The Story Of Blood And Roses 10 She Was Pregnan

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I sat on the couch in my apartment with a cup of coffee and stared at the black files in front of me.

'G.o.d help me. I want to pounce on those files. But what if I can't handle what is in them?'

'f.u.c.k that. No one's looking; I can cry all I want.'

I picked up a file, randomly and opened the first page.

A beautiful picture of my mother was there with her name written beside it.

'Read me'.

My mind was playing games. I sighed once and vowed that I wouldn't stop till I finished.

I turned to the next page and saw the list of cases she had been working on. Apparently, her death had left the organization shaken.

They were handwritten notes. I felt my throat tighten as I recognized her handwriting.

[Dorian Murray.

Personal Profile: Son who was killed a few years ago during a shootout. His son's body was never recovered. Mr. Murray believes that his son is alive and invests a large section of his funds in searching for his son.

His wife died shortly after his son. The cause of her death is rumored to have been suicide. The reason remains unknown.

Business: The mob boss is known for his expertise in guns and hand on hand combat.

The mob specializes in the trafficking of humans, weapons and prost.i.tution as well as illegal drug dealing, grand theft auto, and killing.

He has about a thousand or so people working under him.

Medical History: Suffers from a heart condition. Suffers from acute lung problems due to smoking and liver cirrhosis from excessive drinking. He takes medication for depression.

Personal notes: It is possible that his situation with his family can be used to weaken him. We are pretty sure that his son is dead. A body was brought to the morgue but was never identified- the very same day as the shootout. His wife was the love of his life, and since the reason behind her committing suicide remains unknown, it is safe to believe that Dorian wasn't the reason behind her death.

Our team of three has worked day and night to understand what is going on. We have a solid plan to finish off the man and submit the paperwork to effectively shut out the whole system he has been running.

Tango and Jasper have been keeping tabs on Dorian Murray. Our plan will take effect in two weeks time.]

I stared at the piece of paper. Who the h.e.l.l are Tango and Jasper? Of course, they must've been her colleagues, but what were the real names? My mom had always used the name Ray for some reason. I think my dad used to call her that. He said that she was the ray of hope in his life. That must have been where the name came from.

I stared at the date that was written on the note. It was two weeks before she died. Maybe she died during the mission.

What surprised me was that everyone thought Anthony Murray was dead. Dorian must've known it all along. It could be that he was protecting his son from the clutches of people who wanted to hurt him or his son.

I needed to find Tango and Jasper. I needed to hack into the agent database and find what was going on.

I turned to the next page and gasped. It contained pictures of my mother. The images were nothing that I hadn't seen, but it brought back fresh memories.

There was a forensic report with the pictures. I read carefully through them.

They had checked her and found that she had been given overdosed on drugs. They had used a knife to cut her wrists and eyelids.

I shut my eyes to prevent the images from evading my mind. It took me a while to control myself and push away the memories of seeing her body.

She had a few broken ribs. She was also pregnant.

I couldn't believe it. Had I lost more than I had reckoned? How could I have lost more?

My heart was pained at the new found truth. It had been a long time ago, but the thought of losing my mother and a brother- or a sister. It was like the first day I had spent without her; Father and I holding each other as we cried.

I missed her. Now, even more than before.

I looked away from the page and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes.

I had seen worse, heard far more horrible things, yet I felt a s.h.i.+ver run down my spine as I imagined how it would feel to be gone before seeing the light.

I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers on my lids until I saw the colorful play of lines that looked like lightning.

I could think of everything later at night. Right at that moment, I needed to stay professional.

I took a deep breath and set the file back in its place, now looking curiously at the other black file. Cain's.

I took it and flipped the cover open. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. There was a full image of him, and I was proud to be his daughter. I realized that I got my looks from both my parents. But that was not what surprised me. It was the name written beside it.


Tango? How the h.e.l.l can he be the man who was part of Mom's team? I thought he was a software engineer at some MNC. This is so f.u.c.ked up!

[Cain Vincent, officially known as Tango, was one of the best undercover agents of all time. His ident.i.ty had been hidden since he joined. His cover as an engineer was an attempt to locate and eradicate any connection that the company or organization could have had to the Mafia. He was an expert at hacking into several high-security systems and a maker of spy chips.

Shortly after the death of his wife, agent Ray, he quit the agency and opened a search program on Anthony Murray, the alleged murderer of agent Ray. His age was thirty-five when he left the organization.

He had spent the last nine years of his life hunting down Anthony Murray to no avail. It was with his help that the 'Spy Technologies' department was built.]

How the h.e.l.l had he been the best and still not been able to catch Anthony? Maybe they were exaggerating or something.


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The Story Of Blood And Roses 10 She Was Pregnan

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