I Was Mistaken For Being Gay And Ended Up In A All Girls School 57 Character Summary After Middle School Arc

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Ryouta Kise (True name Tenchi Nura) He is the main character. He is really cute at this age. He is gung-ho about being an athlete and wants to make Ts huge in this world. He is laid back about most things. Ryouta can be very determined and serious while competing, especially when truly challenged. He has the most fun when he is free. In the air, running, fighting, training or spending time with his family.

Ryouta has found he has a harem to much of his vain.

His fighting style is speed, however, he has a tendency to use the style of the master who is watching him fight. His shogi style is bishop exchange and static rook. with a winning percentage of 90%. Due to Ryouta Blood, he is able to connect to people more than normal.

Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho) who is a s.h.i.+nigami and is Ryouta partner. She's also bubbly and cautiously-optimistic, but can be a bit of a scaredy-cat. She sometimes tends to be a motormouth. She seems to view Ryouta as an interesting subject to study. But we all know she is a stalker. 'says the girl who travels through time to see Ryouta' Out of all the people around Ryouta he trusts her the most and is the only one who calls him Kazuma. She also becomes sneakers in s.h.i.+nki form.

Mari Tsutsui (Nijiiro Days) Ryouta best friend. She is an attractive girl but doesn't have many friends. Mari is very sweet, kind and cheerful. Mari is also bold and confident. She is also said the only one able to calm Ryouta down, So they call her Ryouta owner.

She is the leader of Devil may cry and is currently the training with Genkai in the underworld. Her special is increasing her physical strength she can increase its multiple levels. She is also Ryouta's first wife.

Kikyō (Inuyasha) She the one who sealed Naraku at the cost of her life. However, she was revived by a Strong Yokai named Urasue who made her under her control. Ryouta was able to rescue her from Urasue by killing her.(he was on a mission with Botan) She has said she became bonded to Ryouta and is his s.h.i.+nki which makes no sense because he isn't a G.o.d. I think she has Stockholm but Ryouta thinks there is something to her claims...Don't believe her.

She has said that the only person that she now feels the warmth from is Ryouta. but I thought Specters don't feel warmth unless they possess something. You better not possess my Ryouta.

Genkai(Yu Yu Hakusho) an old-fas.h.i.+oned woman with great strength and determination. She put her mind and body through extensive training to allow her to create and control the spirit wave orb, which contributed greatly to her rather cold and hard demeanor.

Ryouta met her when he was doing some training and ended up partic.i.p.ating in her Disciple Selection Trials. Which he won. She considers Ryouta her student but Ryouta considers her his big sister as much as it displeases her.

Ryouta often flirts with her and tries to get her to remove the bandages she wears but she refused. saying she is an old lady over 70 and Ryouta always laugh saying he likes an older woman. Genkai wears white bandages all across her head, to hide all of her faces. However, this was to cover her much young appearance. Genkai has the appearance of a small-built mesmerizing pink haired girl in braids, wearing martial arts clothing. She is Mari's master

katsuhito masaki (Tenchi Muyu) Ryouta grandfather. A man who is powerful and wise. He complains that his son playboy ways however he isn't much better.

He is actually Yosho is the eldest child of Juraian Emperor Azusa Masaki Jurai born to the first of his two wives, Funaho.

Because his mother was from Earth and was under a lot of heat from the people of Jurai because of her heritage, Yosho stood in a very difficult position since birth.

Yōshō had a marriage arranged with his half-sister Ayeka, but at the time, not all Juraians liked the idea of mixed blood heritages as he is part Earthling on his mother's side. So, when Yosho took on the s.p.a.ce pirate Ryoko during her ma.s.sive attack on Jurai, he used it as a perfect excuse to slip away. he subdued her, took away her power source (her three gems), and sealed her away in a cave near the Masaki Shrine.

The excuse that Yosho uses for leaving Jurai and his engagement to Ayeka is a false one. The real reason, his love for Airi, (his childhood friend) wouldn't have been the best reason to give at the moment as Airi's people despised Jurai.

Nurarihyon(Nura Rise of the Yokai) Ryouta grandfather. He is the founder and first Supreme Commander of the Nura Clan.

he is evil. He is a yokai, so his belief is that anything can be done to achieve his goals, even if such an action could bring calamity to humans. This is because yokai were made to scare humans. They were not made to help them.

Despite that belief, he does not hate humans and often pulls pranks on them. In fact, he finds them interesting. To clarify, he believes that they should stay out of yokai affairs, and that yokai, in turn, should stay out of human affairs. They should not intermingle with each other's problems, thereby co-existing peacefully. He doesn't know of Ryouta.

Rihan Nura (Nura Rise of the yokai) Ryouta father and the second head of the Nura Clan. He was a hanyō (half-yōkai) and the creator of the Matoi technique, having no problems reconciling his human and yōkai halves.

