XP 207 The Importance Of Sleep

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Sleep is way too important to the point that we would all die if we didn't sleep. Even just sleeping less could cause ma.s.sive issues later down the line.

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If you're not sleeping enough for your age, you will suffer the consequences. Not enough sleep will lower your motivation, invoke depressive thoughts, and even make you hyper aggressive. You might have sudden outbursts and your thought process won't differ much from a drunk person's.

You'll always double check if you've truly packed everthing and even after confirming, you'll still feel like your missing something.

And those are just a few of the psychological side effects. Moving onto the more physical ones, you'll suffer from sore muscles, joints that constantly want to be cracked, and longer lasting sicknesses. Not only are they longer lasting, you'll be more likely to contract pretty much anything from a common cold to cancer if your not getting the sleep your body needs.

Watching horror movies is also much worse when you're tired since that's when you'll start to become truly paranoid. It becomes harder to distinguish what's truly real from what isn't even your subconsciousness is screaming that it's all fake.

A word of advise, try to sleep early enough, that you just naturally wake up on time.

XP 207 The Importance Of Sleep

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