The Harem King 29 Chapter 29

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"We are arriving at approximately 5 minutes, Commander." i heard the soulless voice reached my ears in its continual statement of reports.

"Finally!" my thoughts wandered and looked back at the scene 10 years ago.

Countless of my kind populated the void to scour the vastness of s.p.a.ce and in our midst was our creator. Our true body and the master that we serve, Damon Everhart.

Fast forward one decade and it was about time to get these legs moving again. The boredom i felt during the duration of the journey was indescribable.

Although there were VR toys that would seem realistic enough to waste some of my juice on but that got boring after the ten thousandth time.

Thus, i reverted back to my able hands to get medieval and dirty to diversify things up. HAHAHA!

"Congratulations, Clone No. 9,364,711,813,098. You have arrived at an unknown planet teeming with life and habitation.

Good luck and may you complete the quest given by our master." the computer from the compartment resounded its programmed codes.

I ignored it and immediately exited the cage that had imprisoned me for a whole decade.

I had the urge to smash it to pieces but held my temper down. HAHAHA!

I can't imagine how long it'd take for me to go back if i do that.

"WHOOs.h.!.+" the vast wars.h.i.+p launched again until i could neither see nor hear the unseen traces of its path.

"Fresh air at last! HAHAHA!" i laughed my heart out after i totally succ.u.mbed to the overwhelming relief i felt. This continued for a full minute before only a smile remained on my face.

I spread my consciousness and examined the world that i was in.

"Interesting." was the word that bloomed on my mind after i noticed that there were various places in this planet that my mind can't observe.

Of course i could have applied more force and pierced the barriers that hindered my eyes but i chose not to.

It was more appealing to see these places with my own two eyes. Peeking was only fun during the first few times. HAHAHA!

I gazed at the distance and determined the most populated area near me.

"Time to work." i muttered and in an instant, only the troubled winds marked my presence from the spot i stood once.

There was not even a footprint and the tousled land that was disturbed from the landing of my handy carrier returned to their untouched states.

Only the peculiar smell of fumes added a new taste to the air in the vicinity. Other than that, the rest remained the same.

"It seemed that i am lucky indeed!" i stood outside the gates and relished at scene that i witnessed.

"HUMANS!" i thought happily and thanked Lady Luck for her infinite mercy on me. I couldn't imagine what my fellow clones were doing right now.

Maybe they'll be forced to mingle with those green big headed aliens or ravenous zombies and even perhaps the gigantic beasts in the records. What unfortunate b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! HAHAHA!

The Harem King 29 Chapter 29

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