Rihan was a carefree man in a state of peace, but he can be aggressive and protective, He also was a pervert. He has a similar personality as Ryouta except Rihan didn't like to work hard.

He was the reason Ryouta lived with his grandfather. When Ryouta was born Ryouta had such a strong purifying aura that Rihan was injured. This caused Wakana Nura to suggest have her child under her family because he was better in the light than the dark...He was killed by someone appearing in front of him looking like his late wife. He planned to take care of her but was killed.

Wakana Nura (Nura Rise of the yokai) Ryouta biological mother. Wakana is a cheerful and optimistic woman who often acts as a sort of den-mother to the yōkai of the Nura household. She primarily handles domestic work (cooking, laundry, etc.) and smiles often. Wakana seems to deliberately play an airhead sometimes and always tries to put on a smiling face which makes it sometimes difficult to read her.

She often thinks of her Ryouta but because she didn't raise him she feels it is better if she doesn't see him. She hasn't told Rikuo about him through. She fears she will be hated thinking she is a failure as a mother.

Rikuo Nura (Nura Rise of the yokai) Ryouta brother. He denies his Yokai form after the incident and doesn't want to become the third head. He is having a hard time processing that his friend is his older brother...

Tsurara Oikawa (Nura Rise of the yokai) a Yuki Onna. She is Rikuo's trusted attendant who follows him to school under a human guise known as Tsurara Oikawa. Around the Nura House, she sometimes acts as a cook - making delicious but usually chilled or cold food.

She feels strange that her mother is in love with the thirds airs brother.

Kejōrō (Nura Rise of the yokai) a yōkai who uses her hair to fight, and most frequently handles kitchen duties around the Nura household. She may act as a young girl and can be occasionally flirtatious. While in combat, however, she has shown a bit bloodthirsty and a large amount of ruthlessness in battle

After the incident with the school bus, She has been looking for Ryouta and has secretly followed him

Setsura(Nura Rise of the yokai) is Tsurara's mother and was part of Nurarihyon's Hyakki Yakō 400 years ago. She had an unrequited love for him, which caused her to originally dislike his wife Yōhime.

Setsura has shown to be rather flirty, particularly where Nurarihyon is concerned. Even after he is married, she eventually gave up on him...She can become easily embarra.s.sed if addressed by her personal name (as opposed to Yuki Onna) in public,

She has been in love 2 times before. One was Nuraihyon 400 years ago however he didn't see her like that. two Rihan 300 years ago but he thought her as an elder sister. She never even received a kiss or held hands to by them.

She thinks she is cursed with the family. So she stayed away for years. She is denying that she is in love with Ryouta.

Kana Ienaga(Nura Rise of the yokai) Rikuo best friend. Seems that Kana can make friends with other students around school because of her cute appearance. She is a member of the Kiyojūji Paranormal Patrol,

After the bus incident, She has been thinking of that Ryouta guy. She thinks Ryouta is the guy who saves her...after the Dark hour ended, she has all but confirmed

Natsumi Torii (Nura Rise of the yokai) is a close friend of Saori Maki and the cla.s.smate of Rikuo Nura. She is a part of the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad. Torii's most distinguis.h.i.+ng features are her cat-like eyes and her dark green hair, which she always puts up in a ponytail

Saori Maki (Nura Rise of the yokai) is one of Rikuo's cla.s.smates and Natsumi's close friend. She is more concerned with relaxing and enjoying herself whenever the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad travels, rather than Kiyotsugu's primary objective of hunting for yōkai.

Saori has long straight blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has fair skin and an ample bust and is of average height. be short-tempered and fired up girl. She is very protective and caring for Natsumi. She does want to find that hot Yokai Ryouta

Kiyotsugu (Nura Rise of the yokai) is rich and influential amongst his cla.s.s. He is the founder and leader of the Kiyojūji Paranormal Investigation Squad. After the incident, he has loved Yokai and has been trying to find more of them. He spoke with his cousin and sprung her along too.

Saya Endō (Dagas.h.i.+ Kas.h.i.+) works as a barista in her own family cafe, Cafe Endō. She is childhood friends with Ryoua and he often visits her.

n.o.buyuki Masaki (Tenchi Muyo) Ryuota uncle who is a major flirt with the ladies. He is smart and strong. Ryouta suspects he's at least Master level and he is a chess master. They actually get along with each other and he never doubts Ryouta...he does like to trick Ryouta through

Mui Furinji (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi) She is Ryouta fiance which he doesn't know. They are great friends and can talk about many things. Ryouta is actually the only boy she can talk to about anything. However, they haven't seen each other in some time

Ryōzanpaku Masters ((History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi) and Touji Souya (March comes in like a lion) Ryouta said these Masters are teachers. Some Masters-lesser masters- try telling you things. Good Masters, however, teach you how to think and arm you with the fundamental tools necessary to execute properly. Simply put, good masters make sure you know how to do more than just fight with hands, how to read your opponents, understand the way of the sport. Good Master tells you where the fish are, great masters teach you how to find them. hats the same at every level. Ryozanpaku masters are great masters

s.h.i.+gure Kōsaka (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi) Ryouta master? girlfriend? she is someone is getting closer to Ryouta but the label is unknown to her. She just cares greatly for Ryouta.

