Affection: Fate Of The Pair Chapter 13 Part1

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Chapter 13

That night the Jinguuji Party lodged at the 'Forest House'.

After returning to the building, having caught a high fever as if he had overstrained himself, Arthur quickly retired to his room on the second floor.

"I'll be resting in Arthur's room as well, so Takahito can feel at home with his family. That's why you don't have to worry about us."

Eugene had said as such, but Takahito had wanted to be by Arthur's side.

"I'll be by him as a doctor so Arthur will be fine. Tonight, you should rather spend time with your family that is leaving tomorrow. You can freely use anything within the house, I don't mind."

Saying good night, Eugene also went up to the second floor.

Arthur's condition was worrying, but as Eugene had said having a doctor attend to him gave him relief. Persuading himself as such, he decided to presume on their host's consideration.

Dad and mom ended up preparing dinner for everyone in the kitchen, with Takahito and Kizuki also helping them.

After he'd had his fill of his parent's home cooking for the first time in half a month, they moved to the lounge, Takahito deeply talked with everyone for a long time.

As a result of that discussion, after they went back home as the leader his uncle would be able to explain the situation to his grandfather, Tachibana and Mizukawa, who had not come to United Kingdom.

When Arthur's injury heals the three including Eugene will go to j.a.pan, and as they had spoken of in the car, he imagined they will make an apology for the series of turmoil to his grandfather. Arthur too had said that he wanted to correctly go through the proper channels, meet his grandfather that had made the agreement with the deceased Oswald and apologize for breaking it.

As for Michiru, Kizuki had taken responsibility for that "I will talk with him." Although because he could not say the truth to him, Kizuki could only let him know that they had found Takahito in UK, and top of that conveyed that "Due to various reasons Takahito will be studying abroad in UK."

He ended up lying to a close friend, but there was no other way to do this.

They decided that they should wait for Michiru to calm down emotionally, and then Takahito would call him and directly apologize for making him worry.

He was already treated as absent from school, but they would have to present a new notice of absence from school. This, his parents would present to the school through Tachibana.

Because currently he did not know whether he would return to j.a.pan and to school in the future, that was the solution for the time being.

Since they had just finished in outline deciding on how to deal with things at the present and the allotment of duties, Takahito listened to a detailed account of the events that lead to this.

The shock everyone had received due to his disappearance, the sleep and food they cut down on earnestly searching for him, the nightly discussions - he had imagined them all, but hearing about the confusing situation at that time from everyone's mouths, once again he felt the importance of the matter.

He had caused them a lot of worry and had made them very exhausted.

And despite this, because of his selfishness, he would make them feel lonely in the future as well.

But still - his parents had their 'pair', that is, each other.

His uncle had Tachibana.

His grandfather too including grand uncle had the three subordinate families, as well as every member of the Oogami Group.

(But, for Kizuki…)

As if having become clear-headed by spitting out his resentment and anger together with his tears, Kizuki's spoken utterances no longer blamed Takahito.

Of course, Takahito realized that he had not yet reached the mental state to bless them.

That was not just the case for Kizuki, his parents, uncle, grand uncle and Tsuzuki too; he imagined everyone in this place felt the same.

If he has met his 'pair' there's nothing that can be done…Takahito imagined that was the emotional condition of resignation everyone was in.

Even though his partner was of the same gender (, I don't think this family has any room to say anything about that) and was the leader of the family that was a long standing foe of theirs, and despite their age difference, their different ethnicity and the grudges of 17 years ago, even if they made use of those many obstacles, still, it would be impossible to break the tenacious 'pair' bond and separate them from each other.

His parents and uncle who themselves had experienced a  radical change in their lives by meeting their 'pair', as well as grand uncle and Tsuzuki, who had watched their drama up-close, and even Kizuki who had not yet experienced the fateful meeting, they all understood  how big of an influence the existence of a 'pair' left on a werewolf.

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Affection: Fate Of The Pair Chapter 13 Part1

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