The Harem King 75 Chapter 75

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"Is that it? You did all this just to use me?" my fiancée, Tamara, asked in sorrow.

There was no anger left in her voice but what i could feel from her was only a deep sense of resignation. Since the game was as good as lost, the woman had chosen to give up instead.

No more family. Friends. Loved ones. And even a home to call her own. n.o.body would stay complete amidst the onslaught of today's tragedy.

Especially not her, my Tamara, the sole survivor of the plague that i have wrought upon her House.

"You think too highly of yourself, woman. If you had not saved your purity until this day, then you would have joined the dead back to the earth's embrace." i put the b.i.t.c.h to her place.

Who did she think she was? Even G.o.ddesses and deities had prostrated for days and nights naked before my Palace of Women just for me to take a pick at their cherries.

"Then you can take my cold body instead!" the c.u.n.t tried a last ditch struggle but it was to no avail. I just shook my head in pity at my captive fiancée.

Her body glowed until it gave off a blinding light that shrouded the immediate vicinity. But amidst everything, all i did was count the numbers off in my mind.







Before i said to Tamara in all seriousness,

"You shouldn't do that. You're scaring the crows."

"Ah, Ah, ho..." and the cry feast began once more. Seeing that even the freedom to take her own life was not allowed, my soon to be f.u.c.k toy could only lament at her fate with these pitiful sobs.

"Time to go home." i muttered and went back to the comforts of my carriage. After a breath, a b.l.o.o.d.y woman joined my side. And the next was of course the crying Tamara.

Two women who had different luck for today. One silent. Another was in mourning. A good company all in all.

I concluded with these thoughts before i chided my War Horses to take me away from this Land of the dead. This had been a fruitful journey and i fully intend to taste the delights of my conquest later on.

All i needed to now was wait and so i leaned back to let time waste on its leisure.

"What have you done, Neon?!" i might have dozed off but these were the first words that i heard when i came up to.

Though five minutes was an insignificant time but since there was really nothing left to challenge me in this world, a carefree att.i.tude was perfectly the norm for me.

"Can you wait until we return, Father?" i replied to the man that blocked my path in the sky. I didn't even go out to share the same clouds he was stepping on.

"What's going on, Nicholas?" but the fool ignored my words and chose to ask my puppet instead. So i let him.

"The young master has found evidence for the Ceres Family's involvement in his poisoning, Patriarch. So we ended them all." an apt choice of words and i congratulated myself for that.

"Ended? What do you mean ended?!" said my good father. I wanted to laugh at his face but kept my mirth hidden. This was definitely not the time to deliver my surprise.

I needed more preparation for that. And i will have that, soon. Very very soon.

"The Ceres Family is no more, father." i interjected. But my adopted father still took his gaze intently on his faithful servant, his partner and comrade, my puppet Nicholas.

I guess he doesn't trust my words yet so i issued another wriggling command at the strings on my hands.

"The young master's words are true, Patriarch. The Ceres Family is indeed gone. We have slaughtered them. All of them." and my toy responded in a clear, vibrant, even dramatic tone.

Well done, Nicholas. I applauded the tormented soul.

"With just you? That's impossible!" father retorted in disbelief.

There they stood out in the open sky. Both friends for a lifetime and more, they were even as close as true brothers.

But with how incredulous my father appeared, i knew that he realized that something had horribly gone wrong today. It was really too hard to fool a blind beggar in the dark.

Much more a seasoned veteran, a cultivator who had lived for thousands of years like this father of mine.

"Where's mom, father?" so i chose to change tactics instead. It was a little bit premature but since it had come at this point, then there was no helping it any longer.

"She's interviewing the new recruits of Elders in the family." the drastic change of topic confused him a bit as he broke eye contact with Nicholas and looked to my carriage's direction instead. And so i decided to continue shoving my chess pieces.

"We need to go see her, father. I can explain everything. I promise." my voice was solemn as I wanted him to calm down and force this issue later and not now.

"Okay, Neon. Come." he took five breaths to agree and i was happy with the result. All were within my expectations.

So we resumed out halted trip and got to where my mother was within 10 seconds of flight.

"What's going on, dear?" my beautiful mother asked the moment we landed. Around her in the room were all greying cows of men and women.

Are all elders of the family supposed to be this antique?

"Neon has something important to tell us, Thea." father answered in serious voice.

"I see." my mother muttered and addressed the gathered old cows.

"Come back tomorrow. Same time." a voice of authority but coming from a lovely woman such as her, it sounded rather enticing to my ears.

"Farewell, Matriarch!" and then they bowed deep and went on their way. To where and what they'll be doing, i never even used my eyes of prophesy.

I did not doubt that that would be a vision worth unseeing.

"Now then, since we're all here. Tell us what really happened, Neon. Is the Ceres Family..." my father started.

It was just me, him, and mom alone in the chambers previously occupied by the h.o.a.ry applicants.

"It's a long story, father. But since i don't want to bore you and steal much of your precious time, then i'll just get straight to the point." i paused for effect and looked at my parents.

This was a good pair of man and woman. Sadly, i had come to their lives and therefore i continued.

"I am not your son." thus, the surprise was now exposed. To what end, only i can tell.

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The Harem King 75 Chapter 75

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