Inari Fus.h.i.+mi (Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha) Ryouta younger sister who is a year younger than him. She is probably the sister Ryouta is closet too. She likes to climb on Ryouta back however she realized people could see her underwear so she stopped it. She is also training under Mia for a spirit medium

Kuzuha Fus.h.i.+mi(Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha) Ryouta aunt who treats Ryouta like her own. She is the one who always goes to Ryouta's games and watches all Ryouta shogi matches

Ukno-Mitamno-Kami (Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha) She is a G.o.ddess. Usually simply called "Uka"

Uka is a kind and sweet woman. She has a high rank but is not at all arrogant. She seemed to think Ryouta is someone she knew in her past life but Ryouta thinks shes is mistaken. He also feels even if that is the case he isn't that guy no longer nor does he want to be.

Tushan Yaya (Huyao Xiao Hongniang) She is a nine-tailed fox and quite rude and childish. She often found most things boring and could take naps that could last for more than ten days. She hated having people tell her to not adopt her sister's character and fighting style, as it didn't suit her. Although she seemed very self-centered, she was actually quite relaxed but just preferred to do whatever she wanted to do. She believes in Ryouta past life they were close but she feels its better if he doesn't regain his memories She has two younger sisters and an older sister

s.h.i.+ki Magata(Subete ga F ni naru) Ryouta program partner. Ryouta helped her with her family situation that was horrible. She seems to have an overattachment to Ryouta which worries him...

Kenji Harima (School Rumble) He is a mangaka artist that works with Ryouta. He is using Ryouta dating advice to get a girlfriend

Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate The Combat Butler) she owns shonen jump. She is the sole heir to the Sanzenin fortune, being the only survivor of the family beside her grandfather. However, it was later found out that her grandfather is Ryouta grandfather so they're cousins... but Ryouta hasn't a clue.

Roman Saotome (Sket dance) Mangaka artist of Ryouta sailor moon. She sometimes likes seeing Ryouta pose for her while she takes pictures...for the manga. She in love with her work.

Yuma Okazaki and Hotaru Mizus.h.i.+na (NTR: Netsuzou Trap) Both are secret lesbians but the only guy they like is Ryouta...

Yona (Yona of the dawn) She is Ryouta fiance. She just thinks Ryouta is cool but Ryouta doesn't like her or remember her

Son Hak (Yona of the dawn) Yona childhood friend and bodyguard. He also is self-named Ryouta rival

Keika Kiyotaki (Ryuuou no Os.h.i.+goto!) Ryouta friend and a shogi otaku. Since being with Ryouta all these years she has started to become better and became female shogi professional. She feels her feelings for Ryouta are complicated because he is so young.

Yaichi Kuzuryuu (Ryuuou no Os.h.i.+goto!) Ryouta shogi friend and rival. After Ryouta, a boy his age became the youngest Shogi professional it gave him a new drive to surpa.s.s him

Ginko Sora(Ryuuou no Os.h.i.+goto!) Ryouta has no clue whats her problem because she seems to not like him. She is always challenging him to matches... She also sometimes glares at him.

Kinue Hayase (Masamune-Kun no Revenge) Ryouta aunt. She takes care of most of the cooking and cleaning for the family. She loves seeing Ryouta eating sweets

Chinatsu Hayase(Masamune-Kun no Revenge) Ryouta sister who is the youngest. Ryouta spoilers her the most. he takes her to the zoo or wherever she wants to go.

Masamune (Masamune-Kun no Revenge) Ryouta younger brother same age. He had a fight with Aki concerning something and now MKun wants revenge. Ryouta told him to train with his grandfather when he has...

Aki Adagaki ( (Masamune-Kun no Revenge) Masamune's old love? They had a falling out due to a misunderstanding. She is kind of a b.i.t.c.h so Ryouta doesn't want to involve himself with her

ako and riko(kiss x sis) Ryouta twin older sisters. They fell in love with Ryouta after Ryouta saved them and their mother and older sister from a kidnapper.(after that incident they started getting protection)

s.h.i.+zuka Sado (MM!) Ryouta oldest sister. She has a huge crush on Ryouta. She thinks he is the perfect guy and wants to have his baby. She wants to be the first to pop his cherry and everyone in the house knows it

Tomoko Sado(MM!) Ryouta fake aunt. His uncle just married her because she needed protection from the gang who killed her former husband. Ryouta is the only one she ever loved...She sometimes m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.es on his bed when he is at school. Her daughters were mad because it takes the scent off the bed..

