The Harem King 98 Chapter 98

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I shook my head at this scene and after another breath, vanished from the skies. When i reemerged, i found myself standing in the last bastion of Hannes' boss.

A quick search and a soft click later, a screen was projected before me. In it i saw my life and everything i did since the beginning of the system's presence until its momentous end when we separated ways.

Indeed, it was a surreal experience in watching my own life replay before my eyes. I particularly rewound those special moments i spent with my family.

I stood there, motionless and barely breathing, as i watched the happy memories of my past. Time seemed inconsequential and before i knew it, more than a month had pa.s.sed me by.

There was a struggle battling within me. Whether to relive this again today or shall i reveal my true self to them in this timeline.

But as the moments ticked to seconds and created minutes without my notice, i knew that it was a lost cause once again.

"I guess it was time to hide behind a mask once more." I sighed.

"BANG!" a revolution of ice and matter appeared out of nowhere. They started off in chaotic forms as if unmolded yet by the hands of its maker.

But as breaths were given and forgotten, a number of shapes took form. Hair, brows, eyes, nose, and their distinctive physiques stilled under my close inspection.

And a full minute of their inception, the majority opened their eyes for the first time.

"Hmmm... Did you miss me, my darling conqueror?" a woman asked me. No words could justify her beauty as that alone would be a blatant offense to her incomparable persona.

Even as she was now, powerless and a mortal worm, this daughter of heaven still acted like a queen in the confines of her throne.

She walked towards me while the rest was content on keeping their silence as they neither moved nor uttered a word out in the same breath as this woman.
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"It's been a while, Alwyn." i smiled at the most exotic prize amongst my women.

"Yes, indeed." she had a smile of her own before she did what i expected of her.



Two stinging slaps resounded and I did nothing but grinned at her actions. The queen was back it seemed and I would take her back to the top and beyond to what this world could offer her.

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The Harem King 98 Chapter 98

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