The Harem King 104 Chapter 104

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"Are you okay, Damon?"

"Yes, mom. As long as you're all safe. Life can never be better." I was such a hypocrite. I loathe at them b.i.t.c.hes and their weaknesses yet here i was, enjoying the gentle haven of my family.

My mother rested an arm around my shoulders as we busied ourselves with a tasty dessert after a sumptuous meal. We did nothing but talk while white mists surrounded the scene of our abode.

It was because of my father who still decorated everything up with the repeated puffs on his cigar. With how advanced technology had been, the ooze of smokes harmlessly took shapes around us.
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"What a sweet child." mom pinched a cheek of mine before throwing another question.

"How much did this place cost you?" she said. But what hid beneath that query was as clear as the bright stars in this cloudless night.

She was truly inquiring about our current financial condition in this new strange world.

I may have emphasized beforehand that cross world teleportation was pretty expensive and my ever cautious mom, cared enough to know the truth rather than wake up one day amongst trash and rags once more.

I missed you, mom. I thought within.

"This place is cheap, mom. Don't worry. Lucia is a big shot in this world and she and i are good friends. We'll be fine." i a.s.sured my family and threw an a.s.suring smile to each one of them.

"I trust you, brother! But we don't have any clothes and things and toys." Stephany commented slowly on the side.

She stuffed her mouth full with sweets and her cuteness brought warmth to the coldness of my heart.

"Lucia has bought clothes for you in your rooms. If you don't like them, you'll have to wait for the girls to come back and go shopping with them. Would you like that, Stephany?"

my c.u.n.ts were not here with me right now as they were also busy on settling their own families in this world.

So even though the mansion we were in would have accommodated thousands of people within it but i did not want to linger with clay pots other than my own.

This was my domain and having nosy parents of those b.i.t.c.hes would be a headache i did not want to provide myself with.

Else i crush them to powders and back into the inconsequential dusts that birthed them.

"Yup! I like that very much, brother!" Stephany replied with her mouth full.

"Me too!" and Kiera echoed the same sentiment while busying herself with the wonderful delicacy in her front.

"How about work, Damon? I don't want to stay here and..." f.u.c.k your mom all day and all night… father asked but held the words up for a more appropriate choice of speech to finish his thoughts.

I merely nodded in understanding and the meeting of my family continued for two more heartfelt hours before we retired to our rooms.

I would be lying to myself if i would say that i did not enjoy this unique moment with my family.

My steps took me into my own room and immediately smelled the sweet fragrance of my captured slaves.

THUD! my back hit the mattress then i savored the soft embrace of the bed on my body. Relaxing and grand. Now this was how life was supposed to feel like.

I closed my eyes to fully appreciate the experience of my awaited reunion, only to open them five breaths later.

"Why did your friends not come to your aid?"

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The Harem King 104 Chapter 104

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