The Harem King 80 Chapter 80

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"You tricked me." i heard these words after an indeterminate amount of time stargazing.

"You should have been more specific on your request, Tamara. A good learning experience, don't you think?" i answered but still kept my eyes on one particular direction on the distant horizon.

The b.i.t.c.h was indeed fooled by me but i cared not for my toy's grievances. That was her burden and hers alone. Not a worthy enough cause to bring an extra care nor attention.

Definitely not from someone of my lofty status.

"Can't i do some more? I'm willing to do anything. You can use me again if you want. As much as you wish to take, i will give my all. Please grant me this wish, master!"


"BANG!" The immaculate floors shattered on impact. Twice. Once from her knees. Next against her forehead on an epic display of subservience.

"Why should i?" i asked after the proceeding silence.

I was aware that with her cultivation, even major wounds of the flesh would heal with just a few breaths.

But i would never undervalue the price of trauma unto her soul and emotions with careless repeated and merciless squander.

I may be a man of many things but i was never fond of playing with broken toys. Not before, not now, not ever.

"Please! Master! I beg of you!" she pleaded brazenly and even her family witnessed of her obsession.

"Tamara..." her parents, siblings, friends, and loved ones wanted to rush towards my position.

But since they knew full well of the futility of such actions, all of them could only cry for the girl who have given everything for them.

The woman which sacrificed all that she was in order to find another light in the darkness of the void.

"I may reconsider if you do a task for me." i started and hatched a fresh scheme out of nowhere.

"I. Will. Do. Anything. Master!" hard words that cannot be even etched on the hard surfaces of one stone. I grinned when I heard her fast reply. Too late to back out now, c.u.n.t!

"Then i await your success, my beautiful Tamara." i smiled and retired for the evening. Fresh exciting things were coming for me at the onset of the new morn's light.




"TAP!" soft gentle knocking on the doors has awakened me. I looked beside me and wandered my eyes on the velvety body of my b.i.t.c.h, Noemi.

She was like a wanton tigress last night and had exceeded even my expectations of her. A little compet.i.tion was indeed a sure stimulus for fun and relaxation.

"Come." i spoke the lone word softy but the recipient of my message heard it all so clearly.

"It is done, Master." Tamara said the moment she went inside. Her eyes were dull and the shade of crimson hasn't totally diminished from her lenses.

I would a.s.sume she had cried another river from out of those not so innocent windows last night.

"Very well. Nicely done, Tamara. You may see your family and bade them farewell. You shall not be seeing them for a time." i instructed at the crumbling woman before me.

"Yes..." a last word before she went out and on her wake were three items left for my perusal. The three heads might have been handsome when they were alive.

They bore the mien of royalty and symbolized the character of ambition, and even exuded an intense commitment to their endeavors.

But alas, all they were before and were meant to be someday was lost today. Three men became the first gift of loyalty from a b.i.t.c.h i would take with me to tour the years of eternity. A good start indeed!

"Wake up, Noemi." i gently nudged the sleeping beauty.

"I'm sorry i woke up late, young master!" the delightful woman panicked when she saw me ogling her form before she did mine.

"Time to go." i smiled at her cuteness and stepped into another day towards my future.


"How are they?" i muttered in the vast void.

"They're okay, Master. All of them regained their cultivation attainments. Thank you." one of the two women beside me answered.

We were one with s.p.a.ce and looked towards the gigantic blue spherical world directly before us.

"Did you say your goodbyes?"

"Yes, Master."

"Yes, young master." two women with different point of views. Cla.s.sic! But i did not correct their words. There was great beauty in divergence after all.

"Then let us tarry no more." i stated and chanted a familiar tone.

"Soul Capture." and a breath later, the three forms who once stood upon the precipice of nihility was gone together with the breath of chaos around the countless heavenly bodies of creation.


"Surprise. Surprise. It's nice to see you again, Mr. Hannes!"

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The Harem King 80 Chapter 80

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