The Story Of Blood And Roses 44 Lure You

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"Where do you think Ethan can hide the money?" I shrieked like a hyena so that he would be able to hear me. Sean's replying 'huh?' didn't make me feel better. "Game plan!" I barked, again.

"I suspect that he has hidden it somewhere in the kitchen. He was lingering for too long," he let me know in a contemplative voice. I nodded.

"Try out the garage as well. I saw him there when I was getting out of my car." I tried to add to the list.

"She's going to win this," he groaned. "I really need the money!"

"What the f.u.c.k for?" I asked him. The boy earned enough from Anthony and from the tuition fees that his father paid to the fake school he was supposed to study in and what had happened to all the money he had stolen from the bank a few years ago?

"I need to buy this new computer and all the other accessories so that I can do some work from home." I don't reply. "I want to go back to school, someday. Study about computers. I'll probably top the cla.s.s, but I want to go to school." I was a bit surprised at his request. The boy wanted to go back to school, and that was a great thing! But I was still left wondering as to what he had done with all the money that he had earned in the past couple of years.

"You could just ask Anthony," I told him. Obviously, Sean could do that. Anthony loved the boy more than any of his a.s.sociates. Anyone who saw them interact would understand that. He was Anthony's weakness, of sorts, I had come to realize. Sometime in the distant future, I could use this weakness of his to my advantage. I liked the kid, too, so the day would not come so soon.

"Nah, this is something that I got to do myself," he told me. The boy had honor. I respected him for that. I let the conversation go, knowing that he'd try his best to get his hands on the cash first because he needed to win. His determination to get his hand on cash would lead him to victory. There is nothing stronger than the willpower and desire to back it.

I sped faster than I'd ever done before. When I reached the mansion and parked right outside, I saw Cienna getting off the bike and rus.h.i.+ng inside the mansion. The demon came to the stop and I felt it jerk as Sean jumped off it and rushed towards the direction of the garage.

Anthony got off from his bike and leaned against it as his eyes silently followed the boy's every step. When Sean went out of sight, he focused on me. I took my time in getting the helmet off and unzipping my jacket to relax. My part of the job was done, now it was Sean's business to get his hands on the goods.

"Only if Ethan would be that obvious!" Anthony chuckled. "He won't find a thing in the garage." I didn't feel like answering him. I was a bit short of breath from the fast ride. He took the silence as a cue to speak some more.

"You lost," he stated, casually. I shook my head. A smile curved his lips. "Denial is not just a river in Egypt," I thought that he laughed at his own joke. "It is a beautiful thing," he shrugged as he stared at me. "You lost, kitten," he announced.

I made it a point to let him know that he hadn't won yet. He was too, and it might have been getting on my nerves. The man wasn't winning against me anytime soon. I'd make sure that he didn't.

'Sean, I hope you find the d.a.m.n thing before Cienna gets her hand on it! I don't think I'll be able to handle his smug a.s.s for the next G.o.d knows how many days. My patience is limited and I might try to strangle him. He might get a kick out of it, but I sure don't want him to try and strangle me in return. I'm not interested in dying just yet!'

"The race isn't over until someone gets their hand on the prize." I dared to give him a pointed stare. I was half-expecting him to snap at me for my insolence but was glad when he didn't seem to mind my tone. Of course, all was fair in love and war and any compet.i.tion was considered as a war to Anthony.

He snorted as Sean came out of the garage with a disappointed look on his face and rushed towards the mansion. "I told you so." I gave him a look that seemed to amuse him. "You're a surprisingly good biker," he commented.

"I'm good at just about everything," was my ingenious reply.

"You're after my poor heart, aren't you?" he laughed out, surprising me at first. Then it made me roll my eyes at him. His laughter was infectious and I soon found myself shaking my head in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"You know the answer to that, Anthony," I teased him. "What other purpose do I have to join your little mob than lure you into my trap and have my wicked way with you?" I could almost see his eyes glimmer when I said that.

"By all means, go ahead and lure away. You're doing quite a good job at it, I must admit." He winked. Our little conversation was broken as we heard the sound of approaching bikes.


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The Story Of Blood And Roses 44 Lure You

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