The Story Of Blood And Roses 149 Let Me Pass

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"How many people are present?" I asked Rob. He was running around the place, trying to manage everything when I entered.
"Too many," he groaned. I nodded. Not that it was much help, but at the time, his condition made me sympathetic.
"I'm taking over," I told him. "Take a break." He scurried away, thankful for the break.
I threw myself into work, enjoying ordering people around. I realized that it was what Anthony must feel every day.
"Ma'am," a girl whispered. I turned to her and gave her a stern look. "We need one more bartender," her voice grew to a whisper as I glared at her.
"I thought we had enough bartenders this evening."
"We miscalculated. The crowd is bigger than we antic.i.p.ated."
"Put Rob behind the bar," I told her, frustrated. She opened her mouth to speak but hesitated. "Tell me."
"He's serving the VIP room, ma'am. No one else is allowed up there." I might have growled in response.
"Just put him behind the bar. I'll see what I can do." She nodded and hastily retreated. I pulled out my cell phone from under my dress and dialled Michael's number. He picked up after a couple of rings.
"What is it?" he sounded irritated.
"We need another server in the VIP room. I'm coming in."
"No!" he ground out.
"Don't come up here." I heard the door closing behind him. "I am coming downstairs. Wait for me." He hung up on me. I waited for a few minutes as I placed the cell phone back into the strap. The tray was sitting beside me. I just had to pick it up and take it to him.
"Mia," he greeted as he burst through the door to the kitchen. "What are you thinking? What is the problem?" I explained everything to him and he gaped at me.
"You tend to the bar!" he suggested, frantically.
"Anthony, I don't know the first thing mixing up drinks. You know that," I hissed. He shook his head. "Send some other girl in. I don't care. You are not coming."
"If you are worried that they will find out who I am, then you don't need to be."
"Luke will take you." The worry was clear in his eyes. "Don't," he pleaded.
"All the servers are wearing masks. I will wear a mask as well. There are a few good things that come out of having a masquerade party," I gave him a smirk. He tried to smile but failed.
"Send someone else in," he commanded and then left the room. Gritting my teeth, I ushered all the servers over. None of them had the guts to go up there. All of them knew that the world's most dangerous people were sitting inside. I asked around for people with bartending experience, but no one was capable in that field either. After half an hour of ignoring orders and quarrelling over a.s.signed spots, I gave up and took it upon myself.
"I suppose we have spare uniforms?" One of them asked me to follow. Changing into the designated clothes, I donned on the mask. The only person who would be able to recognize me would be Anthony. He would be angry, but he would get over it.
I took the tray and memorized the orders.

The guards outside the door stopped me from going inside. I smiled, satisfied that they were doing their jobs well.
"Let me pa.s.s," I ordered as I pulled the mask up, momentarily. They moved away from the entrance, holding it open for me.
"-hear that you have a partner, now." Anthony hummed in reply. "I also hear that she is beautiful." I saw him stiffen at the comment. He had yet to look up. I moved forward going around the room, serving everyone. Anthony seemed fixated on the man who had made the particular remark.
His suit was pressed and new. He was a tall man, judging from how he bent his legs in front of the couch. His hair was a dead giveaway. Blond, cropped hair with slivers of white in it.
Luke Darcy.
I stopped in front of him, stooping low to place his flute on the gla.s.s table.
"Ah, a new server!" Darcy muttered overjoyed. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Anthony's eyes fall on me. His eyes widened just a fraction and he clenched his fist.
"And you're a beautiful lady..." someone else muttered. I mumbled a thank you, plastered a smile on my lips and served the drinks.
"What are you doing?" I heard him hiss. I gave him a scathing look before handing him the drink and walking away without answering.
About ten minutes after I had left the room, I heard Anthony enter the kitchen area. His eyes were hard and his hands were fisted at his side.
"I told you not to come up, didn't I?" he hissed. I saw the other servers glance our way.
"Get back to work!" I ordered. He took a moment to glance around and then led me away from the staff.
"No one can handle them better than you. I need you to oversee everything. Why did you go up despite of my orders?"
"I was given the responsibility that this party should run smoothly and that is exactly what I am doing right now."
"You are disobeying the orders of the Boss by entering the room; do you realize that, Mia?" I nod.
"I had no other option. None of the staff is ready to take that sort of responsibility. They were scared out of their wits when I proposed someone to volunteer."
"You let them have a choice. That is the problem. You are here to work, Mia. Be a professional. You should not be concerned about their feelings."

The Story Of Blood And Roses 149 Let Me Pass

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