Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 600: Testing The Star Energy

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Translator: Sissy That Walk
Before heading for Yunshang City, Ye Lingyue made a trip to the Black Valley.

She let Lan Cai'er wait outside the valley and then went inside to pick up the cannibal flower Little Qiutian.

Several months pa.s.sed and Little Qiutian became taller, reaching almost 2 meters in height.

After the black fog dispersed, the valley recovered the former quietness.

Seeing the owner it had not seenfor long, Little Qiutian giggled, waving the leaves joyfully.

“Master, you are terrific. You have killed the Demon Wolf.”

Little Qiutian had been staying in the Black Valley. One day, suddenly, the black fog and the Demon Eye both disappeared. At that time, she knew that Ye Lingyue must have killed the Demon Wolf.

“Little creature, stop flattering me. I found the Spatial Piercing Bow but did not use it to kill the Demon Wolf. Someone else did it.” Ye Lingyue dared not claim the credit since the Demon Wolf was killed by Wu Chong.

“Not killed by you?” Little Qiutian was in great shock. Except the Spatial Piercing Bow, what else can defeat the Demon Eye?

Little Qiutian was quite puzzled.

Demons were different from human beings. They had great vitality and could return to normal after resting even if they only had the last bit of soul left.

Earlier, even the 3 major sects were not able to finish off the Demon Wolf, thus sealing it in the Black Valley.

As the guardian of the seal in the Black Valley, Little Qiutian was sure that the breath of the Demon Wolf had disappeared completely.

“Little Qiutian, the Demon Wolf is truly powerful. What is it? Why have the demons appeared on the continent?” Ye Lingyue had never heard about sky demons.

“Master, I am sorry that I cannot tell you. You will know about it when you reach a certain level of power acc.u.mulation. Moreover, the Demon Wolf is just the beginning. If you want to know more, you must work harder.” Little Qiutian did not want to answer Ye Lingyue's question directly.

Ye Lingyue thought of what Yunsheng said in the end when they met earlier.

“Qing Continent is just a small place and there is vast s.p.a.ce beyond the continent. There are powerful sky and land limits. Only when you exceed the Divine Realm can you peep into those secrets.”

“The ordinary people could not access the limits. Access might court death.”

Thinking of these words, Ye Lingyue understood why Little Qiutian could not answer her question.

She did not ask further and then put Little Qiutian back into the Red Mist Sky.

Upon entering the Red Mist Sky, Little Qiutian could not help cheering.

After bearing the black fog in the Black Valley for so many days, Little Qiutian missed Ye Lingyue's Red Mist Sky a lot.

Upon entering the Red Mist Sky, Little Qiutian saw a number of fruit trees. Different from those planted by Ye Lingyue before, they were lush and had a lot of ripe fruits.

There was plentiful spiritual air inside, even more than in the Star Cave.

After moving in a fruit tree, Ye Lingyue also used the kernel to plant a lot more.

Several months had pa.s.sed and the fruits grew ripe, smelling nice and attractive.

Needless to say, these were the Red Fruit Trees Ye Lingyue grabbed from the Star Cave.

Earlier, when she was in the Star Cave, these fruits were Ye Lingyue's main food. She had looked through all data including even the Red Mist Notes and Five Poison Record but could not find any traces of the fruit. Surprisingly, Little Qiutian knew about it.

Different from Little Squeak who was easily confused, Little Qiutian was formed by the ancient primal beast Maiden Qiutian. Every time it grew, it would recover part of the maiden's memories.

Similar to Maiden Qiutian, the Chaos Red Fruit Tree was also a species left from the ancient times.

In the ancient times, it was called the G.o.d Tree.

“It tastes really nice. When we were in the Star Cave, Little Qiutian and I ate it every day.” Ye Lingyue did not know about the fruit and was only impressed by its good taste.

“Um... Master, you are too wasteful. If you eat it raw, you can only absorb 1/100 of its essence. The best way is to make it into wine. The wine is great nutrition for alchemists and can dramatically improve the Star Energy.” Little Qiutian was shocked by how its master ate the fruit wastefully.

Hearing the words of “Star Energy”, Ye Lingyue thought of something and took out a crystal ball.

The ball fell from Xue Pianran's hands in chaos when Ye Lingyue was quarreling with her on the street.

At that time, Ye Lingyue did not know much about the Star Energy but was sure that the crystal ball was something fantastic since it was owned by Xue Pianran. Then Ye Lingyue took away the ball. Today, she thought of the ball once hearing what Little Qiutian said.

“The Star Energy is the higher level of power than the spiritual energy after an alchemist exceeds the Nine Cauldrons. Only when mastering the Star Energy can an alchemist become a master alchemist and make the real cauldron. In other words, get enlightenment from the Star Energy is a key step to becoming a master alchemist.”

Little Qiutian used a simple example to make the idea get across to Ye Lingyue.

Ye Lingyue was quite excited.

She was already the Eight Cauldron alchemist now. She had heard before that the turning from a Nine Cauldron alchemist to a master alchemist was a life-or-death stage for all alchemists on the continent.

A great number of alchemists spent all their life looking for a way to become master alchemists. However, only 1/10,000 of them could make it.

Otherwise, there would be more master alchemists in addition to Marquis Xia in Da Xia. Ye Lingyue's master Longyu and Hong Mingyue's grandfather Zhuge Yi both remained the Nine Cauldron alchemists and could not exceed that level for all their life.

It was because most people could not feel the Star energy for all their life.

One major reason why Xue Pianran was chosen as the Sacred Maiden of the Dan Palace was that she was different from others at a young age and could feel the existence of the Star Energy then.

“Master, whether you can learn the Star Energy depends on whether you can feel it. If you want to know whether you can feel it, you just need to inject your spiritual energy into this crystal ball. Similar to Dan pills, the Star Energy is also divided into 3 categories: blue, yellow and red. Among them, the red Star Energy is the highest level.” Little Qiutian reminded Ye Lingyue.

Ye Lingyue nervously licked her lips and injected her spiritual energy into the crystal ball.

After a long while, there was no reaction from the ball which remained as pure as before.

Ye Lingyue clearly remembered that the color inside the ball was yellow when Xue Pianran used it. This proved that Xue Pianran had the mid-level Star Energy.

Ye Lingyue was somewhat disappointed. Did it mean that she could not feel the Star Energy? In that case, she could not become a master alchemist for all her life.

If she could not become a master alchemist, how could she fight with Chen Hongru and the Dan Palace of North Qing and take revenge for her ancestor Ye Wuming?

Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 600: Testing The Star Energy

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