Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 128

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Published at 31st of March 2019 09:35:20 PM Chapter 128

Linley waited for a bit so that his system could continue on with the new Bloodlines he got . . .

[Akimichi Bloodline : This is a bloodline that focuses solely or storing energy inside your body in time of needs, the more energy through consumables the Host stores the more powerful he will be in the future . ]

How the h.e.l.l did Hanger take his hands on Konoha's Clans secrets?? : Linley

Was it through Orion?? : Linley

Now i have to dig up many things that he might have done behind our backs . . . : Linley

Sigh . . . Continue . . . : Linley

[Purple Flame Bloodline : This flame has existed in different types of types of blood and 2 major elements fusing together . . . Grants : Afinnity Root Purple Flame . . . ]

Was there such a bloodline in the canon?? I remember purple lightning being the fusion of Yin and Lightning along with Natural Energy and a certain degree of mastering . . . : Linley

Well with more Roots more power to me . . . : Linley

[Bugs Bloodline : A Bloodline that makes the Host's blood perfect for bugs to inhabited inside while they are getting feed Host's Chakra and gore to be a lethal weapon . . . ]

Are you kidding me!!!! : Linley

Oh, come one this sucks!! What the f.u.c.k is wrong with those useless Bloodlines . . . : Linley

[Just because Host has gotten used to superior ones doesn't that mean that in the hands of others they can't become lethal weapons . ]

Oh, f.u.c.k this . . . Show me the last one . . . : Linley

[Affirmative . . . ]

[Scorch Bloodline : A bloodline that uses Wind and Fire to generate a scorching effect and defeat many opponents by simply hitting them with . . . Grants : Scorch Element . ]

Ok, now i have my future wife's Element, something to be happy about . . . : Linley

System is there a way to shorten my Status Board?? : Linley

[There is do you want to proceed??]

Yes please do it, and why didn't i complete the mission of stripping the Hanger?? : Linley

[Because Host didn't absorb his Bloodline Mortal Immortal . . . ]

Oh, fine go ahead and Collect his Bloodline as Well . . . : Linley

[Affirmative . . . Collecting . . . Done . . . ]

[Mortal Immortal Bloodline : A special type of const.i.tution that disables Chakra in Host's body allowing to use a certain Ability . . . Grants : Phaseless Ground - Grants : Immunity To Every Absorption Trait Host Gains . ]

[Quest (Completed SSS) : Strip The Bloodlines Of The Hanger-Sama That Resides Somewhere In The Valley Of The End!!! Rewards : 100 . 000 Points - 2 x Mystery Box]

Nice, now i have too many Bloodlines . . . Erm what was the exact Number?? : Linley

[Host Has 52 Bloodlines . . . Which one of them is Unused Leaf . . . The host needs 8 more for the Seventh Tomoe to Appear . . . ]

[Host has Gained - 12 Leaves of 40 Drops Each and 1 Leaf With 200 Drops . . . ]

[Reclulating Host's Talent . . . Host Has Gained 680 Drops Therefore Host Gained 68 in Talent . . . ]

Oh great i burned almost 1/4 of my Talent to gain almost nothing . . . . : Linley

[Host should remember that by the end of Completed the Myriad Eyes by the laws of the planes Host will be forced to have 100 Drops on each Leaf . . . ]

Yeah, yeah, i had guessed about that and we had talked about it at some point i think . . . Meaning at that time my Talent will reach 10 . 000 : Linley

Now please Calculate and reform my new Status Board and make it smaller as it is a headache to look at such a huge window all the time . . . : Linley

[Affirmative . . . . . ]

As Linley was waiting for his system to show him his new Interface, he wondered what to do about this place as he walked outside of it . . .

When he stepped out and finally saw the sky again he placed his hands on the ground and lightly pushed it downwards . . .

Anyone who would have seen this might think he was nuts, but after a few seconds, the whole place started sinking downwards . . .

He had used an Erath Element Jutsu one of Onooki's favourite one, that made things way too heavy and sunk the whole bedrock cras.h.i.+ng anything below be it rooms or pa.s.sages . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 128

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