a hint of uncertainty and fear within the man's voice.

"My father has gotten old, he now desires peace." Gao Zi Zheng said with a saddened sigh, as he placed his brush on a porcelain brush stand. "We must get rid of General Li before the next winter arrives." He proclaimed as he allowed the intelligence report to fall into the braiser and get consumed by flames.

This caused official Ma to shudder endlessly. He was standing so close to the braiser, yet why was there no warmth. He opened his mouth and asked: "Then I a.s.sume that the a.s.sa.s.sination attempt was your doing."

Gao Zi Zheng looked at him for a while before saying, "If you could so easily see through, what would be the point." He sighed for a moment, "Official Ma, are you starting to desire peace like my father?" His eyebrow raised in questioning.

Age was not the number that continued to increase year by year to him, but the point in life when one grew tired.

This was something that one should have seen coming, as a person got older, the way they thought would change as well. Now, it was no matter of concern whether the person had been leading troops to the border, clas.h.i.+ng head-on with the enemy, or playing games of deceit within the palace walls. Growing older, one would reflect on the past and think about all they had done in their lifetimes. In the end, everything came down to wanting a break from everything.

Gao Zi Zheng smiled bitterly at this point. He thought about the past when he was just a child. Oh how much he admired his father who could go to court within the palace walls and make those opponents bow down and submit, if not, then they risked everything from the exile to execution of the entire clan.

Thinking till here, he smirked. There was a promise that had been made, he wanted to be like his father, an outstanding minister who was only one person, yet stood above millions of other. Indeed, it was, as they say, that ambition was a wildfire that continued to consumed until there was nothing left, it kept you wanting more and more.

In the end, there would be nothing left to want, but a higher position.

Under The Bamboo Parasol 35 The Scheming Gao Zi Zheng

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