The Harem King 27 Chapter 27

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"Come here, my darlings." I called and the seven angels crowded my vision. They still had clothes on and so do I but that only added more visual life to the scene.

The bed in the center of my room was huge and it fully accompanied our presence with much to spare.

And I truly intend to add more decoration to the remaining s.p.a.ces left around my love nest. HAHAHA!

I first grabbed Beatrice and kissed her full on the mouth while the rest were pleasuring themselves around my body.

Two ladies who were the most experienced of my collection knew the routine and started their ch.o.r.e with expert hands.

Mellisa and Faith began to undress my pants and help me out of my suit until I was totally naked before the seven pairs of eyes on my body.

Six of the women rubbed their bodies near me while I roamed my hands to their various soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s and felt that they were heavenly even with clothes over them.

Only Lillian was stilling herself and chose inaction unlike the rest. Very understandable because in the end, she retained her free will same as them all.

My cla.s.smates were attracted by my scent and Mellisa and Faith was wise enough to know how that I'd give myriad creative punishments

if they were showing nonchalance and at worst disinterest to please me while having our nightly f.u.c.king marathon.

The acc.u.mulated two weeks they've been with me had taught them well enough and aptly learned from their errors.

Well, Lillian's a new one and time will also be a good teacher for her. Just like the two before her. HAHAHA!

I looked at the girls who I had yet to f.u.c.k and said to myself that these ones will be treated differently.

While the others needed continued prodding and brandis.h.i.+ng of the stick, the four newcomers would have none of that.

They all valued romance and all the silly notions it brought and quite frankly taken in by my irresistible charm. HAHAHA!

Each thought that the attraction they felt towards me was equivalent to something much greater than what it really was.

What naïve dolls! HAHAHA! Even without the threat of pain and suffering, each will do anything I ask of them.

Never underestimate the power of love. Or at least the illusion of it. HAHAHA!

These girls will cling on to the first one who can claim their once in a lifetime sweet delicious fruity cherry.



"Ahhh…" Sounds of l.u.s.t echoed within the confines of my room. 2 fakes and 4 were real while the last one just stared at this all in silence.

It mattered not. Her turn will come eventually. HAHAHA!

Now time to focus on one b.i.t.c.h in the making. I peeled Beatrice's uniform off and an emerald lacy bra greeted my eyes.

Behind it were towering proud f.u.c.k toys that mirrored exactly in healthy amounts of tightly draped enchanting mounds of flesh.

"Tap!" the covering was unhooked and I did wait for an invitation before I put one rubicund tip on my mouth.

It tasted nothing short of fantastic. Just like what I imagined it would. Young and fresh. The smell of youth and promise.

Beatrice's light perfume tickled my nose that made my rock hard c.o.c.k even more eager for the upcoming battle.

I looked on what was happening on the side and my b.i.t.c.hes were already naked and touching themselves to wetness.

Quite eager to get my c.o.c.k up their slippery p.u.s.s.ies. HAHAHA!

"Tell me Beatrice. How many boyfriends have you had before?" I asked to the girl on top of me with only her skirt and thin undies that separated my c.o.c.k and her maidenhood.

I purposely rubbed the tip of my d.i.c.k on her c.l.i.t and she moaned oh so sweetly in response.

"Fifty…. Ahh…. Plus…" she answered while her floodgates down south were getting gently hammered by a patient invader.

"Oh… Why haven't you surrendered your virginity to any of them?" I continued. Talking was part of my skill set in bed.

You could conquer a woman's body and that was good. But the moment you captured a woman's mind, then you shall be immortal! Need I say more? HAHAHA!

"I felt… no attraction… to any… ahhhh… of them…." Beatrice replied. So that was why she'd learned to have that G.o.dly sucking technique of hers.

A mouth for her p.u.s.s.y. An apt remedy for the surging libidos of those youth. And it was my guess that she may have played with them at the same time.

Who could have exes of those numbers at her young age of 18? HAHAHA! What an over achiever!

"That's good then. Because after tonight, you shall be mine and no one else's." I whispered in her ears and reached down to take off the last pieces of clothes on her body.

She was perfect! Flawless and creamy white skin graced my sight in full and I could not wait to f.u.c.k her every single day from here on out.

I licked her neck down to her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and my fingers searched entry unto her tight p.u.s.s.y.

"Ahhh… That's so good… You have big long fingers, Damon." I heard her say as she rode on my hand.

There were times when she would plunge in deep but I consciously backed out from her charge. HAHAHA! Let my c.o.c.k do that for later.

1 minute

6 minutes



Thirty minutes of foreplay was allotted only for Beatrice's satisfaction.

The room was now filled with the distinctive smell of arousal as seven women all were ready to mate and f.u.c.k until daybreak.

Yes, Lillian was now also affected by what she'd seen. Although fully clothed unlike the rest of us, her breath had taken a deeper sound with every second that pa.s.sed by.

Who could stay calm in this situation? 6 beautiful daughters of heaven were all lying in bed around a lone boy.

The fact that I was one ugly virgin f.u.c.ker only added a hot spice to the contrast in the scene.

Like a scar that only added feature to the strong mien of a mighty protagonist. Ehem… And yes, that's me. HAHAHA!

I was now on top of Beatrice and took her breath away with a long kiss we've shared.

All this time, her soft hands would handle my c.o.c.k gently and rub it up and down her drenched c.u.n.t.

And at times, she would take a pause and press the head of my c.o.c.k unto the little hooded sweet spot on top of her p.u.s.s.y's entrance.




Six women were totally immersed in the quest to get that apex of pleasure.

The other 2 who faked it before also could not hold that façade long enough as the gentle caresses wrought upon their own body has now turned hurried and wanting.

But try as they might, all of them could not reach the end. HAHAHA! I haven't given them permission to c.u.m yet.

With how much they've been stimulated, I would put my wager that their first climax of the night was going to be an EXPLOSION! HAHAHA!


"Ohh… Damon…"

"Please… f.u.c.k me already…"

Beatrice asked for the umpteenth time. I had rejected her requests and continued to tease her right at this moment.

But feeling the intense urge to claim this woman as my own, I whispered in her ears and said.

"As you wish, my love."


"c.u.mMING!" 1st

"c.u.mMING!" 2nd

"c.u.mMING!" 3rd

"c.u.mMING!" 4th

"c.u.mMING!" 5th

"c.u.mMING!" 6th

"c.u.mMING!" 7th

My b.i.t.c.hes came at the same time after I pushed my c.o.c.k to the hilt of Beatrice's tight depths. And what do you know?

Even the prude Miss Lillian who kept her itch inside couldn't help but throbbed in her seated form on the bed until she collapsed entirely on her back. HAHAHA!

"Ummm…" I heard a moan from under me. Beatrice was now pus.h.i.+ng her hips upwards to f.u.c.k herself on my c.o.c.k.

She'd also locked her lithe legs on my own in her sluggish attempts. What a greedy c.u.n.t! You just had one and you can't wait to have more. HAHAHA!

"Are you my b.i.t.c.h, Beatrice?" I asked while I kept my body static above her.

"Yes… Yes… Yes…" she answered and was fully engrossed on the big thing lodged deep within her, stirring her insides up and exploring the uncharted places of her most intimate parts.

"Say it." I added.

"I'M YOUR b.i.t.c.h, DAMON! I CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO BE!" Beatrice shouted her declaration and I sensed my c.o.c.k harden even more.

Now this was how it felt to have power! HAHAHA!

"Then let me show you how to really f.u.c.k, my love." Was all I said and the room was occupied by nothing but only the moans of the depraved.

The Harem King 27 Chapter 27

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