The Harem King Chapter 41

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Published at 26th of June 2019 10:31:23 AM Chapter 41

"What's wrong, master? Are you thinking about doing that thing again?" Aurora asked after she was used to this kind of look from me already .

It was the kind of gaze which spouted off flames of naked desire . One she experienced twice in the short span of mere hours .

"I am only appreciating beauty worth noting, Aurora . You are very lovely today . " I skillfully deflected . Lewd admissions were for the foolish hearts .

And I was not one of those cra.s.s b.a.s.t.a.r.ds . I belong to the gentleman cla.s.s through and through . I held my yearnings down and consoled myself .

I could f.u.c.k her later tonight . Now was the time to make my presence known in this city and make some more money .

"Let's go, Aurora . " I led the way while my s.e.xy companion followed me silently behind .

"Who are you?" an old man asked after we got to our destination . This was a big building with cleaner ambience that the rest of the city . It accompanied a serene aura of healing and health .

"I want to use my knowledge as a resident doctor in this abode of the sick . " I answered sagely and the old man scrutinized my form with clear piercing eyes .

"So you are a healer? Come, come . Welcome, Master?" the old man asked and waited for me to fill in the blanks .

"You can call me Master Clone No . 9,364,711,813,098 . That is my name . " I was forced to say my horrid designation because I really can't do otherwise .

Our brilliant maker programmed us to say these lengthy inhumane name to perhaps remind us emulations of who and what we were . A mere copy of his divine self .

I shook my head to set the negative thoughts aside . Lamenting my ident.i.ty was an exercise of futility .

"Greetings, Master! I am Old Man Dylan . You can address me as Dylan . I'm one of the keepers in this establishment . Please come with me . " Dylan hobbled inside and I followed him with measured strides .

"Sister Roselyn, we have a new healer in the city . This is…" the old man introduced me but failed to remember the exact numbers of my name . Not that I blamed him .

If the information was not ingrained into my brain, I too, would have trouble recalling the strings of numbers that composed my sorry ident.i.ty .

"h.e.l.lo there, Sister Roselyn . I am Master Clone No . 9,364,711,813,098 . I hope I can lend my a.s.sistance in this temple of healing . "

I smiled at the veiled lady and inspected the lovely curvaceous figure that her robes failed to hide beneath them . I watched her pause for words the moment she raised her head from her seated form .

"Sister?" I called to wake her up from her dazed state . I was already used to these kind of reactions from the female specie the moment i entered the city .

And to think that a holy maiden would still be affected by my munificent charm pleased me to no end .

"Hi . " was all she uttered after some time . Will I f.u.c.k a devout servant of these lands? Let's see . HAHAHA!

The Harem King Chapter 41

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