MIMI 177 He Was Insane!

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As usual, in the head office of Glory Trade Corporation, a man dressed in a black suit, and dress s.h.i.+rt, reclined in a broad leather chair, surrounded by neatly stacked folders with papers inside. The man's deep eyes calmly scanned each of them with attentiveness.

All was quiet and calm until the sound of a loud, miserable groan was heard.

"What do I do? She won't answer any of my texts or calls and finds a way to avoid me every time!"

Seated on the sofa in Tobias's office, Alec cupped his head in his hands sighing heavily. His golden hair had been tousled about, evidently showing he had been repeatedly running his hands throughout.

After his incident with Mimi, the girl had distanced herself from him. Initially, Alec believed the girl was slightly upset for his words and wanted s.p.a.ce, so as the thoughtful big brother he was, he gave it to her.

Soon, however, Alec found something was wrong. Even before the girl ignored him, he felt something was off. He felt more a.s.sured of this on the fifth day of Mimi's shunning.

Five days of being shunned!

Whenever he tried to reach her in person or through the phone, the girl discovered numerous ways to avoid him. Alec called her office numerous times but was rejected each time. He texted her only to once again be ignored.

At least she didn't block him…

Thinking of this, Alec's expression sunk.

Who the h.e.l.l was he trying to fool? Blocking him would be better!

At least he'd know she couldn't receive any of his messages because she couldn't see them. But no, instead the girl had a full view of his messages and chose to ignore him!

It was downright evil! He suddenly felt the urge to cry from this cruel treatment!

When those thoughts came to mind again, Alec buried his hands in his hair. "Uwahh! What do I do?! She's really mad at me this time!"

Tobias, who had ignored the man bitterly whining on his sofa, was starting to develop a little headache from the noise. He coldly glanced up at the man seated in the lounge.

"Did you upset a woman again?"

Alec, who had been grumbling and groaning seconds ago froze. He was shocked at the man's somewhat taunting words and felt bitter inside. When he thought of a certain teasing girl, he could only think her influence was rubbing off on the unemotional man.

Alec suddenly wanted to cry again. This man hung out with his sister way too often! More than him!

Alec stared at Tobias's expressionless face for a while and frowned.

"Mimi, I'm talking about Mimi! She's been ignoring me for five days now already!"

Tobias unconsciously raised an eyebrow - evidently not surprised.

"What did you do this time?" Tobias glanced back down at his work and reached for a pen to sign something.

This time?

Alec felt his brows erratically twitch. However, recalling the reason for Mimi's anger toward him, a stiff, contorted expression suddenly appeared on Alec's face. It was unknown what he was thinking, but Tobias quickly sensed the man's abnormalities from his prolonged silence.

Tobias raised his head with narrowing his eyes. As expected, the man has been acting unusually jittery – almost guilty. At this, Tobias frowned. Though he didn't respond to his words, Alec could feel the man's cold, questioning stare. Ignoring his hard expression, Alec's eyes s.h.i.+fted away a little.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, "I…um…may have somewhat scolded her a bit about the accident at the nightclub."

Tobias's pupils dilated. As his words fell, a strange look came over Tobias's face for a fleeting moment. For the first time he could remember, Alec identified a somewhat anxious expression on the man's face.

Tobias impatiently asked, "Did you tell her how you found that information?"

Alec scratched the back of his head, "Ah, I don't think so."

Tobias's tone grew darker, "Did you or did you not?"

Alec shuddered, but he quickly shook his head and responded, "I didn't! All I mentioned was her injury!"

Tobias's expression did not turn for the better after heeding Alec's words. Instead, the room's temperature a degree colder. His jaw clenched tightly.

The girl wasn't an idiot. She knew Alec didn't possess the resources to uncover such information. It wouldn't take her long to find out he ordered someone to watch her.

That worried him.

Unaware to Alec, Tobias also hadn't spoken to Mimi in the last five days, he had informed this to her prior. During this period, Tobias a.s.sumed their lack of communication was because she didn't want to bother him.

Coupled with work, he hardly had time to notice these abnormalities. Not only that, he had just recently offered to drive her home and was rejected. Doubts grew in his heart, but he pushed aside.

Now hearing Alec's words, he was even more certain.

Although Alec was absolutely terrified by the man's dark change in mood, he still couldn't help but try to rea.s.sure him.

"Ah, don't worry, even if she does find out, I'm sure she won't be mad at you. Mimi looks up to you, she'll understand your reasons."

Without replying to Alec's words, Tobias picked up the receiver on the table, dialed a number, and on the third ring it picked up.

"Mr. Itou, Ms. Mimi's not in right now---" Before the woman could finish her words, Tobias's dark voice interrupted her.

"Send me her schedule for the day."

