The Story Of Blood And Roses Chapter 191

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Published at 24th of July 2019 09:05:05 AM Chapter 191: 191

He was easily spotted, being as tall as he was . Indeed, he was not wearing his regular suit, but a nice pair of jeans and a flannel s.h.i.+rt . When he saw me approaching, he gave me the best smile that he could manage .

"How has work been?" I asked him slyly, remembering that the question seemed to be a protocol for dates .

"All fine," he grumbled, sipping at the gla.s.s of water, disdainfully . It was clear that he didn't like the no-alcohol clause of this meeting .

"So, should we order first and see where it goes after that?" I suggested . He played along .

There was no anger or pride from either of our sides when the waiter seemed to check us both out . I would say it was a sign that we were doing the right thing . We were better off as friends .

"You're planning on relocating?" he asked as he shoved a forkful of noodles into his face . I nodded, cutting the piece of chicken . Finally giving it up I just stuck the fork into it and bit down on it instead .

"Have you decided where you'll go or what you want to do?"

"I have some plans, but I don't want to say it out loud, yet . I want it to be kept under the wraps . " He sighed .

"You trust me, right?" his voice was filled with insecurity .

"I do, but it's more of a luck thing than you giving me away . I just don't want anyone overhearing," I a.s.sured him .

"I hope you will contact me when you feel secure . " There was no hope in his voice, though . I almost felt sad . I also considered lying, but that wouldn't solve any problems either .

"Don't expect me to, that's all I am going to say . "

"I know that it is difficult to go through so many changes in such a short time, Bells, but I just wanted you to know that I'll be here if you need me . I don't need to put a ring on your finger to protect you from other people . I was selfish when I did it, and I know it had a huge impact . . . but . . . it was selfish on my part to even propose when you were in such a vulnerable position . "

"We are all human . You were looking out for yourself, too . I understand, Jake . It's fine . " I wanted to make it sound trivial, but we needed to fight through this—clear the air . "The ring brought me some sort of protection and it got you the position and respect that you needed . We all won in the end . " I shrugged .

"How can you say those words so nonchalantly?" The fork fell on the plate and I saw his hands fist around the table cloth .

"There is no use crying a river over something that can't be changed . Beating around the bush and pretending that we were actually in love is moot . " I stopped, waiting for the flinch, but it never came . "Jake, I know you wanted more, but why did you . . . "

"It was a fantasy . I just needed to fulfil it, I think . I've always wanted to marry you . . . since we were children actually . " He chuckled as he picked his fork up again . "When you said yes, I was so happy!" and then he shook his head . "I soon realized that you would never marry me if you had the choice . And I let you have it . "

"I wondered about that . I still don't know why you would never push me to marry you . "

"I thought about doing it sometimes, but it never felt right . I love you, I really do, but in a real-world where you didn't love me back, it was impossible for me to force you into a marriage . "

"So you were happy letting me be your fiancé?"

"I was . " I smiled back at him .

"You could have asked to have the ring back, you know?" he shook his head .

"It belongs to you," he whispered . "That ring was meant for you, and for no one else . "

"Thank you, Jacob," I whispered . We ate our food in silence after that .

"So, this is it," he said . I nodded . "This is the last time we meet . " The words were for him more than they were for me .

"I hope you will remember me," I joked .

"No one can forget you . It's impossible . " And I knew that he truly believed in what he was saying .

His phone—the one that never seemed to stop ringing, started vibrating again . He tried his best to ignore it, but it just went on and on .

"Why don't you pick that up," I suggested . "I should be leaving, now . I've been out for a few hours, and I'm trying to lay low . "

"Just a bit longer," he whined . I giggled, shaking my head .

"I really need to get planning . I'm supposed to leave within a few days . "

"Okay," he muttered, resigned . We shared the bill . And then we walked out of the restaurant together . We turned and stared at each other for a moment .

"Last meeting, huh?"

"Yeah . "

"You look beautiful today," he commented .

"Goodbye, Jake . . . " I took the opportunity to sprint across the street and get into the car . I watched him in the rear-view mirror as I drove away .

The Story Of Blood And Roses Chapter 191

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