The Harem King Chapter 20

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Published at 26th of June 2019 10:31:44 AM Chapter 20

"So where do we . . . " i began but before I could finish my question, the world had turned upside down as i was tackled down to the floor by my beautiful teacher .

What an eager cat . HAHAHA!

The smooth floor felt cold to my skin and its hardness mirrored exactly my own weapon below .

Fast hands expertly shredded my school uniform apart and before i knew it, i was now totally mirroring Miss Lillian's fas.h.i.+on style .

We were, at the moment, sporting our birthday suits .

I moved not and just lied down on my back like a dead fish about to be eviscerated by the butcher . And all this time i was thinking .

"Taking a pa.s.sive role is not that bad at all . " HAHAHA! I readjusted my vision from the ceiling towards what's happening before me .

The b.i.t.c.h was now cradling my b.a.l.l.s like it was the lost hidden treasures of her ancestors but the image vanished by what she did next .

"Hmmm . . . You have a wild tongue on you, Miss Lillian . " i commented after i felt the ticklish sensation that only a particular part of the human anatomy could bring .

And she was not content on it all so she put my two b.a.l.l.s through a thorough inspection inside her soft wet mouth . HAHAHA!

"I can't wait anymore . " she whispered and breathed deep, then climbed on top of me with my big tool pointing upwards to her descending tight cavers of love .

"Ohh . . . " i heard her moan a s.e.xy one after i entered halfway up her p.u.s.s.y .

But she was not to be denied of her quest to reach the end of the road .

"AHHH!" and my beautiful teacher relished the first c.o.c.k that had entered her tight depths .

"What an active c.u.n.t . " i muttered loudly after the pause that happened afterwards .

She might have not moved a bit but inside her scorching p.u.s.s.y was the constant gripping motions of her walls .

It ma.s.saged my c.o.c.k fully and my 8 inch d.i.c.k hardened even more for the third virgin ca.n.a.l it had explored, to date .


And i waited for so many years to taste this kind of heaven . I cursed my luck .

But i sighed and put the past behind me . To new beginnings and more c.u.n.ts to dig . HAHAHA!

"Ommm . . . "

"Ommm . . . . "

"Ughhhh . . . " she chanted seductively while she rose up and down my rigid pole .

"Lean down . " i asked .

"AHHHHH!" and my teacher exclaimed after she felt my mouth on the elongated peak on one of her .

My other hand was also not idle as it teased and caressed her other breast with gentle and feathery touches .

An inexperienced fool would have rubbed hard and mash and pinch these twin darlings but that would only bring pain and discomfort to their partner .

A real man like me wouldn't do that . HAHAHA! Only the hard pounding at the brink of euphoria would be considered a universal truth for most females .

But there were also those that cherished pain and made them even more ecstatic if they were hurt and slapped upon .

Hmmm . . . I don't think I've encountered those yet . HAHAHA!

But let's see if the diy books were right on their claims . Someday . Soon .

"You're really a naughty naughty girl, Miss Lillian . " i said after i drowned her b.r.e.a.s.t.s with my saliva .

The recent pale twins were now fully filled with reds marks and teeth bites on them . Only soft ones I'd say .

No bloods were shed but the picture of a used body was totally visible before me . Got to leave my imprints on my territory, yes? HAHAHA!

"Why . . . " she said while she was catching some time to breathe . Her hips did not diminish on its fast tempo of rise and fall .

And at times, Miss Lillian would grind her hips in circles to stimulate her c.l.i.t in a fierce and deliberate manner .

"You did not bleed down there . Hmmm . . . What thing have you experimented on before?" i teased and wanted to hear an honest answer so i may have used some influence on her . HAHAHA!

Although I know that some don't bleed on their first time but a healthy confident and outgoing person like my teacher would simply not be timid enough not to know and explore more about her body .

At least, that's what I believed .

"Only my fingers and a pen . " And I was right on my bet .

That must have been a good sized pen . HAHAHA!

"I'M c.u.mMING!" Two hours of this and i finally let her experience how to get that sweet release with a big c.o.c.k inside her greedy p.u.s.s.y .

"Don't sleep on me now, b.i.t.c.h! The fun has only started . " i stood up and waved a hand to conjure a soft bed in our midst .

The c.u.n.t had her fill and it was now my turn to play with my new toy in the bag . HAHAHA!

The Harem King Chapter 20

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