The Story Of Blood And Roses 110 Partner In Crime

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"No," I choked out as I manoeuvred my arm to pull the article of clothing on. I looked at the mirror that was placed across from me and saw that the oversized grey t-s.h.i.+rt with arms that had been cut out with scissors looked definitely good on me. I turned and opened the door only to find Anthony standing outside with an unreadable expression on his face. He eyed me for a moment before he moved away from my path, clearly commanding me without any words to take my seat in front of Edward and get my wound tended to.
I instantly took a liking to the older man who smiled at me after he had given Anthony a meaningful look. He checked my arm for a few moments before he looked up.
"Michael, could you please bring me a bowl of hot water? I need to get my things sterilized." I heard Anthony walk out of the room and close the door behind him.
The doctor just appraised me silently, just as I did the same with him.
"You're a hardworking girl," he proudly announced his inference. "And I suppose you're the new partner in crime?" he snickered at his own joke. I had to admit, it was sort of funny. I nodded, anyway, trying to hide the smirk on my face. Anthony had obviously mentioned me in pa.s.sing.
"You've known Anthony for a while?" I asked, curiosity gnawing at my mind. He smiled and then nodded. I deduced from his expression that this was the reason why he had sent Anthony out to fetch hot water. If he was used to being called at odd hours to treat patients, he would always bring a sterilized set of tools so that he could use it as soon as possible, but he had seen the condition of my arm and thought that he should have an interaction with me in private, for some odd reason.
"I see that you have figured out my motive here," he gave a hearty laugh. My eyes narrowed instantly as he said the words. He knew what I was thinking about. I would deem that a danger.
"I think I have, Good Doctor." To say that he had a good laugh with his anointed name would be an understatement.
"I've known him since before he was born. I knew his parents. He's my boy's age," his eyes glittered as he spoke. "They used to play together as kids, but then his mother and he got into an accident and I lost them. It was tough for me. I was actively working for both the mob and the local hospital at the time and I met Anthony quite often when I would come over." The faraway look in his eyes stung me. Nostalgia was heady in the air. "I love the boy like my own son. It's just that sometimes I need to remind myself that he is the same little boy who wanted his parents' approval and not the ruthless mob boss that everyone thinks him to be."
"Is that why you call him Michael?" I asked my voice small and almost scared. I knew that I was crossing a very sensitive line here, but I couldn't keep my curiosity at bay. The Good Doctor nodded.
"Michael... that was my son's name. They were the same age, loved the same things... Your boss is the only person who was there for me when no one else could understand what I was going through. The boy helped me through my grief. I believe him to be my son, you see," the watery smile made me worried about where this story was headed. Was Anthony so important to him? To someone... anyone?

"No one else..." I trailed off, not knowing as to how I should proceed with the question.
"He had never told anyone. And I don't think he ever will." My eyes widened further. "You seem like someone he trusts. I needed to tell this to someone. A man of my age needs to pa.s.s down knowledge to someone, don't they?" he joked. I laughed with him. He looked like he was in his sixties, but I couldn't be sure. If he was supposed to have a son who has Anthony's age... even then, he could be a lot younger. But he did look over sixty.
"He'd never let me use his special nickname, Doctor." He shook his head and then looked me right in the eye.
"You won't know until you try," he advised, sagely. "You are familiar with his anger-" he snickered, again. "-so you won't have to worry about a little heated conversation that may or may not occur when you utter the forbidden name." I nodded, amused and excited at the prospect of getting to know him more than anyone else. This would be extremely entertaining.
"Thanks for the wicked ideas," I shot back, teasing. He winked at me and then all of a sudden sat more seriously than he was before. That was when I heard the door open and turned to see Anthony walking towards us with a huge bowl in his hands.

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The Story Of Blood And Roses 110 Partner In Crime

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