Marriage Of Benefits 54 Surprise 3

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Published at 18th of July 2019 06:40:04 PM Chapter 54: 54

Jamie had bought two special dresses for the day . She wore a baby pink off shoulder short dress, it was a simple one but she looked beautiful in it . She then made her hair into an elegant messy bun which made her appear even more wonderful .

It was about 11:30 by the time she was done with this and she still had to do some makeup when James called her "Jamie is everything ready we are heading out . "

"Everything is ready but none of your friends is here that I asked you to invite . "

There was silence on the phone which panicked her "James don't tell me you forgot to invite anyone . "

James was even more panicked then her "I am really sorry, I was so busy distracting him, I completely forgot, I am really really sorry . "

"Are you crazy my friends are here and it would be so awkward without your friends, you have to do something . "

"Just wait I will call you back . "

He cut the phone without listening to her and Jamie panicked across the room making a path through the balloons . Daisy who was ready and waiting for her downstairs though that she might need some help to get ready so she went to her room and seeing her moving around the room she was worried so she went to her and held her by her shoulders, she was startled being engrossed in her thoughts . Daisy made her sit on the chair "What is Jamie what are you pacing around the room and see you have already destroyed so many balloons . "

"Daisy . . . " she looked at her with intense eyes .

"What is it, say you are not even ready and they will be here any minute . "

Jamie stood up her pale face scared Daisy but she calmed down a little "Daisy James is not picking up my call, you try calling him, he forgot to invite anyone of his friends and now I am worried . "

Daisy smiled "Is that it and now he might be calling everyone and no one must be responding because of the loud music downstairs . "

Jamie's mood was lifted a little "What do you mean, they are here?"

"Yes, I knew he might forget so I called his friends . "

Jamie smiled and held her hands "Daisy, you are a life saver . " then she pulled her into a bear hug "Thank you and I love you"

"I love you too Jamie dear but you are still half ready . Hurry up and I will call James to stop worrying and bring Charles . "

Jamie got to her feet and hurriedly did her makeup and then went outside the room switching off the lights and locking the room . As she went downstairs all the eyes landed on her, the mesmerized looks of all the people made her blush so she moved faster . Everyone greeted her and had a chat with her and at last James called her "Jamie we are here get ready . "

The doorbell rang and all the lights in the house were turned off . Charles entered the house completely unaware and called sweetly "Sweetie are you awake, I have brought something for you . "

There was no reply so he turned on the lights when everyone shouted "Surprise . "

He was honestly surprised and stumbled back, he was about to fall when Jamie held his hand "Be careful . "

He looked into her eyes "Thank you . " and then kissed her .

There was a roaring in the room seeing this beautiful couple which increased when Jamie said "The day has just begun Darling, there is a lot to come . "

Another kiss landed on her lips and then they went back to enjoying the party . Later the cake was cut which was a two layered chocolate cake, Charles's favorite . They danced and had drinks and snacks that Jamie prepared and it was 4 when everyone left .

Marriage Of Benefits 54 Surprise 3

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