The Harem King 1 Chapter 1

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I heard some noise that woke me up from my sleep. My vision ranged the scene and all I could see amidst the gloom were the dark forms of men.

Their smell was horrid as their sweaty and unwashed bodies a.s.saulted my senses. But I was used to it all.

For I, too, had the same condition as these brutes that were with me in one room.

"The Evil G.o.d has seen your plight and in his boundless kindness, granted you a boon." an unfamiliar voice continued.

It was not a dream after all, I confirmed.

"Who are you?" I whispered.

"Your question is invalid." it answered.

"What is the boon you were talking about?" I asked again.

"The Evil G.o.d has given you one ability as his gift for you. Please choose:

1. Eternal Eyes - could see the past, present and future.

2. Unbreakable Body - a physique that could outmatch the body of the G.o.ds in defensive capabilities.

3. Heaven Divide - this ability could grant you clones that would embody yourself in both mind and ability. (numbers infinite)

4. Elemental Dominion - all elements shall follow your will.

5. Shattered Image - grants you the skill to copy any technique or natural ability that you see, touch and hear. (This is not limited to animate existences)


I saw myriad of choices from being a man that could kill anything with a touch up to someone who held all the knowledge in this universe in my beck and call.

"Hmmm. What to choose?" I murmured and read at the clear letters that was presented before me.

Haste was not in me anymore after all the years I spent in this cage. Thus, patience was a best friend i earned the hard way in my long incarceration.

"I choose this." I finally decided after more than two hours of fast reading. My back was still comfortably lying on my bunk bed and I took a deep breath while caressing the long white beard on my face.

The pages from the words that only I can see seemed infinite and I did not know if there was an ending to it. But when I had taken one look at the definition of the ability i chose, I was determined to look no further.

This was all I ever wanted in life. And my 90 years in this world was screaming for this to happen every single day. And now I finally got the chance to do so. Please let this be real, I prayed inside.

"Are you sure? After you say yes, your pick can never be altered anymore. Please choose wisely." the voice which was alien to my ears sounded again.

This time I knew why this was so. It was the sound of a female. A gender I never saw nor heard from again since my downfall 70 years ago.

"I am sure." I answered without hesitation.

"Is that a yes?" the female voice asked once more.

"Yes, it is." I responded as fast as the latter.

"Congratulations, mortal! The gift has been successfully a.s.similated into your soul. Please enjoy and live a long life ahead. That is my master's only wish. Goodbye." the voice said her last.

"Are you still there?" I tested.

But no one returned my question.

I scrutinized the ability that i got from the G.o.d and gave it a whirl.

"FLAs.h.!.+" my vision turned blurry and then there was nothing.

The Harem King 1 Chapter 1

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