The Harem King Chapter 2

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Published at 26th of June 2019 10:32:01 AM Chapter 2





Loud calls came from the other side of my room .

"So it is true . " I whispered . After that curtain of light disappeared, I immediately found myself looking at the vague image of my room from ages ago .

"HAHAHAHA!" I laughed as loud as I could until tears were freely falling down my face .

"Damon?" a concerned voice sounded .


The door flew open and I found myself embracing the familiar figure of my mother . She was a thin middle aged lady and shared vast similarities to my features . I'm finally home, I thought and continued to cry in my mother's arms .

"What's wrong, Damon? Did those boys bully you again? Tell me what they did and I'll teach them all a lesson . " my mother offered a brave front . I knew of her difficulties . She can't even catch a fly with how weak her body was due to malnutrition .

"Nothing, mother . I'm just happy to see you . " I replied .

"You sweet child . You saw me last just hours ago . " She smiled and returned my embrace .

"You should go now, Damon or you'll gonna be late for the entrance exam . " my mother advised .

"Okay, mom . I love you . " I replied and kissed my mother's cheeks .

"I love you too, Damon . " she smiled at me while she said these words .

"Hmmm . . . What to do now?" I asked myself after i locked the door of my room . I chose to go back at this time because this was the day where my life had changed completely . Time to change the past, I thought and faced the new day with a positive start .

"I'm going to school, father . " I bade my goodbyes to an emaciated man who lied on the bed . He was immovable and could hardly even move his head around .

Only his eyeb.a.l.l.s roamed freely from their sockets to let me know that he heard me clear enough . I dropped a kiss on his forehead before leaving him alone in his room .

"Are you going, brother?" I heard a voice called for me when I was about to exit the house . I turned around I saw a 15 year old girl who shared the bodies of my family . We were dirt poor .

"Yes, Kiera . What do you want brother to give you when i return later?" I wanted to hug her but i stilled myself instead . There was more time for that later .

"Do you have money?" Kiera's eyes grew big the moment she heard my words .

"Of course, Kiera . Tell me and I'll give you anything you want . " i answered .

"I want a cell phone, brother . Make that two . I also want Stephany to have one . " she requested .

"But maybe you should just buy food, brother . If you have money, then please just buy us food . Mom and dad need it . " but she added after a breath . Tears were slowly gathering in her bright blue eyes .

"Don't cry, Kiera . " I couldn't help myself but take her in my arms .

"Don't worry, Keira . From now on, we will not starve any more okay? We'll never lack food from today onwards . I promise you . " I whispered .

"Really, brother?" she motioned her head upwards to look me in the eyes . With 3 years of age difference between us, I stood a head taller than she was .

We were all thin and undernourished but our parents took the most sacrifice of us all .

They ensured that we were fed enough to not starve to death and what little was left were shared by them two .

With how expensive the rent was today, it took most of my mother's income .

She was a newbie romance writer .

"Yes it's true, Kiera . " I smiled at her .

"So tell Stephany that she's going to have a cell phone later okay? And lots of food . "

"Hehehe . We'll be waiting for you, brother! Take care!" she said and tiptoed to kiss me on my jaw . Hahaha . What a cute little princess .

When i got down from the apartment, the busy streets flashed before my eyes .

Not only the roads were full of people, but the sky was also teeming with traffic and commuters .

The Harem King Chapter 2

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