Naruto System Within Naruto 44 Chapter 44 : Powering Up Tsunade!!!

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Seriously what the h.e.l.l happened... : Tsunade

Ahahaha.... he kinda forces a Jutsu and reactivated his dead Cells on his BloodLine.... that changed his eyes and until it finishes its job he can't make huge movements he ends up like that..... : Serena

The BloodLine??? 3rd Hokage had told me he lost it.... : Tsunade

Cough cough cough... Em he did..... but he saw a Jutsu in the Library with seals on it.... when he touched it, it sensed his bloodline was dead and activate.... inside was a few tricks on how to raise or reactivate a long overused bloodline..... : Serena

Wait.... then..... 4 months ago you used me to test the scroll??... but you hadn't admitted in the Academy then..... did you sneaked inside??? : Tsunade

Aahhh I'm suddenly better!! : Linley

When he felt the gazes of his Mom and Tsunade and with the way he acted they confirmed that this might be the case and glared at him with Daggers... or what they thought until he spoke....

Errm not exactly sneaked inside..... as I already had activated a similar Jutsu to raise mom's and dad's blood.... : Linley

Wait you mean that, just as you had activated that jutsu in the past.... you subconsciously activated another and it was similar in that of the scroll?? : Serena

Yeah.... because before I gain the scroll I didn't know how much I raised you 2 neither I knew how much I raised Big Sis..... and most of the times it activated when I fell asleep.... so it took me a while to realise it.... : Linley

Then how much did our BloodLine raised??? : Tsunade

Mom, from when I saved you as you told me in the past.... you were at 180 and dad at 45.... and after it forced activated you became like you know.... : Linley

Meaning 282 and 55?? : Serena

Ugh!!! and Big sis you were 40 and went 150 but I believe you haven't reached your limit yet..... : Linley

What are the Numbers?? : Tsunade

According to the scroll I obtained.... and before it burned from the seals.... it has Cla.s.sified the BloodLines as Drops of blood..... the higher you have the more chances to become that much stronger.... : Linley

Oh!!! so that was why I felt 3-4 times stronger than before..... : Tsunade

Tsunade froze... what did he say??? I haven't reached my limit?? then I can raise it even higher??

Linley.... can you do it?? : Tsunade

Linley froze... and stared at her with sweating rivers in his back.... Serena made a few giggles and it was then Tsunade realised what she said....

No nononononon no..... I meant can you raise them higher?? : Tsunade

Oh!!! I can try but don't expect much..... : Linley

As this was unfolding and telling Tsunade half-truths, he also was speaking with the system in his mind... in order to scan and find the exact number of Tsunade's Drops....

[Scanning...... Based on Host 600 Drops Tsunade has 150... 4th pill - 168, 5th pill - 179, 6th pill - 185, 7th pill - 187]

How many pills do I have in the inventory... : Linley

[Exactly 4 Pills.....]

At this point when Tsunade made her blunder and asked him to raise them more.... he raised his hand and spoke to the system.....

Use them.... : Linley

[Affirmative.... Using 4 BloodLines Pills On Senju Tsunade.... Y/N??]

Yes... : Linley

[Using..... raising ............ done....]

For the whole process which took 5-6 minutes, in reality, they saw from his hand's red strings coming out of his powers and slowly entered in Tsunade purifying and raising her Blood Drops at 187.....

Naruto System Within Naruto 44 Chapter 44 : Powering Up Tsunade!!!

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