XP 52 Toothpaste

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People used to use twigs, egg sh.e.l.ls, and their fingers to brush their teeth.

Toothpaste contains formaldehyde, the chemical that is used for preserving bodies.

Toothpaste can be used to polish silver, but it will ruin pearls.

Toothpaste can also be used to treat acne (and bug bites). Just dab some toothpaste on the areas at night. This will irritate the skin and also dry out the pimples.

Queen Elizabeth had a mouth full of rotten/black teeth due to not understanding the principles of brus.h.i.+ng. Back then, sugar was a rare commodity that needed to be imported. But because she was royalty, she ate alot of sweat food and even used honey to brush her teeth.

The toothpaste has something known as "thixotropic rheology". This means that when you remove the pressure, (once it is on your toothbrush), the stripes regain their thickness, enabling the product to look like a three-striped cylinder. Then when you brush, the product thins in your mouth making it easier to disperse and rinse away.

Toothpaste contains seaweed and detergent.

Toothpaste can be used as a safe adhesive (to for example stick posters on your wall).

XP 52 Toothpaste

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