The Harem King Chapter 6

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Published at 26th of June 2019 10:31:57 AM Chapter 6

"Now let's see how good this technique is . " i thought and mirrored my actions of the past . I walked within reach of the seemingly busy woman and reached out a hand .

"What are you doing?!" the woman backed out in haste after she felt an invading touch landed on her left breast .

I could see her frantically tapping something in her pocket . And after she realized that help was not coming, she finally uttered another sound .

"HELP! Somebody help me!" she screamed her lungs out but all that answered were the echoing sounds of her words .

She was so beautiful and helpless . I totally loved her reaction . HAHAHA! The blouse tops she wore were ever moving up and down along the motions of her breathing .

That twin mountain of flesh has almost spilt out from their tight encasing .

And to add to that, those sweet tall legs did not leave much to my imagination . Only a short skirt covered what i long to see and it brought forth an intense reaction south of my body .

This woman was indeed a picture of perfection . She was created for the sole purpose of f.u.c.king and nothing more .

"No one's going to rescue you, Mellisa . " I smiled and stepped forward to stand before her with mere inches that separated us .

Her 5'7" height appeared completely fine to me . Although my build was gaunt, i still stood at 6'1" which gave me a good vantage point to those soft mounds of flesh .

"How do you know my name?" She asked .

"Oh . . . That's simple . I know all about you, Mellisa Tyler . " i teased and could not help but reach again for those huge melons in her chest .


The world turned silvery in hue and i could feel the coldness touch my skin .

It tried to pierce my heart but sadly, its efforts were all in vain .

"What are you?!" Mellisa was clearly terrified now .

Her left hand had turned into a sharp spike made of ice .

And the sheets of ice covered everything inside the room but a thin film of matter held her power at bay .

The surfaces remained untouched and unblemished .

"Psychic power?" she whispered in alarm .

"You will make a great actress, Mellisa . HAHAHA!" I taunted and laughed out loud .

For a moment I witnessed despair flashed in her eyes but after a breath, her eyes grew fiery with determination and she backed away from me in soundless fast steps .




Deadly projectiles of ice shot at me at a distance of 10 feet or less from where she was summoning these rain of terror . But same as the last, it was all an exercise of futility .

"Hmmm . . . Precognition . Such an amazing ability . " I thought inside and was pleased by what i wielded .

My body would take a single step in slow or at other times alter my timing and raise the tempo of my movements .

These simplistic motions had entirely negated the onslaught of these agile fatal tips .

I looked at my pick once more even as my body moved on its own and a clear text appeared before me .

Wisdom of the Sage - a terrifying ability which does not rely on any of the elements in one's reality .

This is solely based upon the premise that mind overcomes all things .

(gives the user unlimited access to mental powers, boosts the user's intelligence to unknown heights, immune to mind based attacks)

Skills included:

Memory Absorption

Memory Manipulation

Mind Control

Mind Split


Psychic Creation



. . . . . . . . . .

The list was four pages long .

I always believe that brains would overwhelm any strength . And now that i experienced how it was to seemingly know everything, i did not regret in choosing this technique .

Like a G.o.d who has all aspects under my control and expectations, this was an addictive feeling . Power and will .

All that was made and created shall belong to me alone . My thoughts ran rampant with my newly acquired sense of self importance .

HAHAHA! The prospect of world domination enticed me completely .

The Harem King Chapter 6

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