The Harem King 10 Chapter 10

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"We have arrived, Sir!" the voice of the AI on the flying transport s.h.i.+p announced after only a minute of travel.

"Hmmm. What a familiar sight." I thought after i had landed not far away from the ancient structure.

Where other Universities would sport cla.s.s and extravagance, this one stayed in tune with a past long gone.

Like a painting on a canvas that was worthy of remembrance as it had already escaped the present times altogether.

But no, this school stood tall as if frozen in time and defied the challenges of the pa.s.sing tides. It had done what it was meant to do, provide a school for the have-nots to have a place to call their own.

A sanctuary where they were all bundled up and was separated from the rest of the society. This was why the aristocrats had deemed it necessary for such relic to linger on.

It had its uses. Since destroying it required money. Same as replacing these haunted walls. Thus, it shall remain.

"HAHAHA! It's good to be back!" I thought cheerily and inspected every corner of the University, one that had taught me for four years in high school.

Secondary and Tertiary education mixed in a single establishment. HAHAHA! Oh! How the minds of our wise leaders have evolved to this.

But they cared not. The pragmatism of the human species today has made it a point that the poor had totally lost their voices.

After all, they could cry all they want but that was all. A practice of futility in the end. HAHAHA!

"Your ID, boy!" a fat guy who wore an untidy uniform said as i was about to enter the premises of my dear alma mater.

"Here." I answered and looked fondly at the man who tried to do his job well. The fat guy inspected the ID and me to for visual comparison.

"Go." the guard then returned the ID to me and stepped aside to let me pa.s.s.

My steps were leisurely as i was reminiscing about the past. Boys and girls the same age as mine appeared busy in their gaits.

Some tapped on their feet endlessly while waiting for their turn at the line while others were rus.h.i.+ng towards their next step of the hectic enrolment process.

I observed them all with an amused eye. I must have looked exactly as these peons ages ago. HAHAHA!

I thought and was glad at how my life turned around. The years of suffering would now be totally corrected.

"But how do i let those c.u.n.ts suffer?" i asked myself and myriad ways of torture appeared on my sweet creative mind.

Before long, i found myself in the back of the school where it was infamously frequented by the students. This was an old building that was ravaged by fire a year ago.

Smoking, alcohol and s.e.x - this was the place to be. Far from the searching eyes of the school authorities.

Not like they cared though. HAHAHA! This campus alone housed almost 2 million students each year. And that number had not dwindled but kept on increasing as the years pa.s.sed.




"wOO Wooo WOoO!" the voice of a young girl's cry caught my attention.

The familiar sounds that i heard from a memory that had repeatedly flashbacked unto my consciousness and dreams returned in full.

"It's show time. HAHAHA!" I did not alter my movements but still proceeded in calm steady steps. And after only five breaths of easy walk, I finally arrived at the end of the road.

"There you are." I muttered as i gazed at the wondrous scene of violence.


"You can cry b.i.t.c.h!"

"But there's no mama helping you today!"

"If your mama came, then we would all f.u.c.k her the same!"


There were 19 boys and one female in the scene.

The female was a child really. Maybe 14 years of age and perhaps here on her 1st year in high school. I didn't care enough to search for her memory.

It would all be wasted effort in the end because this girl was no one to me. But my attention focused entirely on the group of nineteen boys.


"How are you, guys? It's been a while." I said after i revealed my existence to their naked eyes.

"Who the f.u.c.k are you?!"


"Is he alone?"

"Yup. He's alone. I see no one behind him." The f.u.c.ktards communicated in my presence.

"You dude! What are you doing here?"

"You wanna share some p.u.s.s.y?"


"Sorry boy. We aren't sharing. Get some c.u.n.t elsewhere." the leader said. He was a tall boy with an uglier face than mine.

A broken nose, several empty teeth and a scarred cheek. Signs of a survivor of the slums. A fighter who had been to many skirmishes in his short messy life.

"So can i go?" I smiled at the boys and took a step back.

"Yes you can, fool! HAHAHA! But do that after we're done with this baby." The leader answered.

"Maybe he can take the fall for us, Master." a side goon commented.

They had done this before, a couple of times in fact.

A scapegoat would do them well to avoid the heat from the university admin.