Ai s.h.i.+ndou and Ayaka s.h.i.+ndou (Beyond the Boundary ) Are Yokai under Ryouta protection. They are good friends of Ryouta and Ayaka for some reason has Ryouta pose for her in different outfits..

surprisingly his fan clubs get those same pictures

Goro (major) Ryouta pitcher for baseball

Kai Ichinose (Piano forest) Ryouta piano friend. Ryouta thinks his piano skills are amazing

Reiko Ichinose (Piano forest) Kai's mother who is a buy me drink girl. Ryouta is scared to have her meet his uncle because she is too good of a woman. He also helps her when he can with his messages and money

Mich.e.l.le Cheung, Maggie Mui', Anita King (Read or die) Three sisters possessing the power to manipulate paper. After the found their past and Ryouta helped them out they have been more cheerful. Anita like hanging out with Ryouta but Ryouta still thinks she's a lesbian which he received a punch in the gut and the Mich.e.l.le said he didn't understand women. Which Ryoua got mad saying he didn't want to hear that coming from a girl who giant t.i.ts she uses for holding her books.

Ryouta introduce them to a new clan of an exorcist that will help train them

Shouko Nis.h.i.+miya (A silent voice) Ryotua friend. After the bullying incident, she moved away. Ryouta got a new better than ever hearing aid for her so she can hear better. It was a heart fold goodbye...between Mari and her...Ryouta really felt Mari was a bi

Kaede (Elfin Lied) Ryouta new sister same age as him. She is friendly with all the family and loves and protects the younger ones. Ryouta changed her name to Lucy because Kaede was a name she had in her past. He didn't want the past to control her. He also took her to some training with his masters.

Gouken (street fighter) Ryouta grandmaster. Ryouta promised him he would find his missing child wherever he or she is. He was more powerful than Ryouta grandfathers

Ratman, Kitaro and Neko Musume (Gegege no Kitaro) They are now friends with Ryouta. Ryouta learning Yokai ways from them. She is one of Ryouta women

Amu Hinamori(Shugo chara) Recently discovered witch. Ryouta cares greatly for her and he helps her when he cans. He introduced her to another witch named Ariel(Koreha Zombie Desuka) whom strangely Seems to have hate? or love for Ryouta after the sailor moon manga

Kyouko Kouda (March comes in like a lion) Keiko best friend and Ryouta friend. She feels he likes her because the messages he gives feel too good.

Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES)

Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3) is the leader of SEES and is one of Ryouta girlfriends. She used to have confidence issues and kept everyone at a distance but Ryouta and Yukari helped her out of it

Yukari Takeba (Persona 3) is Mitsuru best friend. she is afraid of ghost but is the long ranged specialist of the group. She is also one of Ryouta girls but she is fighting for number one

Junpei Iori (Persona 3) is a member of sees.he seemed to have found love

Fuuka Yamagis.h.i.+ (Persona 3) she is the intelligence gather of the group. She is also one of Ryouta girls

Aigis: (Persona 3) Field leader of SEES. She is a former human but was genetically modified into a cyborg by the organization along with her two sisters. She is looking for her sisters...she is also one of Ryouta women

Lady (DMC) She is one of Ryouta girls, her father was a scientist who worked for the organization

Akihiko Sanada(Persona 3) is a boxer champion. He is the strongest of the SEES

s.h.i.+njiro Aragaki(Person 3) is one of the core members of the group.

Rosette (Chrono Crusade) is a nun exorcist. She is headstrong and is a little aggressive. She has a crush on Ryouta but is afraid to take a step forward. She is looking for her brother

Elizabeth (persona 3) is cheery, inquisitive, friendly, silly, humorous, easily excited and fun-loving. She serves Igor and takes responsibility for her duty in the Velvet Room. Elizabeth's tendencies to act on impulse and do not take dangerous things and situations seriously often result in either baffling or even enraging (often the enemy) those involved in the crisis with her surprisingly cool demeanor. However, she is often humorously disrespectful towards her brother Theodore, such as feeding dog food to him without his prior knowledge. She is obsessed with Ryouta to an insane degree. she is also one of his women

Baki Hanma (BAKI) the son of the demon..the strongest being. He is considered the second strongest man

Mikan (to love Ru) She is Ryouta sister who he calls Supersister. She loves her brother greatly.

She is a bro-con but not to the level of her older siblings and Ryouta will say 100% he is a siscon towards her

Kuro (K project) She is a cat with a power to use persona. She is able to transform into a human but she didn't tell Ryouta yet...Mikan knows through

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I Was Mistaken For Being Gay And Ended Up In A All Girls School 57 Character Summary After Middle School Arc

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