XP 147 Tests

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There are a few tricks to multiple choice tests. One example would be if you had multiple similar answers, all you need to do is check which single answer has the most similarities. For example 30 × 90 = A: 27 B: 180 C: 270 D: 2700 E:18000, C is the most likely correct answer as it has 3 digits (like B) and also contains the number 27 (like A and D).

If you divide the total test time by the total points, you can estimate how much time should be spent for each question. However, not all questions are created equal. Some are just easier or worth more points than others. To avoid getting stuck on hard questions you just need to skim the test and start with all the easy high point questions to ensure that you don't miss any "free points".

Whilst you're skimming through the questions, your brain will start to process the harder questions in the back of your mind until later where you might suddenly get a eureka moment.

Another possibility is that a later question either gives you a hint or maybe even the answer to another question. The longer the test is, the more likely that this might happen.

Our brains like to save resources by interpreting things. This means you should read each question twice as there is a definite possibility that your brain just skipped an important word like "not". Even better would be to mark all key words like describe, explain, compare, etc. and learning what they all really mean. To find a list of explanations, just google common test terms. Otherwise you might start ill.u.s.trating something instead of describing it and thus not only missing out on points but also wasting time.

Science has also proven that there is something known as context dependent memory. It pretty much means that humans are more capable of remembering things they learned in a certain context. Let's say you were learning for your test in your room. If you imagine being at home, in your room, it'll be easier to remember what you learned.

All/none of the above answers are very likely to be correct with studies showing a 52% chance of them being the correct answer.

The by far proven best way to cheat is hiding the answers in your mind. It is impossible to be caught using this method and all it takes is a a lot of time and effort. For this method you will need to gather anything that can come on the test. The next step is optional but is highly recommended. Now you need to compress the materials into an as short as possible summary. Last but not least continue rereading your summary every few hours until the day of the test. Additionally, don't forget to stare at your own test whilst checking on the answers or your teacher might become suspicious of what you're up to.

XP 147 Tests

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