The government and police really didn't care about low lives such as them since this planet had all been overpopulated by these poor f.u.c.ks. As it was, their deaths would be good for the economy. HAHAHA!

"Bright idea, Small!" the leader complimented his boy.

"Tie him up!" and he added after he looked at me with love. HAHAHA!

This was exactly how it played out before.

I had just finished enrolling and wanted to take one stick of smoke here. That was when i stumbled on this sight. They gang raped the beautiful girl before my eyes.

And after an indeterminate time had pa.s.sed, they smacked my head so hard that I could feel my skull tore in half after I regained consciousness.

In the end, I was wrongly accused with the crime and got stamped with a hefty bail.

But with how poor my family was, there was really no chance of going out. And from that day onwards, I never heard or saw my family since.

Not until this morning. Oh how life plays at us sometimes. HAHAHA!

"Who are you?! You are not from this school!" I re-enacted the visions of the past.

"HAHAHA! What a sharp boy! We are visitors. Aren't guests allowed here?" The smart a.s.sed leader replied.

I was now completely immobile from the bindings that furnished my body. Two boys had tied me up with their belts. Ingenious! These two would have changed the world if given the chance. HAHAHA!

"Big brother! Help me!" the child who was as young as my sister Stephany, begged me. Her eyes were so pitiful and beads of tears were steadily flowing down her rosy cheeks. What a lovely b.i.t.c.h! I thought.

"Don't worry! I'll help you! AHHHHH!" the same actions and words were exactly recreated when i struggled on my restrains.

"Guard him, Small! You'll have your turn later after all of us have c.u.m at least twice. HAHAHA!" the leader instructed his goon.

"Yes, Master! You can count on me!" Small responded and made an unusual gesture with his hands. Gang secret salutations? HAHAHA! How typical.

I looked at the child who was about to get her p.u.s.s.y wrecked.

Her top had come lose and i could see her pert nipples that became hard and red with the paws that caressed them to life.

She would be a great f.u.c.k. I just knew it.

Even if her eyes were flushed with crying, the beauty she held was undeniable. These f.u.c.ktards really knew how to choose their victims well. HAHAHA!

"I have some news to tell you guys." i heard myself say when the leader was about to continue what he had started unto that poor girl.

"What is it? You better make it good or you'll be eating your teeth next." the leader looked at me in annoyance.

"You're f.u.c.ked." I whispered.



Sounds of despair resounded in the dilapidated halls.

"BANG!" Small beside me also crumbled to the ground like an electrocuted eel.

And after a while, almost everyone had the same words to say.




"NOT IN THE a.s.s!"



Then everything turned silent. All that was left were the m.u.f.fled moaning of 19 boys who struggled hard to take a breath amidst an alien tool that was lodged tightly in their throats.

"HAHAHA! Enjoy this party well, boys! It will be your last one before you say hi to the Devil for me." I mocked at the gang who were displayed in several s.e.xual positions.

Each one was entertaining two shadowy figures of big hulking men who easily stood 10 feet tall and were simultaneously f.u.c.king them in their mouths and

The noises kept on going but i was oblivious to it all. I now stood before the girl who lived. Her short skirt was pulled up and i could see the innocent white underwear she wore.

"A girl in a woman's body. Hmmm. A bit too young to harvest. HAHAHA!" she was now knocked out cold because i didn't want her to see the gory scene that was happening.

"Now then. Time to enjoy the show." I turned around to properly relish my long awaited revenge.

5 minutes



30 minutes quickly pa.s.sed and i suddenly felt empty.

The joy i initially had was as fleeting as the easily scattered clouds in the windy sky.

"Guess I'm not that s.a.d.i.s.tic after all. Hmmm." I concluded and afterwards took a deep sigh. I carried the girl up after I put an unsullied jacket on her from one of the minions' possession.

Then i left and never looked back.

"Estimated time of survival: 6 days, 11 hours, 27 minutes, 3 seconds…" a voice who imitated accurately my own resounded in my head.

"Death by f.u.c.king. A worthy end for animals. HAHAHA!" I laughed and went out of the university with no one noticing my departure.

"Where to, Sir?" a mechanical voice queried.

The Harem King 10 Chapter 10

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