The Harem King 19 Chapter 19

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"Oops! HAHAHA! Was I too direct?" I replied to the question with a smile.

"You don't know how many men have tried to taste my body, Damon. You are only one among the numerous failures of your kind." My beautiful teacher answered me with a smile of her own.

"What gave me away? Was it the injured arm? HAHAHA!

I would have thought that you'd respond this way earlier but it seemed that you really wanted to address the issue somewhere private.

Suits me fine, Miss Lillian. So what now?" I asked and decided that this f.u.c.k toy to be was not as dumb as she looked.

HAHAHA! She had truly gone with the flow up to this time without me noticing anything wrong with her behavior. Reading everyone's thoughts around me all the time would be dull and boring.

After all, if I knew every second and each tiny bit of detail on the events that would occur the next day, it would be the same as yesterday already.

A present that no longer hid the allure of surprises. Who would want that? HAHAHA!

Thus, this c.u.n.t had only proven my previous conclusion wrong on her current state of mind. She was indeed a keeper. Intelligent and daring. HAHAHA! I love it!

"Now I will turn you over to the Dean of the University. And after that, you're none of my business.

Go peacefully or try to resist. Doesn't matter." My teacher offered two choices and she smiled at me again as if taunting me to choose the latter of the selections.

"Oh? You are quite confident of yourself, aren't you? Then let me see how well you do in battle, Miss Lillian." I replied and continued to sit on my chair.

"You overestimate yourself, boy!" she yelled but no one could hear us with the natural sound proofing the place had.

Very nice. It would be useful later on. This b.i.t.c.h could moan all she want and scream in pleasure and no one will know about it but us pair of rabbits inside. HAHAHA!

I thought lewdly and was so expectant of what kind of scene my new property would make a few moments from now.

"Why are you still standing there, Miss Lillian? Come and fight me." I invited after she paused in her spot.

A rosy sheen had surrounded her whole body and a buzzing sound was incessantly audible from the deluge of power she was currently exuding.

"What have you done to me?" she asked after I witnessed her power drained visibly from my sight.

A single breath had elapsed until the last tendrils of radiance around her finally receded into nothingness.

"BANG!" she slumped on the floor and took deep breaths to control the new emotions that rose within her.



"Hahhh…" and shortly afterwards, heavy pants echoed in the confines of the room.

"What have you done to me?" my beautiful teacher with her flushed face asked once more but this time in a soft whisper.

Her gasps of air quickly turned into the familiar image of a woman in heat.

"What could I do to you? I'm just sitting here, aren't i?" I answered and sported an innocent smile.



"BOINK!" three consecutive taps and the same number b.u.t.tons got unbounded on her azure blouse.

Only a red bra.s.siere held the abundant flesh that almost spilt out from their tight bindings. What a great view! 36D tasty t.i.ts. HAHAHA!

"Release me from your spell, witch!" I could see the horror that plagued her face as she realized that she was the one who unwittingly unb.u.t.toned her dress.

And her hands did not stop there because it reached behind the cover until a hard nipple came to view.

The intense arousal she experienced made her do things to alleviate the excruciating pa.s.sion that originated south of her body.

But that was only the beginning. HAHAHA! Piece by piece her clothes came off until she laid on the floor completely naked with her fingers pumping in and out of her drenched p.u.s.s.y.

But no matter how gentle or hard she tried, the climax that she wanted was simply a reach away from her grasp.

"I need to f..." she began but stopped later on.

"You need to what?" i asked.

"I need to f.u.c.k a man. Give me your c.o.c.k, please…" she answered but I only kept my silence for a time and looked at the beauty before me with ravenous antic.i.p.ation.

"Do what you will to me then. You won't hear me complain. I promise." I replied at last and mused.

Karma was really a b.i.t.c.h. I guess it was my turn to get taken advantage of, this time around. HAHAHA!

The Harem King 19 Chapter 19

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