The Harem King Chapter 15

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Published at 26th of June 2019 10:31:49 AM Chapter 15

"Thank you for the wonderful meal, Mrs . Everhart!" Faith said to my mother .

"Oh… That's nothing, Faith . My husband here cooks so much better than I do . " Mom replied .

"Can we taste your culinary skills someday, Mr . Everhart?" Mellisa asked on the side .

"I don't know, ladies . That's… well…" my father paused and had that faraway look in his eyes . I know of his past and that dark part had haunted him until now .

He was a master chef before but due to his partner's betrayal, my father lost his restaurant and got bankrupted early .

And in the lowest moment of his life, that was when he had met my mother . Quite romantic I say . HAHAHA!

"Are you done eating, owners?" an aged man called for our attention .

My father wanted a s.e.xy AI controlled tin can but it was immediately contradicted by my mom .

In the end, they chose a good old grandfather as the servant of the house .

"Yes . We're done, Matthew . Go clean up the table . " Mom answered the homebot .

"Let's play a game, Elder Sister . " I heard Stephany offered towards my b.i.t.c.hes .

And it did not take long for me and my mother to be the only ones seated in the comforts of our luxurious soft chairs because they even dragged my father into their little game .

"Are they on the pill, Damon?" mom finally said what she'd been meaning to ask 6 days ago .

"Yes, mom . " I answered briefly . Mellisa and Faith had been sharing my room for almost a week now . Even a blind man could guess what we'd been up to in the privacy of my chambers .

We were definitely not playing poker in there . HAHAHA!

"Good . You're all grown up, Damon . Take care of them and don't ever hurt them . If I heard that you don't treat them properly .

Hmmmp! You will be in for another spanking, boy!" Mom smiled ominously at me .

Her ugly face was no more and what I saw was the angelic countenance of the divine .

No one at her age could sport such perfect mien naturally . Sigh! The benefits of technology were indeed baffling .

"HAHAHA! You know I won't do that, mom . You did not raise me to be that kind of person . " I replied and an innocent smile appeared on my face .

"Very good . I trust that you will keep your word, Damon . Hmmm… Now let's join them in their fun .

We can't be the only ones left out from the game . Hehehe . " Mom held my hand and practically dragged me from my calm repose .

Who would want to play with kids and their kid games? HAHAHA!

"I'm too old to be playing games . In fact, I am the oldest person in this house!" I wanted to shout but could only shake my head in the end .

"Well, that was fun . " I commented after we were done playing with the rest of my family .

"Now let's have some more fun . " I added and gazed at the two women with l.u.s.t in my eyes .

"Can we sleep early tonight? Cla.s.s starts tomorrow . And we all need to get up early . Especially you, Damon . " Mellisa tried to stop my p.u.s.s.y excavation with her good reasoning skills .

You are too naïve if you think you can get away from my sticky paws, c.u.n.t . Dream on . HAHAHA!

"Yes . Let's skip tonight, Damon . We're tired . " Faith seconded her partner . I had forced them to leave their boyfriends already .

At first the persistent fools wanted to win my women's hearts again but after a video from an unknown sender reached their mails,

both men stopped their efforts completely . I feel sorry for them but what can I say? It was better them than me, right? HAHAHA!

"Do I have to tickle your sweet spots again until you cry in laughter or can I see some sweet p.u.s.s.ies lined up for my c.o.c.k's inspection?" was all I said in response .

And it did not take long before a brilliant display of art was reflected back to my eyes .

"A masterpiece! Simply magnificent!" I thought breathlessly and began an exploration that lasted until the wee hours of the morning .

f.u.c.k SLEEP!

f.u.c.kING ROCKS!


The Harem King Chapter 15

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