Jean on the other end flashed her eyes in surprise. After regaining her thoughts, her brows furrowed.

"Mr. Itou, I apologize but I can't---"
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"I need to speak to her."

When Jean heard the rare tone of pleading in the man's dark voice, she was stunned for a moment. When he didn't hear Jean saying anything for a while, the woman's sighs sounded through the phone.

"I understand sir. I'll forward it to you."

Tobias sounded a faint hum. "Thank you."

He immediately turned around and walked out of the office as he reached for his phone to make a call. On the sidelines of this exchange, Alec was very confused. He watched the man departing back and blinked dramatically.

Ah, somehow, he had an uneasy feeling.

At one 'clock in the afternoon, leaving EMIRI, Mimi and Lee Odo walked toward his car. While walking, the two lightly conversed in small talk.

"Do send me those recipes when you have the chance. I'm afraid once they disappear for the season, I won't know what to do with myself."

Mimi heard this and laughed. She said, "My, my, Mr. Lee you're becoming quite the foodie."

Lee Odo didn't mind her words and laughed heartily, "Perhaps your influence is starting to rub off on me."

Mimi covered her lips to stifle another giggle and replied with a smile, "Mm, in that case, I'll be sure to send them to you. When winter comes around, I'll take you out again."

"Haha, good, good! I'll be relying on you then!" Lee Odo patted Mimi's shoulders with a grin filled with satisfaction.

At that moment, Lee Odo raised his head and widened his eyes in stunned amazement. He couldn't stop the slight surprise on his face before his lips arched into a helpless smile.

Chuckling, he acted as if he seemed to recall something and said, "Ah, now that I think about it, I won't need to send you back for today."

Mimi looked at the man with a tilt of her head, "Hmm?"

Lee Odo smiled and made a gesture with his eyes. Though confused, Mimi looked in the direction he gestured to. She froze. A pair of black eyes on a charming face was staring at her. The man stood on the other side of the parking lot and seemed to be out of breath as his dark, burning eyes fixed on her.

Mimi couldn't help but whisper, "Tobias…"

Tobias continued to stare at her and strode over in long steps until he was in front of the pair.

Lee Odo chuckled noting the man's slightly disgruntled appearance, "Mr. Itou, what a surprise to see you here."

Tobias ignored the man's following words and replied with a courteous, "Mr. Odo."

Afterward, he directed all his attention to the small figure beside the old man.

"I came to pick you up."

Mimi was slightly stunned by his sudden appearance, her lips lifting in a short laugh. "Mr. Itou, I thought my secretary told not to bother with that. Moreover, I have a meeting after this."

"I know."

Mimi blinked blankly. He knew? A sudden thought emerged in her mind and Mimi's smirk grew her stare darkening.

First, he hired someone to monitor her without her knowing and then he forced her secretary to give him her schedule for the day!

This man…he was insane!

"I didn't expect Mr. Itou to be so involved in my schedule. However, though I appreciate Mr. Itou's efforts, it's not necessary for you---"

Tobias's deep, rough tone interrupted her, "We need to talk."

Mimi's smile fell and her brows furrowed. She gave Lee Odo a faint glance, who, from the beginning was silent through their exchange. Noticing her gaze, Lee Odo smiled gently, having no intention of interrupting.

The corner of Mimi's lips twitched. Traitor, ungrateful old glutton…She even offered to give him delicious recipes for free!

How vexing.

Mimi thought for a moment and before helplessly opening her mouth again, "Very well then."

She turned toward Lee Odo and forced a smile. "Mr. Lee, thank you for this evening. I hope to do it again."

Seemingly aware that Mimi's expression wasn't right, Lee Odo chuckled, "Mm, same to you boy. Though, I do hope your words from before still stand."

Mimi was almost speechless. This treacherous, gluttonous old man was just as shameless as her!

Narrowing her eyes at the old man, Lee Odo at that moment tactically bid farewell to the two. Mimi watched his fleeing figure and sighed. From the beginning, Mimi detected Tobias burning eyes locked on her and felt the urge to sigh again.

Mimi glanced at him, a moment of silence pa.s.sed. Though he appeared calm and composed, Mimi noticed the faint stiffness in his body. His eyes hardened, jaw clenched, with almost little emotion in his eyes.

It was too emotionless to the point it was obvious he was suppressing something.

She could not resist bursting into a smile, "Now then, what to do. Are we going to stand here and stare at one another's handsomeness or shall you drive me back to work?"

Tobias straightforwardly replied, "Whichever you prefer."

Mimi's eyes raised, her eyebrows slightly before she giggled softly. "Your strange you know that, Tobias?"

Tobias sounded a hum and obediently nodded as if he agreed with her words. Mimi helplessly shook her at this.

This man…was such a hopeless fool.

MIMI 177 He Was Insane!

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