Affection: Fate Of The Pair Chapter 13 Part6

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Hi…so this is it. My third completed novel on this blog…I don't know what to say really. It's clearly not a literary masterpiece, but it has it's cute moments. And the author has some of the easiest j.a.panese to read…

I hope you guys enjoyed it as well.

Also, as you know, there are more books in the series, before and after this one. I will be translating them in the future as well. Actually, the 1st novel of the series,  Hatsujou or Mating Feelings, (Do you guys think I should translate it or leave it in j.a.panese?) the first part of that should be up on Patreon in 2 or 3 weeks or so once I've uploaded the last chapter of TATEV.

It's the book about Takahito's uncle Takao and his partner Yuuki. The rough, delinquent high-school werewolf and the meek teacher…

But starting next update, we will be continuing the story Yukino and his childhood friend the Tengu Izuna who has taken him away to his home in the mountains to become his bride in TATEV – Tengu-sama and the Eternal Vow.

Anyways, enjoy the this cute little epilogue—-

From the moment he woke up that morning, Takahito felt different than he had up until last night.

He could not say where and how.

He could not aptly express it in words.

But truly…he was different.

Even though he was experiencing a feeling of unease, Takahito slowly raised his body. Next to him Arthur was still sleeping.

Looking at his shoulders that were shaking with his well-regulated breathing and his calm sleeping face, just by that Takahito's mood became happy.

When he thought of the fact that from now on like an every-day thing he'll be able to see his lover's sleeping face, he naturally smiled.

As he bent down and was about to kiss the tip of his high nose, Takahito felt something flow out of the depth of his body.

(Now that I think about it…I went to sleep without taking a shower)

In the end, last night they did it two times.

Not able to resist their 'desire' for one another, they had continually embraced each other, but it had probably put a burden on Arthur who had by no means completely healed.

Thinking that, since the man was exhausted he wanted him to sleep for at least a little bit more, Takahito quietly slipped out of the duvet so as to not wake up Arthur. Leaving the bed and stepping on the floor, he went to the bathroom while concealing the sound of his footsteps.

Taking a shower, he washed away the vestiges of their copulation and exited the bathroom while wiping his hair.

Somehow or other, it seemed like Arthur was still sleeping.

Putting on his dressing gown and tying its belt, Takahito left the room.

He wanted to give the man hot milk tea to drink when he woke up.

As he came down to the first floor, it seemed like Eugene had already woken up, and a nice scent wafted in the corridor.

From the entrance to the kitchen, he greeted Eugene who was preparing breakfast "Good morning."

Turning around, Eugene greeted him in return with a kettle in one of his hands "Good morning."

"Where's Arthur?"

"He's still sleeping."

Entering the kitchen, Takahito approached Eugene.

"I was going to prepare Early Morning Tea."

"You're just in time. I just boiled hot water."

Saying that, in the next moment Eugene made a 'Huh?' like expression.


Still making that expression, Eugene took long hard look at Takahito's face as he stood next to him. Next, he sniffed wriggling his nose. Finally, his light blue eyes slowly widened and his mouth softened in happiness.

"What's wrong?"

Taken aback by Eugene's radiant smile, as Takahito piled up questions, Eugene suddenly opened his mouth.

"I have good news for you and Arthur."

"Good news?"

"Lend me your ear for a bit."

Eugene brought his mouth near Takahito's ear.


It did not take a long time for Takahito's white skin to be dyed the rose-colour of delight.

The wind that carried off his just grown summer fur held the smell of gra.s.s.

The snow that had covered the ground up until a few months ago right now had been superseded by the fresh and green wild gra.s.s.

The sky was fine and perfectly clear, and the wind was also not so strong.

It was the perfect, ideal weather for a walk.

During the noon when the sunlight was not yet so intense, a wolf family sallied forth in a meadow.

Behind the slender mother wolf with light brown fur, there totteringly followed small wolf pups.

Round faces, bouncing ears, short limbs, twitching tails - everything about them was cute - they were the three children born this spring.

The pup in lead had white fur and the colour of its left and right eye was mismatched.

The pup in the middle was similar to the mother with fur that was a close to gold light brown.

The pup at the end of the line had dark grey fur he'd inherited from his father and his body was also the biggest.

Behind the three pups, as if protecting his children, the father wolf calmly walked.

He was a dark grey wolf with an impressive physique and firm, thick limbs. His highly raised tail signified that he was the Alpha wolf.

One of the father wolf's eyes was missing. His one remaining yellow eye gently looked over his children that were playing in the white clovers.

The mother wolf that had been walking in front stopped. Sniffing the surroundings for a short while, he seemed to have ascertained that this place should be safe. He urged his sons that were full of curiosity out to play.

Happily, the children scattered. Two began to play tag and the other one jumped on top of a tree and began to play by himself.

After he'd watched over the situation for a while, the mother wolf walked up to the father wolf.

The mother wolf rubbed the tip of his nose in the burly nape of the neck. The father wolf licked the mother wolf's face.

After they had expressed their deep affection for each other, they cuddled close together and gazed at their lovely children.

The severe winter smeared with b.l.o.o.d.y fighting had left together with the thawing of the snow. In the early summer English forest, the just formed fresh pack has begun to write their new history.

The End

So how was that little epilogue, did you melt into a puddle at the cuteness? I did when I got to it the first time…XD

So, next time—-We're starting Tengu~ A more…fluffier story, I would say. I hope you guys are going to continue follow me and will also enjoy it.

Now I have to go write my paper on Fanspeak or Fanfiction jargon that I have to hand in on Thursday…

Anyways, see you soon~

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Affection: Fate Of The Pair Chapter 13 Part6

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