Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 15 Part1

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    "It's not that it's not good." Gou Da Hua smiled awkwardly, "Senior may not know, but it is unlikely for the female humans to wear this kind of clothes. It will make people think that senior is not a proper lady." Not a proper lady but a b….bloomingtranslation is the owner of this tranlation :p

  Yun Rong did not understand what was being said. As it turned out, females were divided into proper and not proper. She frowned and asked: "Then what makes a proper lady?"

  Gou Da Hua did not expect that Yun Rong was not even aware of this and replied: "Senior, when you went to work, what did the boss tell you to do?" Bad things, you bad boy, so come read at our site meow~

  "She said that the work was really simple, only had to accompany the guest to chat and sing for a while."

  "Senior, you were being deceived!" Gou Da Hua indignantly said: "If it was just chatting and singing songs, why would you have to wear this kind of clothes? They clearly saw that senior is beautiful and treated senior as a plaything for men!"

  "There is not one man who is good, if they like….." Senior's appearance of a beautiful and delicate young lady, Gou Da Hua still wanted to continue but Gou Da Qing had already arrived by her side in one powerful stride and his hand covered her mouth.

  By her ear he spoke in a low voice while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth: "Great aunt, can you speak less!" He had seen Yun Rong and the director entering the hotel together with his own eyes. Once these words were said out loud, they would have committed an offense towards the big shot!

  The words were said so clearly, how could Yun Rong not understand. In a short second her face sank. She hadn't felt that the work was not good, however, it simply was because that man called Liu Wei and the female boss called Jin Hong Mei had unexpectedly deceived her. Then don't blame me for being rude! 

  No wonder the inside of the clubhouse was full of faint resentment. Afraid that n.o.body knew how many young ladies were not aware and had been deceived there, doing work that they were actually not willing to do.

  Gou Da Qing wanted to send Yun Rong back to the hotel but she refused. Right after she went out of Gou Da Qing's house, her clothes were transformed into a different set. Then, using a bit of magic, she immediately flew towards Jin Hong Mei's clubhouse, planning to mete out punishment once she arrived. Please don're read this in aggregators, if the page you're reading from doesn't contain “bloomingtranslation” in its link then you are reading a stolen translation


and be sure that it's followed by home.blog

  In the middle of the night, Hais.h.i.+ City.

Neon lights flickered, the heavy traffic seemed like a stretch of city walls at night. The clock had not struck midnight yet, which would be the busiest time in the clubhouse. Jin Hong Mei was drinking liquor while grimly looking at a man who was shrinking in his seat at the side. A fierce streak flashed through her eyes and her painted red blood lips moved, "Liu Wei, your ability has grown, is it? Bringing a young lady with an unidentified origin to work here with me, you think this Jin-jie's money is easy to obtain?"

  "Jin-jie, what are you talking about? I really don't understand……." Liu Wei sullenly and cautiously replied. This hour was really an unreasonable time. However, Jin Hong Mei appearance showed that she would not let it go. 

  "Don't feign innocence!" Jin Hong Mei saw his appearance as if he knew nothing and was immediately angered, forcefully slapping the table with a loud noise. "You still don't understand! Then tell me, where did you find that young girl called Yun Rong? Did you deliberately bring her to cause trouble for me?"

  Bringing this up, Jin Hong Mei could not suppress her anger. Initially, she thought she had picked up a treasure and it would be possible to depend on Yun Rong to cultivate a bit of feeling with Chief Lu. The outcome? Had not eaten the fish, yet the whole body already had a fishy smell. Chief Lu actually fought and broke off the relations.h.i.+p with Chief Zhou because of that young lady. Chief Zong was not reconciled and held her responsible for this matter. 

  d.a.m.n, there was simply n.o.body inside and outside to blame. Lu He Nian was clearly protecting Yun Rong, this little lady. She could not find anyone to vent her anger on and could only look for Liu Wei, the delivery guy, to find trouble with. 

  "That's a little sister from the same village as me." Liu Wei's heart thumped and he ground his teeth. This was not the first or second time that he swindled young girls to come at this kind of place, and none had given any trouble. This time could not be so unlucky, right?!

  "My a.s.s! How could there be such a good thing coming out of your village?"

  Jin Hong Mei still wanted to scold him more but she heard a security guard hurriedly run in. With sweat on his whole face, he reported: "Jin-jie, a woman is going to jump from the rooftop of our clubhouse. The police are already here. Quickly go and see."

  "Why are there so many things happening!" Jin Hong Mei was tense and cursed out while knitting her brows. She no longer managed Liu Wei and hurriedly went out.  

  When Yun Rong arrived, she right away caught sight of a crowd, inside and outside, surrounding the clubhouse. She wanted to go through the crowd but a 40 years old aunt pulled her arm and in a loud voice said: "Young lady, don't go inside. Someone wants to jump from the roof, if you go inside now, you may obstruct the police from saving people."

  After the aunt finished speaking, someone from the side asked: "What's going on ah? What matters couldn't be solved that she needs to commit suicide ah?"

  "I don't know ah, jumping from this kind of place, it's possible that her man is having an affair. The ladies in this place are all vixens."

  Yun Rong walked to the side and raised her head to take a look. She saw a 30-years-old woman sitting on a railing at the roof of a 20-storey building. Her dress was made meticulously and her make up delicate. A pair of high heeled shoes was dangling from her legs outside the railing. Her eyes were drifting spiritlessly over the night scene of the city.

  "Xiao Hui, you go out first and stabilize the state of mind of the person who is going to jump. Everyone else and I will slowly go over and surround her……." Zhu Ming Si and his colleagues had already arrived at the door leading to the roof. Standing behind the door, squatting and giving the final deployment tasks. Then he picked up his walkie-talkie and spoke into it: "Is the inflatable rescue pad ready?"

A vigorous voice replied from the walkie-talkie: "Preparation complete! Preparation complete!"

So it turns out that placing the punctuation marks inside quotation marks (aka “bla bla.”) instead of outside ( “bla bla”.) is the American way to write it… I tried to change it to the way I'm used to in previous chapters but since you guys are majory I'll just leave it your way, even if it pains my eyes… well I guess less work for me ??‍♀️

Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 15 Part1

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